More than $64,000 spent on security during Yiannopoulos speech

February 26, 2017

In all, Cal Poly, the CSU system and the San Luis Obispo Police Department spent more than $64,000 for security during the Jan. 31 Milo Yiannopoulus speech at Cal Poly. More than 100 officers from seven agencies provided on campus security during the controversial event

The Cal Poly Police Department spent approximately $15,000 on safety and security. The CSU system paid $39,600 to cover salaries for peace officers from agencies without shared resource agreements.

The San Luis Obispo Police Department has a shared resource agreement with Cal Poly. The city spent $9,391 to pay 20 officers to help provide security at the event.

Prior to Yiannopoulus speech, Cal Poly protest groups tried for weeks to shut down the event and stop Yiannopoulos from coming to campus. While some of the protesters burned Nazi and confederate flags, the crowd was primarily peaceful.

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Liberals blame conservatives for their nerve of trying to speak an opposing point of view. (The party of diversity?)

Conservatives blame the liberals for demonstrations, that left unsupervised, turn into riots whenever a speaker says something they disagree with.

Law Enforcement get paid time and a half to baby sit some spoiled brats that have no respect for other peoples property or authority of any sort.

Majority of citizens scratch their heads and say, I hope their parents are proud of them, and I bet they are not having to pay for their own education.

The Tax Payers say, Any Student caught breaking the law should be expelled from the school permanently!

You forgot the most important one:

Random, anonymous internet posters say whatever they want, about any and all topics, in the hopes of being relevant for two minutes.

(my personal favorite!)

I wonder how much a “pain and suffering” lawsuit would cost if the protest injured somebody? $64k well spent. Good job local security.

Money well spent! Good job to all security personnel. Violent protesters need to be shut down always. Peaceful protest is always welcome.

The question is; Who should pay? The person speaking? Or the people threatening to stop the person from speaking?

You’ll find the answer in the U.S. Constitution.

The trick is getting people to 1) read the Constitution, and 2) not “Interpret” what it says.

You’re suggesting that people read something and NOT interpret it? How is that even possible? I’m sure there are many who would love nothing more than to have us all mind-numb automatons, without so much as an original thought, but that simply is not the case. Yet.

The first amendment right to free speech should be protected. Perhaps next time something like this happens, a fee like $10 per ticket should be added to help pay for security. It sucks, but it provides a way to not overburden the taxpayer even more.

Milo is not a pedophile. He says outrageous things. That’s his gimmick. He is considered “safe” because he is a gay white male republican. It is known that you cannot be a white person and say a true statement about someone of another ethicity; that automatically makes a white person racist. People are following Milo because he is somehow allowed to say things others are not.

Personally, I find him annoying. He could make his points without being such a jerk. Trolling and saying hurtful things isn’t needed.

$64k to protect a paedophile who has now been abandoned by all his neo-Nazi friends?

The city of SLO pays over what $400,000 a year for a useless city manager, Cal Poly wastes how much a President Armstrong’s salary? near $500,000?, your point?

While I agree with the City Manager bit, I do feel that the President of Cal Poly, who brings in an astonishing amount of donations, is money well-spent. It may not sit well with people, but it’s no worse than a real estate agent getting 3-6% of a sale value of a property without any liability or risk whatsoever (tell this to the Architects, Engineers and Contractors).

Someone has been watching fake new again…

I wonder what it cost to clean-up and repair the damage done by the black bloc scumbags up at UC Berkeley?

The security might have been a touch over the top, but after a week’s worth of Tribune articles where they did their best to incite a riot, I think the large amount of security was a prudent move.

Shame on the Tribune! It should have been billed for at least half of the added security.

Yeah, bill the Tribune. Free speech comes at a price; no one ever wants to pay it.

Yeah, right. They are flailing just to keep their noses above water at this point. I imagine they will soon be “judgement-proof” as the saying goes (if they are not already so). Just don’t let the advertisers know, they may realize they are being fleeced.

KellySanne Louie, a “weeks worth of Tribune articles” to “incite a riot”. You are a true goddess of hyperbole and alternative facts. I say the Tribune should be banned from our next gaggle. Waaay too grounded.

Money well spent!! Hopefully Milo comes back soon. I would much rather see that money go in the pockets of our Local PD in the form of overtime, opposed to many other wasteful government services. Great Job Local PD’s.

That’s the price of free speech I guess. It’s a bummer that liberal protesters have become so violent in these last few years. I’m glad they were not violent here in SLO.

Regardless of the money spent and whether one agrees or disagrees with Milo’s positions, it’s interesting to note that the security actually did it’s job. Protests in San Luis were completely peaceful, and the event occurred without incident.

Zero money or resources were expended on security at Berkeley, despite the last minute security fee charged by the university. Significantly more than $64K worth of damage was caused by protesters at that event.

The protesters at Cal Poly, bless their hearts, could not manage to get a flag to catch on fire. The protestors at Berkeley were different. Had the Berkeley protesters been at Cal Poly, security would not have “done its job”. Cal Poly is a big enough campus that had there been people who wanted to do real damage, they would have done it regardless of the amount of security that was actually there.

Free speech is a great concept, but taxpayers should not be footing the bill for it. Either the speakers or sponsors should be pay in advance for “free speech event” security such as the Milo thang.