Judges rule that lying in court is bad

January 14, 2017

justiceFor 16 years, attorneys for Orange County have argued that social workers who lied to a judge in order to remove children from their mother, were unaware that perjury and providing false evidence was wrong. That was before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit found that the social workers should have known that lying to a judge was wrong.

In 2000, Orange County social workers lied to a judge and provided false evidence in their successful attempt to remove two young girls from their mother. It took six and a half years for the mother to get her children back.

The mother sued and was awarded a $4.9 million settlement, in a case that cost Orange County over $10 million because of the counties ongoing attempt to battle the award. Last year, one of the children filed a claim that the county attempted to have dismissed.

While listening to arguments for the county’s appeal, Judge Stephen S. Trott appears incredulous as the attorney for the county argues for her client. Pancy Lin is a partner at Lynberg & Watkins.


A few exchanges from the appellate hearing:

Trott: “How in the world could a person in the shoes of your clients possibly believe that it was appropriate to use perjury and false evidence in order to impair somebody’s liberty interest in the care, custody and control of that person’s children? How could they possibly not be on notice that you can’t do this?”

Lin: “I understand.”

Trott: “How could that possibly be?”

Lin: “I understand the argument that it seems to be common sense in our ethical, moral… .”

Trott: “It’s more than common sense. It’s statutes that prohibit perjury and submission of false evidence in court case.”

Lin: “State statutes.”


Video of the entire appellate hearing:


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You have to read the ruling before you can find out whats in it……yeah that sounds good lets go with that. There are liars everywhere these days and it’s very sad indeed.

workers who lied to a judge in order to remove children from their mother, were unaware that perjury and providing false evidence was wrong.


Give me a break. That’s such a stupid argument, no attorney worth 2 cents would present that. What a cast of clowns our govt. has become.

Were these govt. employees prosecuted criminally? Post that story and the results. That would be interesting.

I beg to differ, attorneys will present anything they can to get a win, that’s their job.

It does not help that they and their clients likely thought the fix was in when it comes to “the system” as most government workers seem to feel they are more entitled than others. At least that is what I have gleaned from dealing with them at most every level, plus given their insanely unsustainable compensation with very little to none-at-all liability / responsibility for their decisions and/or actions, it’s no wonder.

Thanks so much for appearing here accidentally with this story while I was searching for an email address within the Ninth Circuit Court of Orange County, FL (serendipity!). The matter still resonates very strongly with me here in Orlando, as I lost my 90-year old mother to the whimsy and incompetence of one of the local Ninth Circuit’s Emergency Temporary Guardians (ETG). My mother was taken out of our home on 9/18/15 and settled into a hospice house by force by the ETG, even though two physicians arrived at absolutely no end-stage diagnosis based on any manner of vital organ failure. My mom was sedated beyond palliative necessity or moral explanation—drugged to death in nine day’s time. Yes, dementia manifested, and was slowly progressing, but that was not the reason for her interment inside Cornerstone Hospice of Winter Park, FL. It was that the ETG and two astute yet corrupt out-of-town family members teamed up to get past me, her caregiver for 5 years, destroyed her, and went after a meager estate which was paltry in comparison to what was rumoured on the street. Mom had so little in the way of assets that what’s left went the way of ETG salary and ETG court fees long ago. So much for the maxim Crime Pays. If you’re both a passionate lout and a third rate liar, stay out of Florida: our borders are bursting with your types too stupid to know “Eureka” from “yer a freak”. All you end up doing is killing other little lives.

Social workers are supposed to help families keep their kids. Most try very hard to reunify children and families. When situations like this arise, the people who have betrayed the Public’s trust must be held accountable to try and preserve the reputation of social workers. They also need to be held accountable just like a private citizen would be. It is shameful and disgusting that their lies separated a family for 6 years.

When cops lie under oath they are fired . Social workers and lawyers are only reprimanded. Pathetic.

Name me one cop to be fired(and no retirement is not the same as fired) for lying?, they don’t even get fired for driving drunk at over 100mph on the highway, just ask Sheriff Fellows (the drunk driver), and Sheriff Parkinson(our upstanding(cough cough) Sheriff).

I’ve tried to leave your comment alone, be it’s most likely born out of ignorance than based on any fact out there…

The main reason shit like this happens is because those that are “lied on” have long ago lost the constitutional right of “innocence until proven guilty”. You, society in general, have given over to expedient justice rather than proven justice with the notion that if one is arrested he or she is by default guilty. Right?!!! You damn right!

Stop with the “poor cop” shit, they are more likely to lie on the stand than any other type of witness, period! But the only ones who will tell you that are folks like me, the ones you won’t listen to! So, this is what you get! Just hope and pray it doesn’t come knock on your door one day…

THANK YOU Lawyers!

For all your nonsense.

The video is amazing! Thank you so much for posting it.

The judges were trying so hard to help this defense lawyer but she just couldn’t defend the indefensible. Who could? It is arguments like hers that have consistently thwarted justice on some alleged technicality which, when seen in the big picture, is irrelevant and completely wrong. The fact that social workers could knowingly commit perjury and then have the nerve to ask the County taxpayers to defend them – is outrageous and sounds like something happening around here actually….

Thank you CalCoastNews,

For bringing us the video of court proceedings.

Judges rule that lying in court is bad. Don’t they teach that in Law School. How dumb have we become?

“Community organizer” from Chicago (the most corrupt and violent city in the USA), twice…who now thinks it’s a good idea that Cubans fleeing a failed Communist dictatorship should be shipped back because now we’re ‘pals’ and rich Americans can spend their tourist dollars on the island prison, legally.

It is pretty obvious that the attorney is trying hard to do their duty to defend the indefensible. The only stupidity here is that the courts allowed the OC attorneys and social workers to continue lying for 16 years before one judge had the integrity to stop it.