Alleged Paso Robles pedophile headed to trial

March 21, 2017

Jason Robert Porter

Following testimony revealing that Paso Robles man Jason Porter allegedly held down a 4-year-old girl while he performed oral sex, a San Luis Obispo judge ruled there is enough evidence for the child molestation and sexual abuse case to go to trial.

Porter, 44, is accused of molesting or secretly recording more than 40 people. Most of the children whom he allegedly molested were between 1 and 4 years old.

The Paso Robles man, who did some childcare work, allegedly molested most of the children in their sleep. The molestation allegedly took place at the kids’ homes, in the pool, during sleepovers and even while Porter was changing diapers.

Additionally, Porter amassed thousands images of children and adults, some of which came from a camera he installed in his family bathroom, according to court testimony. The Paso Robles man is also accused of using a shoe camera to take photo’s under women’s skirts.

On Monday and Tuesday, Paso Robles police detective Christopher McGuire testified during preliminary hearings in Porter’s case. McGuire testified that investigators recovered 30,000 to 40,000 still images of sexually explicit content.

The testimony, which included graphic detail, left some members of the courtroom audience in tears, including parents of the alleged victims. One newscaster left the courtroom weeping during the testimony about Porter allegedly molesting young girls.

Porter is facing more than 30 charges, including at least several counts each of oral copulation with a child, using a concealed camera and using a device to see through clothing.

As CalCoastNews first reported, more than a decade ago, author Tina Swithin began battling to keep Porter, her former brother-in-law, away from her children. Swithin reported that Porter beat puppies, made out with a 14-year-old girl at a wedding and spoke of murdering and raping women.

However, a social services evaluator dismissed her claims and asked the court to force Swithin to send her children to the Porter home for the holidays.

At the time of his arrest, Porter was living with his parents Lyle and Margaret Porter. Lyle Porter is a former Mission Prep principal and Margaret Porter was then the vice principal at Old Mission School. Margaret Porter was let go after her son’s case prompted parents to threaten to unregister their children.

Last summer, officers arrested Porter both in June and July. In June 2016, a woman found Porter taking lewd photographs of her 6-year-old daughter. Police arrested Porter and booked him into the county jail, but he quickly posted bail and was released.

In July, officers served a search warrant at the home Porter shared with his parents. Detectives seized computers and storage devices and discovered thousands of images and videos of suspected child and adult pornography. Officers arrested Porter again, and he has since remained in jail with his bail set at $7 million.

On Tuesday, at the completion of a preliminary hearing, Judge Craig Van Rooyen ruled enough evidence exists for Porter to go to trial on all of the charges he is facing. Porter’s next court date is scheduled for March 24 at 8:30 a.m.



  1. Lilylu says:

    This man will probably end up at Coalinga State Hospital where SVP’s (Sexually Violent Predator’s) live in the Cadillac of State Hospitals. They have a beautiful full sized gym, state of the art exercise and workout equipment, access to musical instruments, hobby/art center and top notch medical and dental care that most of us cannot afford. They even have access to Starbuck’s He will live happily with other SVP’s where he can receive empathy and understanding from his peers who can share with each other their particular predilections. Sometimes in our strange society there is no justice.

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    • paragon says:

      Yeah, that does not seem very just. However, if they keep him in there for the rest of his life and he never gets the freedom to set foot outside that facility again, there is no chance that he will be able to harm another child. I consider that a win for society, even if its not the preferred outcome.

      (2) 2 Total Votes - 2 up - 0 down
  2. my.02 says:

    Crazy, someone found my hope that he is shot by a tower guard too offensive and it was removed. Crazier is that his acts are so offensive that none of the news reports come close to describing them. I’m not going to taint the jury pool by quoting the detective’s testimony here, but I find it offensive that his mom visits him weekly yet wasn’t in court to hear what was done to all those children that she cares so much about. I wonder if she would have been offended by the defense attorney implying that it could have been someone else and asking so many questions about Lyle…?

    (20) 20 Total Votes - 20 up - 0 down
    • ccmom says:

      His mother enabled his behavior by being silent about it brushing things under the rug for years. It’s repulsive that his parents both worked in education with CHILDREN and couldn’t see the red flags. From what I’ve read they are despicable people, too. Too bad that Margaret couldn’t visit him more permanently in prison for being an accessory. Silence in this case is guilt.

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    • Moderator says:

      Crazy? No. We don’t publish violent murder fantasy’s as a matter of policy.

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  3. ccmom says:

    I’m literally struggling to find the right words for all the things I am feeling about this situation. Jason Porter is 100% evil- that is the only way a person could do such absolutely disgusting acts. Disgusting isn’t even a remotely strong enough word.

    Clearly, Margaret and Lyle Porter should be held accountable too. From what I have read regarding this case, MP has gone out of her way several times to shelter JP from the legal consequences of his morbid actions. Their silence is guilt.

    Tina Swithin should be commended for her diligence, to bring light to this person even though the system failed her and her daughters over and over again. Social services and every other agency and person who let this situation continue should be ashamed and held accountable as well. I pray that Tina and her daughters can have a normal life and that JP is held accountable to the fullest extent.

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  4. StakeHolder says:



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  5. pasoparent5 says:

    Since this disgusting pervert was living with his parents Lyle and Margaret Porter, is there a need for them also to be investigated?
    Since both Lyle and Margaret have backgrounds in education, did they in ANY way provide access to children? Did they not suspect anything?

    (46) 54 Total Votes - 50 up - 4 down
    • ccmom says:

      For years they allegedly brushed things under the rug and went out of their way to defend and protect JP from his disgusting and vile behavior. They sure should be investigated!!

      (10) 12 Total Votes - 11 up - 1 down
  6. jarhead says:

    the inmates will LOVE him when he gets on there turf , serves him right there is no punishment that would fit his crime except the death penalty

    (16) 22 Total Votes - 19 up - 3 down
  7. horse_soldier says:

    There is no cure for this kind of evil.
    May Ms. Swithin and her children sleep well knowing this animal will likely never be free to violate others.

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  8. Kaiser Bill says:

    The Death Penalty was made for people like this.

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