Why doesn’t Supervisor Compton support a marine sanctuary?

February 5, 2017

Brad Snook 6Opinion by Brad Snook, co-chair of Surfrider Foundation San Luis Obispo

Supervisor Lynn Compton, a SLO County Supervisor, is wrong to deny SLO County the federal funding of cultural education, marine research, and a new local stakeholder effort that a Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary could bring. It’s Federal funding!

Why wouldn’t a coastal supervisor, like Lynn Compton, support the Sanctuary, too? Supervisor Compton says she is concerned about “local control”.

Supervisor Compton’s district, which is the coastal section of southern SLO County, is pivotal in decisions on whether SLO County will choose to protect the quality of its air, water, and county land. Is Supervisor Compton speaking for special interests like Phillips 66 and the oil and gas industry whose concern isn’t “local control,” but “controlling the locals?”

As locals, control of our shared resource belongs to all of us. Ours is a common truth, as is the history of this coastline, and it’s alarming to hear Supervisor Compton echo alt-facts when dismissing the opportunities a sanctuary will bring.

Thousands of sanctuary supporters are locals, too. We share a connection to this coast, the central coast’s culture, its history. Surfrider SLO joined many others on a path toward sanctuary designation in recognition of our county’s stewardship of the sea and coast because our civilization places many unnecessary impacts upon the ocean. Stewardship is good, and a sound federal investment in protecting our ocean recreation and other resources from the devastating impacts of offshore oil drilling and seismic testing would benefit us all.Marine sanctuary

Our chapter seeks to promote a thriving marine ecosystem. We recognize that SLO County doesn’t have the jurisdiction to do that on its own, so Supervisor Compton should show her support for this protection by supporting this community’s National Marine Sanctuary designation effort.

Many of the benefits of the proposed Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary are listed on the website, where thousands have gone to learn more about the sanctuary and to pledge their support.

The sanctuary does not regulate fishing. The sanctuary bans seismic testing, which fishers have joined us and others world-wide in opposition. However, the ocean is not only a fishery or a place to dump pollutants. The commercial fishing industry (whether local or global), the fossil fuel industry, or other polluting interests cannot claim “control” of our shared marine resources which all sanctuary stakeholders will strive to protect.

Prior to Tuesday, Feb. 7, we urge you to show your support for the proposed Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary by coming to the SLO County Board of Supervisors meeting on Feb. 7 at 9 a.m. at the SLO Board of Supervisors Chambers: 1055 Monterey Street in San Luis Obispo. If you are unable to make it to the meeting, please send an e-mail to the SLO County Clerk (cr_board_clerk@co.slo.ca.us) referencing Agenda Item 3 (2/7/17 BOS meeting) asking the supervisors to vote “no” on the “Resolution to Oppose the Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary.” It’s that easy!

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And so Ms. Compton’s re-election cycle starts!

I think if you look outside the surfer pool and look at who is and is not supporting this Sanctuary and how lives will be affected you will understood why this is such a big deal. To give more control of our coast to the Federal Government is bad, to further reduce and restrict the fishing industry in California is disastrous and it will even further affect such things as the water and sewer facilities in our coastal towns as if they don’t have enough over sight.

People of reason need to be fully informed to the pros and cons. Look at both sides of this issues because in most cases things are not always as they seem (look at Pro 54 – crime bill in California is a good example). And if you don’t have time just look at who is supporting and who is opposing and the story will unfold before your eyes. I strongly suggest that real concerns citizens do their homework on this issue and not listen to special interests on either side.

Just say NO FEDERAL SANCTUARY! The Federal government’s Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary will bring bureaucracy, and a regulatory program with the full force and might of Federal law enforcement behind it.

It will bring bureaucratic staff, many with police powers, to control agriculture,fishing and harvesting, shipping lanes and desalination.

Support Supervisors Compton, Arnold and Peschong in their support of the resolution opposing the proposed FEDERAL SANCTUARY.

We need less FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, not more!


Why doesn’t Supervisor Compton support a marine sanctuary?

Because the oceans belong to everyone not just surfers….


You said it all right in that one sentence “Because the oceans belong to everyone not just surfers….”

All the people who have moved here and have lived here a long time saw this beautiful place as heaven here on earth. Once you see the corruption and special interest groups for Social Justice for

HUGE government takeovers of every aspect of our lives this is no longer a paradise but a last stand for LIBERTY and Freedom from the BOOT of Government and taxing you out of your life.

Thank you Supervisor Lynn Compton for bringing clarity to our county and pushing back on the George Soros funded Social Justice Terrorists that wear the mask of SURFERS and BIKERS and whatever they can that sells to the bleeding heart populace imported from L. A..

Obama shut down coastal oil drilling in Communist California.

But that sells so you never give up even though they are all lies.

Peschong, Arnold and Compton stand firm. You three are Heroes of 2017 already with what you have already accomplished. Thank your!

Easy Answer:

Because turning over local control to the Big Failed Federal Government is a proven failure.

The Real Question is why do you look for your Salvation from the Federal Government…why the Trump worship?


While I support CCN you have to know that it’s the “preferred posting spot” for the conservative right here in SLO. Their feelings on anything environmental is so askew that even a notion that we need to take care of it, the environment, is like a slap to their denial.

While I don’t like any government coming into our lives and telling us what to do there is ample evidence to support that it’s not only the right thing to do but it is a necessity in most cases.

I suspect that most of these folks posting here on CCN are transplants from elsewhere, they haven’t experienced our beautiful and vastly eco-deversified coastline for more than a minute or two and certainly haven’t seen some of the negative effects SLO’s population increase has caused it over the past few decades. Mostly they see SLO’s environment as a selling point, only to be “protected” if it’s demise means their property value would go down. That’s all…

Now I’ll be the first to admit, and history will back me up on this, government has done a piss poor job managing anything environmental, anything. What I’d like to see is our coastline left to it’s own devises, keeping our footprint upon it to a minimum and let nature take its course. In reality we know this won’t happen as man wrongly sees himself as the “know-all, fix-all” of this planet while always putting profit and position ahead of it.

In all of the time I’ve spent along out beautiful coastline the one thing that always struck me as a bit “strange”; the relative few people who actually resided along side of it taking any real time out in it. The vast majority of those I’ve met out enjoying it are tourists, coming from thousand of miles away in some cases to see something most that reside here take for granted.

I appreciate all the efforts that the Surf Riders and other like groups and associations have done to try and preserve our coastlines; if it wasn’t for folks like you the likes of trump would have long ago developed my coastline into another elitist mecca… Thank You, Brad!

Why is Cal Coast News giving Surfrider a soapbox to malign our Supervisor. If all this guy did was talk abut his cause it would be much easier to see the shallowness of his purpose. Instead we have a personal attack to further a political agenda. Ms Compton does a good job of making her own decisions. She doesn’t need to be strong armed into supporting this groups cause.

The same reason they give Mike Brown and Stew Jenkins a “soapbox” to spew their partisan bullshit, that’s why!

I would love to see an op-ed reply by Supervisor Compton. I had not heard of this issue until I saw Mr. Snook’s piece, and after reading it over, I have decided to let the Supervisor know that I support her decision. We do not need more laws, regulations, and (especially) government bureaucracy in California (or anywhere, for that matter). We have plenty already, this is not a call for anarchy, but a call for sustainability: we simply cannot afford more bureaucracy, especially in an area that is RIFE with corruption, malfeasance and collusion.

Thank you, Mr. Snook & CCN for bringing this to my attention. I know I am not in agreement or support of your position, but that is my choice.

Without taking a side in this matter, the article (title at least) seems fairly rhetorical. Compton talked at length about her reasoning for not voting for a sanctuary last week on the Dave Congalton show.


As I understood it, her reasons were putting local resources in Federal control and the lack of need given Federal bans on Pacific oil drilling and resource usage.

I’m sorry I missed that show, but that is the exact type of reply I love hearing from local politicians. There is a reason we have local politics, and this is it.

For far too long, the pyramid of power has been inverted, with a giant, bloated, over-stepping federal bureaucracy at the top and small, ineffective local politicians at the bottom. The closer the power is to the locals, the better it will be for all. Generally speaking, of course.

I like most people want to have a clean environment. Most of us thrive to do that with our personal efforts without funding from anyone. I did go to the website and reviewed the players. It’s my opinion that it’s the same players that try to shut down most things that the general public enjoy, require and care for. All I can see here is the possibility of over reaction where the area will become off limits to everyone, that is unless you pay what ever fee will be established. The czar of the Sanctuary will be appointed along with an accompanying staff and here we go with another government agency that will attempt to stonewall any and all use of the designated area.

I have had enough rules, regulation, fees and taxes, I have enjoyed the Pacific Ocean along the California coast for 65 years and it’s working just fine. Let mother nature do her job and everything will be just fine.

Quite simply, you can POUND SAND with your “Sanctuary”. Perhaps it’s because We the People are just absolutely DONE an FED UP with the non-stop, never ending, regulatory preservationists that constantly up our proverbial “butts” every time we turn around. And for the “It’s Federal Funding!” comment? Where the hell do you think that comes from? Supervisor Compton is doing just fine by me.

I like the “POUND SAND” part Side_Show_’! No, I really do. But if folks like you have your way we’d have to import sand from the Moon to have anything to pound! Then you’d bitch about that, blame the environmental friendly left on the cost of bringing it in and look for a way to make a profit off it.

You must get all giddy when you say “POUND SAND” and I bet right after tossing one of your water bottles onto the beach, right?

Wait a minute, back up the lunar lander. First of all we don’t know if the moon is covered with dust (sand) because America NEVER landed on the moon. Remember, it was all a hoax, just like 911 and any other conspiracy you can think of.

Secondly, even if we could import moon sand, the first thing you environmentally “concerned” folks would do is scream…”NON NATIVE” and rant about the impending destruction to the habitat and ecosystem. In addition, I’m sure pounding sand, native or not would do more damage than the off road vehicles do to the Oceano dunes.

I was being sarcastic Pelican1, really that’s all the Moon thing was. And you’re probably right, the left would probably bitch their collective hearts only being out done by the rights absolute denial of the negative effects all of us have on the environment.

My point is that nature has a way of taking care of itself if left alone, by all of us! But, and the right is forerunner of this shit, we can’t and won’t even do that especially at the personal level. Nope, we’ll stomp on it, leave our trash behind on it, open it up to unchecked development, charge for admission and then fence it up and to keep all those who can’t “afford” to appreciate and take part in its beauty from it.

Look at how we “manage” people, especially at the corporate level, how the f*** can you even think we can, let alone will, do any better with the environment? People bleed, they complain and try to form unions to offset the known factual background of corporate human abuse! With the environment, a mostly “silent” victim of the same mismanagement, it takes folks like Brad here to keep some sort of balance in this conversation.

Read a little about the Department of Agriculture’s, the National Park Service and BLM’s years of failed management in our wild-lands. More to the point take one example, Yellowstone’s displacement and eradication of the wolf within it’s boundaries and how it effected that ecosystem right down to the health of its lakes, streams and rivers, and it’ll show you how leaving well enough alone is the only management system that actually works!

Nope, probably not from the Moon but maybe from the Sahara, or Dubai or Death Valley… AND… to someones profit!

Always love the superiority the left has when it comes to “environmentalism” and taking care of our natural resources…like the only people that would toss a water bottle into the ocean is a conservative? You’re just laughable. Ms. Compton is my supervisor, and she has explained in great detail (and probably will again tomorrow) her reasoning…maybe quit whining and just listen, just once? I support her completely and thank her for doing her homework, listening to all the players and making up her own mind. Funny how the progressives just can’t believe that conservatives will actually follow through with, and stand up for, what they believe.

I’m not of the left, sport! Nor am I from the right, center or any border there of. I am a member of the human race, a citizen of this country who sees the harm anywhere where human hands come into contact with our planet. That’s all! And if you somehow connect my water bottle contention with a conservative maybe you’ve seen that example in your mirror…

“Funny how the progressives just can’t believe that conservatives will actually follow through with, and stand up for, what they believe.” Nope, not funny at all! As a matter of fact it’s a pretty sad statement from any side of the aisle when one doesn’t recognize what you ” will actually follow through with, and stand up for…” is proven wrong and detrimental to all of us and you still support it! Do you get that?

Straw man argument alert. I’m guessing you wrote that whilst finishing off a bottle of vodka? Your logic is terrible.

I don’t know, I guess one mans straw-man is another’s sandman… I don’t drink but I smoke the hell out of cannabis.

Again, I was being very sarcastic; and my logic is no more terrible than that which denies our overall negative impact on this planet.

Gotta Go! Dorothy swears there’s flying monkeys on their way and wants me to hide Toto…

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