Adam Hill is on strike, so suspend his paycheck

February 3, 2017
Mike Brown

Mike Brown


Adam Hill is unhappy. He feels he is entitled to certain outside agency board and committee appointments that he had held for the past eight years.

He wants to perpetually serve on the Board of the Economic Vitality Corporation (EVC) and as the alternate on the boards of both the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) and the California State Association of Counties Board of Directors.

His buddy Bruce Gibson, feigning his usual outrage, was also removed from assignments that he had monopolized for 10 years.

Even though he casts himself as “Mr. Social Justice,” defender of the poor, homeless, and aged, Hill is not interested in serving on the Adult Services Policy Council, Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo (CAPSLO), Homeless Services Oversight Council, Latino Outreach Council, or Psychiatric Health Facility Committee.

Not so accidentally, it has been Supervisor Debbie Arnold who has labored on most of these jobs for the past four years. She was assigned without ever being asked and has served admirably. These are time consuming and demanding committees and organizational board appointments.

Perhaps Hill and Gibson think these are “girl” assignments and that they are entitled to the more visible and prestigious “he-man” public policy appointments.

Now it turns out that Hill, who did not receive his first choices, is retaliating by refusing to serve in any of the assignments whatsoever. That’s right, he is on strike.

From time to time, the more disturbed and egocentric politicians will resort to such theatrics. The ploy reminds me of a City of Hartford, Connecticut City Councilman who some years ago fell out with the City Council majority of which he was actually a member. They kicked him out of their caucus (no Brown Act in Connecticut). Mike Brown 10

In “protest” he moved his desk outside the City Council offices and into the hall, which was actually on a very visible balcony in a huge atrium. There he sat day after day in glorious isolation, his desk partially blocking the balcony (actually next to the bench on the left side in the photo). The stunt was staged to call attention to his effort to disrupt the City Council majority. When he refused to move, the Treasurer started holding up his paychecks.

Hill seems to be following the same script.

The Board of Supervisors has set up a variety of subject specific advisory boards and committees to assist it in determining needs, potential service improvements, funding strategies, policies, and ordinances. Serving on some of these bodies is included in the normal duties of each supervisor. Currently there are several vacancies that have no board member representative.

As part of his “job action” Hill is refusing to serve on any, unless perhaps he thinks he can negotiate his way back to his first choices.

The board should simply appoint him to the bodies that have unclaimed vacancies. Under the State Statutes governing boards of supervisors, each board has broad powers to operate. This would include making its member assignments.

California Government Code, Section 25003: The board may make and enforce rules and regulations necessary for the government of the board, the preservation of order, and the transaction of business.

A subsequent section of the statute, 25042, prohibits county supervisors from neglecting or refusing to perform the duties imposed upon them:

“Any supervisor who (a) refuses or neglects to perform any duty imposed on him, without just cause, or (b) wilfully violates any law provided for his government as a supervisor, or (c) fraudulently or corruptly performs any duty imposed on him, or (d) wilfully, fraudulently, or corruptly attempts to perform an act as supervisor which is unauthorized by law, in addition to any other penalty prescribed by law, forfeits to the county five hundred dollars ($500) for every such act, to be recovered on his official bond, and is further liable on his official bond to any person injured thereby for all damages sustained.”

If Hill should refuse the board-imposed assignments, and as the statute requires, he would be “neglecting a duty imposed upon him without just cause.” He is not refusing to attend the meetings of these bodies for just cause, such as being ill or even overworked. It is simply a form of political maneuvering.

In addition to the remedies imposed in the statute, the auditor controller should sequester his bi-weekly paycheck. After all, a county employee who refuses to perform a portion of his or her duties would be first warned and then dismissed. Why should the elected supervisors be treated any differently?

In the larger picture, Hill partially blames COLAB for the change in assignments. He and Supervisor Gibson assert that COLAB is somehow directing the new board majority. Both Gibson and Hill, in defense of their zealotry, miss the point. COLAB is a government watchdog that supports more limited government, less taxation, economic growth, and freedom. We judge policies and programs on the basis of how they conform to or deviate from these principles.

The fact that someone elected to the Board of Supervisors may adhere to similar criteria for evaluating policy does not make them running dogs of COLAB or anyone else. Hill’s and Gibson’s superficial and unsubstantiated allegations in this case are insultingly belittling of their colleagues and their colleagues’ constituents. That Hill and Gibson have falsely proclaimed such a lie, demonstrates their own desperation and fear.

These personal attacks themselves demonstrate why they are unfit to be Chairmen of the Board of Supervisors, LAFCO members, CSAC reps, and EVC Board members.

Mike Brown is the Government Affairs Director of the Coalition of Labor Agriculture and Business (COLAB) of San Luis Obispo County. He had a 42 year career as a city manager and county executive officer in four states including California. He can be reached at


Well written Mike. I read that most posts support your positions. Keep it up.


A serious question.

Adam Hill is not in my district so he is not a voting choice for me. Can someone explain to me why Adam Hill keeps winning elections? Is there some form gerrymandering going on or does he actually have a loyal constituency?



If ever there was a justification for what Supervisors Peschong, Arnold, and Compton did with their appointments, it has been Hill’s and Gibson’s behavior since then. With Hill’s New Times article and Gibson’s rant in the Tribune, both have proven themselves unworthy of a leadership role.


TKG Yes Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson’s behavior before the new board assignments and after. A tiger never changes its stripes.

How many videos of BoS sessions and testimony of abuse of power does one have to witness or be the object of to know that these two dudes need a new home and not in this county.

They need to form a compound and invite all their controlling past and currently electeds to join them and they can be their dictator. And make it a reality show so we all can see how they like being controlled by their own, no farming, no dams, no motorized vehicles, no WiFi, no food other than GMO, no borders, and all the heavy metals you can breathe in from the GeoEngineering you LIBERAL PROGRESSIVES have allowed into our county.

JB Bronson

The Central Coast is a terrific place to live nature-wise. Just wonderful. But politically, when you think of people like Adam Hill, Bruce Gibson, Lee Collins, Tracy Schiro, Michael Blank, Tony Ferrara, John Wallace… … … … … …arrogant, self-centered deceived fools…


Well JB, much like most of the population of SLO, right? The difference sometimes is that while the most of the SLO population have those exact “qualities” those mentioned in your post combine it with ignorant ass partisanship in a position that COULD benefit all of us if they could just get past themselves and their party loyalty.

A step forward would be to pull all public or private money from any campaign process and make the media give back some of their free air time they charge us for. Give each candidate a set number of newspaper and TV political adds, one or two televised debates and a set number of minutes on the radio and that’s it. One other thing too; limit the campaigning window. I’m sick and tired of hearing the drawn out campaigns saying the same shit in different ways months and months ahead of the election.

It won’t happen though, to deep set now….

Maybe one way (or another)? Give ’em all a twitter account and let them tweet their asses off…


So, Mr. Hill who has served on the Board of the Economic Vitality Corporation (EVC) and was the alternate on the boards of both the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) and the California State Association of Counties Board of Directors, the key political committees that he has for years been appointed to by himself, Mr. Gibson and Mr. Mecham thinks they have the right to continue and the hell with anyone else.

Mrs. Arnold and Mrs. Compton were appointed without any input to the other four committees. And being, the ladies they are, they served with dignity and respect because the gentlemen on the board thought they were more important than the ladies to give up their “knowledge and power” and the seats of political power, Really?

Bruce Gibson, has served for 10 years on LAFCO and the California State Association of Counties Board of Directors, the key political committees. No question I am sure you love the power and prestige this appoint affords you personally. Sir, do you really think that you are the only man able to do this assignment. Do you feel that woman (or anyone else) are unqualified to perform at this level then do not have the ability to at least learn? Maybe you believe that women have more important roles in life like being your mistress and your assistant!

All of these committees should be rotated and no one should have that much power that they personally believe they OWN that committee. This might come as a surprise to Mr. Gibson and Hill, but no one is that important in a board of five! Shame on you both as these committees belong to all the people of this County, not the Democrats, Republicans or the Socialists. Play fair boys, you are no longer in threatening controlling positions of power for the next two years or more!



I liked what you said but there is no need to rotate. Gibson did not leave when Paul died he hogged the Chair position for over 18 months in a row.

If you have the votes then you get the positions period the end. We all learned this from Patterson, Hill and Gibson.

These 3 do not play fair or whatever you think fair is they play to win whatever it takes right or wrong. The dirtier the better.

Peschon, Arnold and Compton are fair and in the majority.

One thing is committees another is policy.


Declining a committee assignment does not violate the Government Code sections you cited. They refer to duties imposed by state law. Not interaction between the board members. Under your interpretation Hill would have been entitled to be board chairman.


The new majority is wanting to operate like Trump. Do whatever they want and force their ideology into their own votes regardless what is best for the communities they serve. Hill and Gibson wants to see all sides. What is wrong with that? If the roles were reversed and Hill and Gibson had a 3rd wheel how would you feel about that? I think there are a lot of hypocrites out there.


They’re called “majority” for a reason. Arnold and Peschong both won clear victories. To the victors go the spoils. They have the right to make their appointments and set policy. This is what happens when you win elections.

Gibson and Hill are acting like babies. If they don’t like it, they need to run a decent candidate against Compton in 2018 and get the majority back.



Do you live in your own madeup world?

Jim Patterson, Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill terrorized this county with dictatorial decisions 3 – 2 their way. They brought to our county Resilient Communities a United Nations way of governing and telling us how to live and be and how to redistribute ourselves and our resources and how to be anything but what we were.

We were not allowed to breath anything but Social Justice Utopia propaganda. Jim was removed and Bruce lives in the most Progressive district and Adam Hill’s district is as progressive so guess what they are now sucking exhaust and not liking it.

So pull your grownup pants up and deal with it. Crying foul is immature!

Guess what NOT EVEYONE gets A TROPHY!

curiouser and curiouser

Right on RawHoney! Amen!


Is that $500 times 12 months = $6000 ? or is that two assignments so it could go as high at $12,000 over a year’s time?

Hill would certainly stop this behavior after just this threat or one month of lost $ you would think.

CAPSLO was pushed on Debbie and she did do a great job there.

Adam cannot be on CAPSLO due to his wife and here misdealings with CAPSLO when she was working in our county and paid to help the homeless but did some questionable things and was removed.

He could take the approach that he will make restitution for his wife and serve on CAPSLO and maybe learn humility and compassion rather than for personal gain. CAPSLO may not want him but OH WELL!


LemonLime was not sure where you were going with that but I am glad I kept reading.

You nailed Adam Hill!

Bruce Gibson also refused and I just bet you that they will be as difficult as they can be mainly on the Board of Supervisors setting. There these two boys have been sent to their rooms for bad and over stepping behavior.

Thanks you Mike for creating an opportunity for the reader to GET these two guys for who and what they stand for.