Adam Hill: “Forget civility”

March 12, 2017
T. Keith Gurnee

T. Keith Gurnee


A few days ago, San Luis Obispo County District 3 Supervisor Adam Hill wrote “forget civility” on a Facebook post in response to an article by yours truly in the New Times last week. Interesting.

Is this the same Adam Hill who practically knocked the wind out of himself in taking credit for introducing the “civil discourse” resolution that the League of Women Voters helped draft before the Board of Supervisors adopted it a couple of years back? How quickly he forgets.

When Supervisor Lynn Compton exposed supervisors Hill and Bruce Gibson’s sneaky redirection of development impact funds away from the heavily imposed fees in District 4 to their own districts (Gibson’s no-growth was the greatest beneficiary), Compton had incisively investigated how those fees had been historically spent. She found that the best interests of her constituents had not been served for years. Then Hill chose to squeal like a pig.

Avowing to cast aside “civility” in the interests of “the truth,” Hill did little more than expose himself. That wasn’t a pretty sight. Recalling the great movie “A Few Good Men,” Jack Nicholson’s memorable quote “You can’t handle the truth!” seems to have been designed to be heard by no other than Adam Hill.

Hill’s protestations that he had a “commitment to honesty, and a respect for the facts” were undone by his own words. The statements by Lynn Compton that Hill called “repeated lies” were conclusively demonstrated to be “repeated truths.”

Adam, I sure wish you would stop giving me more material to write about you. There must be far better things to do. But the arrogance of a public official like you demands a response—the truth!

Forget civility? Forget the truth? Forget decency? That must be your mantra. But now it’s time to forget you!

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Just because his district voted him in, as the rest of us can’t stand him, does it need to be that district that gets him out of office, or can any of us pull a petition for impeachment,or can a supervisor be impeached. I would think there would be enough grounds for this to be,just the track record of BOS meetings would be enough not counting his neferious dealings outside of that.

Hill could be recalled but not until after 6 months after he started his new term. That would mean by July 2017 one could start such an effort, but it is a steep Hill to climb. One would need to obtain the signatures of 205 of the registered voters in District 3. However, since he won going away last November, it will be tough to do in a District that has tolerated him for all these years. That being said, his continued recent antics may change some minds in that District.

I meant 20%. Sorry for the typo…

Check his oath of office he pledged to uphold, if there have been anything improper, his oath could have been violated, giving cause to have him removed.

When one takes their oath when being sworn to uphold any honored position that oath should not be taken lightly, as it is very serious.

I agree Keith, just TOO Much!!

Time to write a Script!

I’m serious! He is great material for a movie. Put it all in there..all his Hill-arious scenarios…Its so bad/sad its funny!! No one could make this stuff up. It takes this HILL to be so outrageous, so crazy ITs sure to be a Hit! ..Be sure to Include Dee’s antics..and how Hill walked out during a recognition ceremony from her eX employer, Because all she did was Steal from the homeless ya know, I mean what were they thinking in firing her?? But there is so much material to work with..Steve Hayward can play himself….Call it SLO minded or The Hills’ need Eyes..I’m sure you can make a fortune! It would be a Great Drama/comedy…especially being a REAL story…can you imagine?

In these times of vilifying the news media, where alternative facts have replaced truth with smoke and mirrors, it’s good to know there are still those dedicated journalist who are willing to put themselves on the line. taking heat for shining their journalistic spotlight into those hidden dark corners where deeds in secret are performed.

A memory chain for generations have linked us together with a strong foundation to pass along to others with values, built on trust and truth where a person’s word we and others can depend in taking a stand.

Twisted, left swinging in the wind these troubled times are in which we live, where it seems our thoughts are filled with doubt, fear and confusion leaving us to wonder just what the next day will bring, wondering what it’s all about.

What brought us to this point in the minds of many we hear without a word spoken for our actions are speaking loudly are they not,

Why, if those in whom trust was placed by votes of confidence are not now openly displaying a willingness to show their books proving what they’re telling us in fact does match their words, What are they hiding and why taking shots to shot the beam out from that journalistic light, oh do tell what are they fearing! that they might be found out after all.

The memory chain has been weakened, for see where our values of telling the truth have gone.

Good to know there no more exist a lie, or haven’t you heard it’s now alternative facts.

Hey! it’s just a joke, come on, laugh, laugh if you can.Or is it also for you just all to painful?

Doodles From My Noodle By newscruzer1

And isn’t it interesting to see the Bernie Sanders progressives/Sandernistas now forming a coalition with Adam Hill As that American writer, Charles Dudley Warner said so long ago: “Politics make strange bedfellows!”

Little Napoleon has struck again but it is himself that he is bringing down!

How and why this paunchy, failing, lying, cheating so-called “supervisor” could get elected is beyond my comprehension, Reminds me of a so-called “president” I’ve heard about.

Adam would not know the truth if it slapped in the face.

The Adam Hill saga is one of the most amazing stories I’ve ever seen….. Constantly self immolating and then rising from the ashes like a demented Whack a Mole… he just can’t stop. There is something terribly wrong here…. and thank goodness for Compton to go after it head on. His re-election is very telling of his alt left supporters. Ideology over any common sense. Crazy stuff and fascinating to watch.

Its genetic with Adam Hill.

The point isn’t that Adam Hill can’t stop, it is that the voters don’t stop him, so what, they like the way he is and the way he treats others??