Man suspected of slapping women’s butts at Cal Poly

January 25, 2017

Cal Poly policeCal Poly police are investigating two cases of sexual battery that were reported to have occurred on and near the university campus in the span of less than a week. [KSBY]

On Monday, a bicyclist allegedly slapped a female student’s backside while she was walking near Spanos Stadium around 7 p.m. University police say a similar incident occurred on Jan. 17 off-campus on California Boulevard.

Officials have not released a description of the suspect or suspects. Anyone who has information that could aid the ongoing investigation is asked to call the University Police Department at 805-756-2281.

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I hope the butt slapper gets the message that this is unacceptable behavior on the campus and that it could ruin his life if caught.

Meanwhile, Cal Poly women should be warned not to travel in cities in foreign countries– Latin America Countries, Italy, Spain, Middle Eastern Countries, etc. where they might be groped in a crowd or touched as a common occurrence for female tourists.

As the women’s movement progresses, the world where women snowflakes can feel safe gets smaller and smaller. Instead of learning how to defend and assert themselves in the real world, they only learn to report incidents after they have occurred and play the victim role.

Bill (Clinton)?


Really, sexual assault???

Butt slapping a little snowflake!!!

I would think maybe a gregarious prankster having to much fun, yes, in bad taste, but sexual assault!!!

Actually, the police are investigating two cases of alleged sexual BATTERY, not assault. There is a difference. This crime often is defined as unwanted sexual touching of intimate body parts without consent or through fraud.

This not only in “bad taste”, it’s a crime.

I did this ONCE as a teenager. On a bike, on the boardwalk in Newport Beach, slapped a girls behind that I had been flirting with on the beach, she ran me down (I didn’t even speed up after words, pretty frickin’ lame!) and hit me upside my head so hard I end up in the sand over the handle bars of my bike. Lesson learned…

I think women should have a right to walk around in public without being groped.

This “gregarious prankster” deserves a face full of industrial strength pepper spray.

What if it was just locker room talk?




This guy doesn’t get it and he will get caught. Paul Flores could give him a few pointers. If the victim is not alive to complain and the Cal Poly Police stonewall the investigation for 2 weeks Poly Admin doesn’t have a PR problem and will ignore it to avoid tarnishing their carefully crafted brand.