Man suspected of slapping women’s butts at Cal Poly

January 25, 2017

Cal Poly policeCal Poly police are investigating two cases of sexual battery that were reported to have occurred on and near the university campus in the span of less than a week. [KSBY]

On Monday, a bicyclist allegedly slapped a female student’s backside while she was walking near Spanos Stadium around 7 p.m. University police say a similar incident occurred on Jan. 17 off-campus on California Boulevard.

Officials have not released a description of the suspect or suspects. Anyone who has information that could aid the ongoing investigation is asked to call the University Police Department at 805-756-2281.

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The alternative facts suggest that the bike closely resembles the one Jeffery Armstrong owns. Could it be ??

drop the sexual part – I think it was just plain assault.

don’t flatter yourselves.

If only a female bicyclist would ride by me and slap me on my butt….that would make my millennium ; )

Sexual assault knee-slappers and racist stereotypes. You folks sure are funnnnee!!

Looks like the butt slaps here.

LaRams….Oh yes… I remember you!

Turn the other cheek!!

Although it’s safe and comfortable to assume this was done by a man, does anyone really know for sure?

What’s wrong with that? Trump can grab women’s pu**ys and he gets elected president.