Seven teens ejected in rural Templeton crash

February 22, 2017

A total of nine teens suffered injuries in a single SUV rollover crash in rural Templeton Sunday evening. Seven of the nine teens were not wearing seat belts, and all seven of them were ejected from the vehicle.

Around 6:40 p.m., a 17-year-old male was driving a 1999 Toyota 4Runner eastbound on El Pomar Drive east of Templeton with Jordan Nybakke, 18, sitting in the front passenger seat. Both the driver and Nybakke were wearing seat belts, according to the CHP.

Another seven teenage males, all of whom are juveniles, were sitting, without seatbelts, in the back of the 4Runner.

While traveling on El Pomar Drive east of Moss Lane, the driver lost control of the 4Runner, and the SUV overturned. The crash ejected all seven of the teens who were in the back of the SUV.

The teens suffered injuries varying in severity from minor to major. Ambulances transported all nine of the teens to local hospitals. Five of the injured teens went to Twin Cities Community Hospital and four went to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center.

Officers have yet to determine what caused the driver to lose control of the SUV. Neither drugs nor alcohol appeared to factor in the collision, according to the CHP.

The road was wet at the time of the crash, and the area was dark and cloudy with no street lights. The driver’s speed prior to the collision is unknown. An investigation into the crash is ongoing.

CHP officials say five of the teens were from Paso Robles and one each were from Templeton and San Miguel. Officials have yet to release the city of residence of two of the injured teens. The CHP is not releasing the identities of the eight injured juveniles.


I thought it was against the law for a teenager to be driving with other teens after dark. If so then I think the parents of the driver need to be held accountable. It easily could have been much worse.


I feel bad for all the seven kids ejected from reckless driving. I feel especially bad for the kids transported to Twin Cities…easily the worst hospital in which I’ve had the misfortune to spend time.


I guess you’ve opted for an appropriate screen name then….—isn’t that right Whinedude.

But I think you forgot the “h”.

I’ll agree with you in one sense; that no matter the hospital you find yourself in–it is always misfortunate by definition.

I’ve been to all 3 hospitals in the area, and found little difference among them. All give decent care. You’ll often find the same doctor’s from facility to facility.

I am willing to bet that whatever hospital these teens landed in they were grateful to be there.

As you would be too if truly in need

Remember you did survive your visit to Twin Cities, so you’ve lived to complain for another day. That has to be worth something.


I am glad that it seems all will make a recovery. I hope this serves as a lesson to all..drugs and alcohol aren’t the only things that cause accidents. Recklessness can be deadly, too. I am so thankful that these boys will be ok, but you have wonder what would have happened if that many people hadn’t crammed into such a tight spot.


And 12 ambulance chasing lawyers were killed were killed in the stampeded to file lawsuits.