Yiannopoulis delivers ‘dead babies’ speech at Cal Poly

February 1, 2017

Milo protest

In a much-hyped speech delivered with SWAT officers on standby, prominent conservative Milo Yiannopoulos praised United States President Donald Trump, as well as Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong, while taking aim at leftists, feminists, Islamists and particularly proponents of abortion.

Yiannopoulos, an editor of the conservative news website Breitbart, delivered his speech titled “No More Dead Babies” Tuesday evening at Spanos Theater on the Cal Poly campus. Yiannopoulos, an openly gay man, is currently wrapping up the “Dangerous Faggot Tour,” in which he has delivered speeches on college campuses nationwide, often with protesters and, at times, violence disrupting the events.

Prior to Tuesday’s speech, Cal Poly protest groups tried for weeks to shut down the event and stop Yiannopoulos from coming to campus. However, Armstrong refused to cave to the pressure and allowed the event to take place.

“You have a freedom of speech loving president,” Yiannopoulos told the audience at Cal Poly. “President Armstrong has made the brave decision, and it is brave these days, to stand against the speech-hating crybabies, bullies and the losers of the forces of social justice.”

Yiannopoulos also praised Armstrong for his “fetching tan.”

Likewise, Yiannopoulos voiced his approval for the demographic makeup of the Cal Poly campus, calling it a “sausage fest” by current educational standards. Whereas females often comprise the majority on college campuses, Cal Poly has a 53 percent male student body.

At the beginning of the speech, the conservative speaker announced his new “Yiannopoulos Privilege Grant,” a scholarship exclusively for white males attending college or university. The scholarship originated as a joke but is now up and running, he said.

Yiannopoulos, who at one point declared, “I love dick,” expressed his affection for the current United States president by referring to him as “the god emperor daddy Trump.” The Breitbart editor said Trump is fixing immigration, fixing trade and cracking down on political correctness.

The conservative speaker directed some his verbal jabs Tuesday at women and Muslims.

“Islam is always wrong except about the female drivers thing,” Yiannopoulos said. “You ever heard of an accident in Riyadh? Neither have I, aside from Islam itself.”

Eventually, Yiannopoulos zeroed in on the topic of abortion.

“Babies in the womb are the real undocumented americans we should care about,” Yiannopoulos said.

Yiannopoulos compared the nonprofit abortion provider Planned Parenthood to Nazi Germany.

“Planned Parenthood has amassed a Third Reich-style death count legally while pocketing half a billion dollars to do it,” Yiannopoulos said.

He then compared the organization’s current president, Cecile Richards, to Adolf Hitler.

“Cecile Richards has presided over 3 million abortions,” Yiannopoulos said. “Richards is well on her way to matching Hitler’s body count.”

In advance of Yiannopoulos’ speech, dozens of protesters gathered on campus near Spanos Theater. Some of the protesters were dressed in black and wearing masks.

“No Milo, no KKK, no fascist USA,” protesters chanted. “No fence. No walls. Cal Poly is for all.”

Some of the protesters burned Nazi and confederate flags.

Inside, Yiannopoulos referred to the protesters as a “bloated-spectacled, blue-haired, facially-pierced lesbianic outbreak.”

“The left is the only place that knows where to buy swastika flags,” Yiannopoulos said. “They are sold exclusively to social justice warriors protesting nothing.”

No violent clashes broke out Tuesday.


Anyone know how Mayor Heidi’s pot lucks turned out.

San Louie

The person who brought the fiddle horn fern salad was asked to leave for being a “fern murderer” despite wearing a rose in her hair. On the plus side I understand it was “wine o’clock” all evening.

Rich in MB

The Alt Left is out of control, is dangerous and must be stopped.


Such a certifiable bozo it puts me at a loss for words.


One man’s silence is a lot of other men’s blessings?


Sigh, I guess it’s impossible to have any kind of conversation about anything when the 10% at either end of the spectrum never shuts up.


Apologies if this comes off as cheeky, but I’m not as much of a “news junkie” as prior years:

Can you point me to where the “other end” of the “10%” never shut up enough to allow conversation? Something like shouting down pro-abortionists or screaming over anti-gun propagandists? I would like to see that it is “either end of the spectrum” that acts this way.


I love the flag burners. It appears to be some sort of plastic material that is not very flammable. Can you imagine the toxic crap that burning stuff put into the air? I thought these folks cared about the environment? Next time make your own flag out of natural paper. I’m sure one of your college classes would arrange for you to take time off for this most important endeavor.

Cathy S.

I love how you waited until the last sentence to note there was no violence, but appreciate that you finally acknowledged it. I listened for weeks as all the alt right Republicans ranted and raved over these out of control liberals, complaining they were made fun of, called names, expressing fears that a hair on their student’s head might be touched, using MILO level vile insults, now you still want to make up a story of this non-event.

As press you should be reporting the news without bias. Stating that protesters trying to burn a confederate flag “failed miserably” is a biased, non newsworthy comment (you might have commented on the man wearing the American flag being very disrespectful and helped educate people). Why not focus on the pictures of all the security Armstrong reportedly paid $70,000 for twiddling their thumbs. Why is Armstrong so out of reach with the Cal Poly students, that he felt that was necessary? Why not compliment the opposition at Cal Poly for maintaining themselves well, most ignoring MILO as he craves confrontations? Why does the press here and at other campuses prefer to make it look like there were clashes? Why not discuss how the audience appeared bored, only a few clapping or laughing? I find it odd that Milo finds himself much more amusing than the audience does. This could have been a real news story.


And you alt-leftists were soooo scared of him! Turns out he bored you with all that talk of dead babies, such a yawner. So what if most dead babies are black and female? Milo was absolutely correct about Cecile Richards and Planned Black Genocide and your reaction of ghoulish ennui is soul-chilling.


I was there, the audience was definitely not bored! We all applauded Jeffrey Armstrong for “allowing” free speech on campus. Go back to your FB echo chamber.

San Louie

Your use of “alt-right” identifies you as someone not to be taken serious, but I’ll respond anyway.

First, all I read for a week from the local paper (SLO Tribune) nasty, anti-Yiannopoulos propaganda. They were trying to incite a riot.

I don’t think Armstrong is “out of reach with the Cal Poly students.” I think the vitriol pumped out by the local press over the past two weeks could have easily led to more hooded/masked “protestors” which could have led to real trouble. The $70K you speak of should be billed to the SLO Tribune.

“The opposition” didn’t “maintain” themselves well. They lit things on fire, continually screamed and made nasty comments — I heard them in person. It was the people that came to hear the speaker that comported themselves in a positive way.

You’re out-and out lying when you suggest that the audience “appeared bored.” The audience was highly engaged with thunderous clapping throughout the presentation. To suggest otherwise is to lie. Good evening.


Oh, so looks like our $3.00 per gal gas kept the paid neo-Communist agitators up in Bazerkly where they can riot and shut down free speech to their little Leftist content…as for bias of the news, too bad that hasn’t been an issue for the last 30 years of Liberal propaganda.


Yep happily Cal Poly opponents behaved and one night later at Berkeley they are dismantling the campus. I was surprised that Poly behaved but not Berkeley. From all the continuing vile from the left and how they react? Sadly none of this is getting surprising.


If it wasn’t the strong reaction from the left this guy would be a nobody. I watched his dog and pony show. Very poorly done. Just a flaming fag saying things to get a reaction out of people. Reminded me of the Morton Downey Jr Show. Bunch of BS.


Agree, aside from the fag part. This was some low-brow material. The sourced facts on abortion were skewed and spun in a very small manner, i cross referenced, mis representing the origin sources and hard work to make them. This was a ploy of a minority of cal poly students used to taunt another minority of students. I have seen stand up comedy at cal poly, lectures that serve a real relief or purpose to those watching. I cant believe people got so worked up from a boy, using social memes he did not start to try to stir a pot to get famous. Many people say racy things making them look bad for cash, sacrificing social dignity and ethics. And a few bad jokes about Islam, stating he was a Christian, makes Christians look really bad, the KKK already represents Christians in a bad way. Im stating my opinions. People should do themselves a favor, watch some TED talks and realize what a good, fact based presentation and what public speaking actually are. This was a waste of my hour and a half watching this guy. This isnt about freedom of speech, this was about some Cal poly “kids” screwing with another group of people to make a political statement, wasting precious city resources, school resources, and TAX PAYER dollars to have some slightly educated sell out say some lame stuff.


Heres a Milo for you, Jesus was Jewish. But thats actually a fact.


And to hide under the freedom of speech, at a gov public entity above the law because he’s not in a “public sector”, where he could be arrested for public disturbance, for cash, is a troll, and pretty lame i feel. to abuse your amendments, not as a last resort, is un american. America is a neighborly, tolerant place, sometimes, and should remain so. What did Reagan say: “if only there were an outside, alien force “E.T.”, declaring War, that could unite the peoples of earth in a common cause.” Ancient Aliens History Channel TM. :)

San Louie

It was an excellent program.


I’m sure you recognize it solely as entertainment not ment to be taken seriously right? Like Celebrity Aprrentice or the Fox channel.

San Louie

Absolutely not.


He was a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stifling liberal elite city.


It was so good of you to join us in SLO. You sound like a transplant to me.


And, you, “Yan”, were born here so you can talk, but us “transplants” cannot? How liberally tolerant.


Nope didn’t say that at all.

You took from my comments what you wanted. There not was a declarative statement in there really. It was more observational.

Just making the point that many who move show up and want to change it. Which is a valid point.

The changelings always have. Except for the Valley Rats–and they know that is a term of endearment–they liked it just the way it was–foggy. I miss them personally.

I include the trust fund liberals in my wide net too–Christine Mulholland comes to mind.

What was the license plate saying we had here for years?…”SLO come up for the air”. I guess we should have been more specific and said “elite air”.


Nope, lived here for 40 years. Close to a SLOEXIT for me and mine.


Never said Transplants grow roots. But they’re still a transplant.

Sorry can’t help the sport of it.


A+ to the Cal Coast News for posting the actual video link: https://youtu.be/_Gv3xPifTEE

Listen for yourselves. I found him entertaining and learned a few things.