Highway 41 to remain closed between Morro Bay and Atascadero

January 12, 2017

Following the recent storm, Highway 41 will remain closed between Morro Bay and Atascadero until mid-February, according to Caltrans.

Officials closed that stretch of Highway 41 over the weekend in response to mudslides and rockslides. Now, Caltrans says 20,000 cubic yards of material must be removed before the highway reopens.

The debris is resting on rocks. Workers must remove the material to prevent it from falling on the road.

Windsor Construction of Cambria received an emergency $1.5 million contract to clear the debris, according to Caltrans.

During the closure, Highway 41 will be off limits to drivers, with the exception of emergency responders, between Ironwood Drive in Morro Bay and San Gabriel Road in Atascadero. Drivers may use Highway 41 west of the closure in Morro Bay and east of the closure in Atascadero if they show identification to a flagger proving they live in the area.

Caltrans says the closure is anticipated to remain in effect until mid-February, weather permitting.

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Everything these days takes twice as long as it should….SOP

Yay, Tim Winsor Construction!!!

I’m sure if Timmy and his crew could get Cal Trans out of the way, it would be cleared a lot sooner than mid February:)

but if handled like a real job, and sent out to bid would come back likely at a much lower cost.

Two things, 1.5 million dollars to remove the pile of dirt and a mid February completion date as a retaliatory gesture because “Measure J” was defeated. If I needed that commute route I’d be even more furious than I am after reading this story. This is totally not acceptable, there should be trucks hauling away the dirt now.

My thoughts exactly…

This is a state highway and Caltrans has had decades to solve this. There are many more examples of lack of maintenance or planning in regards to our roads in this county. Makes me wonder about pay back for the measure J failure?

This is nothing new. As the State gets deeper into debt, it is reality with the State. Passing the buck and responsibility down to the Counties in order to “balance the budget”. Remember recently all of the prisoners they down graded to county custody so they did not have to pay for their incarceration? Remember a longgg… time ago after passage of prop13 when all of the free State facilities,parks, lakes, etc all of a sudden had “user fees”. And it has been a ton of things in between. It is just a matter of shifting the blame to another entity for when the public wakes up and gets mad at all of the hidden taxes and costs.

But like Ponzi schemes, the chickens will eventually come home to roost.

Be it schools or roads, a handful of local companies get lucrative contracts through personal relationships. Additionally CalTrans will follow the rule of making sure that public inconvenience is maximized to emphasize their importance. They were dancing with joy at District 5 headquarters when the news came in.