Paso Robles council adopts smoking ban

February 24, 2017

The Paso Robles City Council adopted an ordinance this week banning smoking in public places.

Paso Robles’ ordinance bans smoking in all public buildings, parks and enclosed areas that are open to the general public. The ordinance also prohibits smoking at all outdoor public events, including sports games and fairs.

Smoking within 20 feet of the entrance or exit of any commercial establishment that is open to the public will likewise be banned under the ordinance. The ban applies to smoking marijuana and using e-cigarettes, as well as smoking tobacco.

Earlier this month, the Paso Robles council voted unanimously in favor of the smoking ban. The council then gave final approval for the ordinance at its meeting on Tuesday.

The smoking ban will take effect on March 23.

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And even better, we need to outlaw alcohol. It is the worst drug in our society. And yet it’s legal. Wine “tours”. Ridiculous.

Hello… has been done already, another spectacular government failure I might add. Try acting like and treating people like adults who can make up their own minds as to the choices they make.

I wish the SLOPD had the cajones to enforce the non-smoking law at least in Downtown SLO. Buncha weasels afraid of the bar and restaurant owners.

Wasn’t this done statewide decades ago? I believe SLO county was the first to do it. What the freak kind of deal is this thing there?

A cigarette is the only consumer product which when used as directed kills its consumer.

Actually that’s true of all tobacco products.

For all you doubters…..good luck. One day you will regret what tobacco use has done to you and your loved ones.

I love freedom more than I hate cigarettes, too bad our elected representatives don’t feel the same way.

Hopefully they will enforce it not like what SLO does.

Agreed. It is completely unenforced by SLOPD. Smokers will blatantly smoke right in front of a no-smoking sign right in front of a cop, and they pay no notice,

Let’s just skip the formalities and just ban cigarettes period!

Naw. That would just create a black market and all the headaches and costs that come with one. If people quit using tobacco there would be billions of dollars saved in medical costs. People would be healthier and live longer too. That won’t happen though as many people are foolish/weak.

yeah, I’m sure you’ll get to this after you round up all of the cell-phone-users-in cars.

No-one will enforce these “bans”. Mark my words.

SLO has done similar, and basically if you want to smoke, you smoke.

nothing happens.