John Peschong takes seat on board of supervisors

January 4, 2017
A confident John Peschong

A confident John Peschong

John Peschong took the oath of office and was seated on the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday. Supervisors Debbie Arnold and Adam Hill, who were reelected last year, took the oath alongside Peschong.

Peschong replaced outgoing supervisor Frank Mecham in the District 1 seat. Mecham, a Navy veteran and former Paso Robles mayor, served two terms on the board but opted not to run for reelection in 2016.

After taking his seat, Peschong thanked Mecham, as well as his own supporters. Peschong also reaffirmed his political philosophy.

“I believe in smaller, more efficient government, lower taxes and more personal freedom, and those are the values that I am bringing to the board of supervisors,” Peschong said.

Arnold, who is entering her second term on the board, briefly thanked her supporters. Hill, who is beginning his third term, thanked District 3 voters.

“I just want to once again express my gratitude to the voters of District 3 who have kept their faith and trust in me, and it’s a real honor to continue to serve,” Hill said.

The addition of Peschong to the board of supervisors is expected to create a firm conservative majority. Peschong, Arnold and Supervisor Lynn Compton are conservative Republicans. Hill and Supervisor Bruce Gibson are Democrats. Mecham is a Republican, but he often voted Hill and Gibson on major issues.

A pair of town criers welcomed the new board of supervisors Tuesday.

A pair of town criers welcomed the new board of supervisors Tuesday.

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For the Board Majority to conduct their business, they needed to have one of themselves as “Chairman of the Board of Supervisors”. And, Guess what! John Peschong was elected as “Chair” the week of January 9, 2017 creating a new Board Majority! Remember how it was to have Bruce Gibson, Frank Mecham, and Adam Hill win everyday? These are the consequences for those who lost the Board Majority. Thus, a few on the Board today are unhappy! But, this is the way it is! Fortunately, for the citizens of our county, Hill lost! But trust me, you will all witness that those not part of the Board Majority will do all they can to “obstruct” whenever they can.

In my opinion, for the sake of the Board Majority, it is right that John Peschong, (of the 1st District in Paso Robles) became the New Chair of the Board of Supervisors of San Luis Obispo County”. John has had a lot of experience over the years. Plus, he is a very smart man and will do a great job as “Chair”. He is very honest and committed to fairness! He will assure that our citizens are treated justly. As part of the new Board majority, John Peschong said at the swearing in, that he was committed to: “a smaller more efficient government, for lower taxes, and for more personal freedom. ”John ran on these three issues, and that’s how he is going to govern. Therefore, I am pleased that John became “Chair” and so are many in our county. “He is our man”! And, will to a great job leading this county”!

To reiterate, Adam Hill could not lead with the New Board Majority because he is in the minority! Thus, Hill has little power now, but “to obstruct” when and where he can! And, because of Hill’s current law suit problems, Adam Hill would only be a “spoiler” in the Chair capacity. Thus, John had to become the new “Chair” because he is a quality leader with great skills and not hindered by negative past performances.

Maybe now Hill and Gibson’s agendas will be thwarted.

Best wishes to the entire BOS. John Peschong will be a great addition and bring some much needed balance to the discussion. Looking forward to some positive changes in the next four years.

I observed a very festive occasion, its was as though a holiday was being celebrated. There certainly was a spirit of new hopes and dreams, I believe that some will be realized.