SLO County supervisors clash over parks, roads and Del Campo

February 22, 2017

At another testy San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Lynn Compton won approval for four Nipomo park projects and Supervisors Debbie Arnold managed to get the county to make road maintenance one of its budget priorities. Additionally, the board appointed former KPRL radio host Dan Del Campo as Supervisor John Peschong’s planning commissioner.

During a hearing on the county’s five-year plan for capital improvement projects, Compton criticized the county for redirecting in-lieu fees required to be spent for the benefit of the residents of Nipomo. Part of the in-lieu fees raised from developments in Compton’s district went toward a bridge in Supervisor Bruce Gibson’s district and a bike path in District 3, which Supervisor Adam Hill represents.

Over a 10-year period, the South County generated $10.8 million in fees, while only $2 million was spent in the area, Compton said. Compton called for adding the construction of Jack Ready Imagination Park and Jim O. Miller Park to county’s infrastructure spending priorities. Compton likewise called for additions to Nipomo Community Park and Dana Adobe to be added to the spending list.

Gibson and Hill objected to Compton’s requests, but the board ultimately voted unanimously to approve the infrastructure plan with the South County park projects included. Approval of the plan, though, does not guarantee the county will spend money on the projects.

Arnold’s initiative to add road maintenance to the county’s budget priorities passed on a 3-2 vote with Gibson and Hill dissenting. Arnold has long been calling for the county to prioritized spending on roads.

Hill, who has previously clashed with Arnold over the issue, again argued the homeless are a major priority. Hill also said a drug detox center for the county jail and climate change adaptation ought to be spending priorities.

On a 4-1 vote, with Hill dissenting, the board of supervisors appointed Del Campo to the planning commission. Del Campo, a staunch conservative, recently left KPRL after six years of broadcasting at the North County radio station.

Hill said Del Campo does not belong on the planning commission because of the views he expressed on the radio, particularly pertaining to environmental issues. Peschong nominated Del Campo due in large part to his beliefs in smaller government and more personal freedom.

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Love how AH voted against road Maintenance, anyone ever drove down 4th Street in Grover beach.I think Adam crawled out of the swamp down there.

Apparently, Adam and Bruce have forgotten former planning commissioner Sarah Christie’s “views pertaining to environmental issues.”

I know it’s wrong but I get a chuckle from reading about Hill being put in his place for the exact same type of actions he was guilty of when he had power on the board.

Hey! What ever happened to the League of Women Voters of San Luis Obispo County’s ‘I Love Civil Discourse’ buttons that were paid for with taxpayers dollars? If I recall, Supervisors Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill promoted the League’s civil discourse discussion. That was short-lived!!!

“That was short-lived, that’s because the election is over and as Adam Hill would say “I won so go to he11.

Totally agree

Civil Discourse is a lefty phrase and I have never liked it.

The proper terms are with grace, honor and honesty.

So the crazy left came up with Civil Discourse……puk!

Good behavior does not need new language. Either you are or you are not and Gibson and Hill are NOT and they are incredibliy rude and horrid to WOMEN if they are republican.

Lets dump the phrase “Civil Discourse” and take back “liberal” and let the progressives redefine all they want…….

If I remember correctly those two snakes signed that without the knowledge of the rest of the board. I am guessing that buying up private property and turning it over to the state,fish and wildlife and other useless entities is the plan of ag 21,it happens all the time,most people would be surprised if the knew how much land was out of the tax rolls and under control of a state agency.

Shut up with the partisan bickering and get to work for the citizens of this county…

Hill is a Democrat like Trump is a Republican. Daft and nonsensical. Why or why, dear all seeing being of humankind, do people vote like this? Tis a conundrum to be sure.

May be Supervisor Peschong can find employment for another recently out-of-job Breitbart editor!