Suspect allegedly installed card skimmer on Grover Beach ATM

February 3, 2017

Grover Beach police are looking for a man who installed a card skimming device on an ATM inside the 7-Eleven store on Grand Avenue and Oak Park Boulevard. Card skimmers grab cardholders’ data when they use an ATM, allowing fraudsters to steal the information.

A surveillance camera captured the suspect, who has visited the Grover Beach area at least twice in recent months, inside the 7-Eleven, police said.

Authorities have not identified the man. Grover Beach police released a surveillance photo of a vehicle in addition to pictures of the suspect.

The police department requests that anyone who has information about the case contact Detective Nelida Aceves at 805-473-4511 or Anonymous informants can call Crime Stoppers at 805-549-7867.


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Yep. You’re better than me. You’re the boss. If I were you I’d contact the security camera system company and report that their encrypted software will allow Russian Teenagers to monitor my car door.

Nice scare tactic but you’ll have to get clients a different way. Unless YOU are the Russian Teenager.

Dude, is that a Rams hat? Shit I said wear a hat but not that one! Raiders hat next time, okay?!

With all that testosterone growing? Doesnt look good.

If you go to the trouble of installing in a cam, why not a good one. There is a possibility, though very small, his id badge had his real name on it.

I have observed that many, if not most, people get their expectations about security cameras from TV shows such as CSI etc. There is a huge (and I mean HUGE) difference in cost and deployment in the real world versus what you see on tv. There is no magic. Further more, finding people and events on camera footage when you don’t have refined parameters (such as time etc) is a giant time suck. Just saying . . . .

Just say to your computer “enhance” three times and you will have a perfect picture of face and ID card. They do it all the time on CSI.

Blue is the color of ATM Smurf a Blue Meanie or just maybe, Mr. Blue.


I do not live int he area anymore but read about it.

I get the impression you do not have a security camera. Can I have your address please?

I installed q-see camera in 2011 and we were able to identify a suspect and he was arrested. I upgraded to nightowl from Costco and you can count teeth from 20 feet. (it’s o.k,. because a lot of the thieves are missing them)

Security cameras are AMAZING. It has Motion detection and I get notified anytime there is movement in a particular area. that is we have 8 cameras. The ones facing our cars are able to be isolated (it has a grid you select) to the car doors so it doesn’t go off when someone merely walks by however, it does continually record. You can zero in on your front door, or only it’s handle

I can watch my house from anywhere on the planet and I actually notified the police that there was a strange vehicle parked in front on my house while I was in palm Springs. The investigation resulted in an arrest for counterfeiting.

I suggest looking at Nightowl cameras. $300.00

Ben, I am not sure how you go that impression. I am a retired IT guy. With all due respect, I have probably installed more camera systems that you have even seen. And not talking about just Costco cameras.

BTW, I am sure some Russian teenager is grateful that you created a hole in your home router firewall so you can watch your cameras.