Morro Bay man tries to self-immolate to protest Trump

January 19, 2017

A Morro Bay man reportedly tried to set himself on fire outside the Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. Tuesday night. The protester suffered burns and set off an explosion but survived to tell a local news reporter that “we have a dictator.”

KSBY reports the protester who attempted to self-immolate was Theodore De Mont.

NBC Washington, D.C. reporter Shomari Stone interviewed De Mont shortly after he tried to set himself on fire. De Mont said he did it “because we have a dictator,” and he was “protesting the fact that we’ve elected somebody who is completely incapable of respecting the Constitution of the United States.”

During the brief interview, a fire was visible on Pennsylvania Avenue and an explosion could be heard.

“It’s denatured alcohol. It’s done now. Trust me. It’s done,” De Mont said.

Responders transported De Mont to the hospital. His current condition is unclear.

President-elect Donald Trump is due to be inaugurated on Friday. Trump’s new hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, which is located close to the White House, has become a gathering place for protesters.


OMG I know this guy……or I thought I did. He is a good guy so I’m glad he didn’t get hurt.


I am more thankful that no innocent bystanders were harmed by the person actions


Me too


I suspect that torching himself wasn’t the first thing De Mont has failed at.


This type of idiocy is who, and what I voted against.


Sounds like you voted for an entirely different brand of idiocy.


Please tell us where he was educated. I might recommend pulling my daughter out of that school.


Most of us “root” for one politician or political party over the other. We are a little bummed when the person we support does not win, but quickly move on with our lives and adjust to the new paradigm. If one party controls the executive and legislative branch, the balance is usually changed by the voters during the mid terms.

I cannot even comprehend how or why someone would be so personally distraught over a political election, particularly prior to the person even taking office. Do people really put their hopes, faith and dreams and happiness in politicians?


This is not just a matter of disappointment. This is no time to “move on”. Trump is a disgrace to this country and a danger to the planet.


People felt the same when Obama was elected and would have felt the same if Hillary Clinton were elected. It’s called perspective.

If you can’t “move on” then put the negative energy into something positive like working to get your person elected. Don’t light yourself on fire. Trust me, no politician is worth that.


Nope. The difference is the type of person about to represent our country. For all of his hubris, willful ignorance, and general ineptitude; the worst thing I could say about W was he seemed like a towel snapping frat boy. Probably basically a decent person who’s opinions I would disagree with in many cases.

As for Trump, he is a complete scumbag of a person. His douchebaggery consistently documented on camera for his entire life. Here’s a guy I have to point to and tell my two daughters “yep, that’s your president. A lot of people just don’t care about how you treat others”. What an embarrassment.


Did you feel the same way about Bill Clinton?


To quote Bugs Bunny, “what a maroon”.

Acts like this do nothing for a cause other than make the folks on the fence, you know, the ones you are trying to reach, look at you and shake their heads. Especially when you cock it up.

Nobody remembers the names of the 2 monks who set themselves on fire in Saigon, and nobody remembers the name of the college kid in Tiananmen Square.

Live to fight another day, and don’t do dumb stuff on your way.


Poor choice of fuel.


Hope people don’t think everyone from this area are idiots. Hope they keep him there for a very long time.

Kaiser Bill

Ted De Mont has no hunka hunka burnin love for President Trump.