Our awful sacred civic duty

March 2, 2017

Mike Brown


The Democratic Party’s alternative left regressive movement is suffering Tea Party envy. Democrats, the mainstream media, self- styled Hollywood pundits, academics, and legacy baby “smart set” sophisticates from West Hampton Beach to Westwood demonize Tea Partiers as hick and toothless uninformed reactionaries or worse. Nevertheless, and after the Democratic Party’s electoral debacle, they are now attempting to replicate the grass roots Tea Party phenomenon on a huge scale nationally and locally.

Unlike the Tea Party, which is truly local and bottom up, the alternate left’s massive organizing effort is a well-financed top down attempt to incite its base to resist and ultimately overthrow President Donald Trump, the Republican Congress, and the Republican majorities in both chambers of 32 statehouses. But this assault goes way beyond partisan politics. It’s a profound attempt at a strategic counter stroke by the enviro-socialist movement on the middle class, the dream of home ownership, the cohesive intergenerational family, and our heritage.

The stakes are much higher than short-term shallow partisan dominance. It is instead an epochal struggle for the very survival of America and civilization. Deceptively cloaked in the rhetoric of catastrophic global warming, radical identity politics, political correctness, and promises of “free” health care, college, and retirement, the alternate left seeks to undermine human progress of the last half of a millennium. Its anti-historical end game would submerge society in the tyranny of an oppressive high tech neo-medievalism without private property, individual freedom, intellectual progress, or personal security.

To this end, an alliance of leftist tax exempt foundations, unaccountable and untouchable permanent government bureaucrats, arrogant academics, a corrupt and ideological media, and oligarchical public employee unions underwrite the deceptive agitators posing as a grass roots movement which ultimately seeks to overthrow the results of recent elections and advance the cruel empire of freedom’s despisers.

Organizations such as 350.org, Indivisible, Cause, SLOSENSE, and SLO Progressives are recruiting swarms of followers to show up and disrupt conservative officials’ district town halls, office hours, and other events. It turns out that California State Assembly members are targets.

Last week, a reported 130 people showed up at a meet and greet held by recently elected State Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham. The dominant group was a local cell of Indivisible, a national front designed to intimidate conservative congressmen and apparently other officials.

Similarly, 350.Org attempted to outlaw the oil industry from Santa Barbara County by means of a huge organizing  effort combined with a ballot initiative two years ago. Indivisible, which was ostensibly founded by four former Congressional aides, operates a sophisticated national and obviously well-funded website offering tips to local leftists on how to organize people and groups, distribute propaganda, train leaders and followers, and carry out a wide range of other tactics.

It even has a comprehensive manual, “A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda,” which can be downloaded and distributed to adherents. The overall strategy in the guide is openly copied from the work of the Tea Party. The picture to the right is from an anti-Tea Party site designed to discredit the movement.

Why would the radical left, which supposedly supports openness and acceptance of all people, notwithstanding their appearance and beliefs, disparage the amiable looking grandmother in the picture?

Ok, she’s not a thin Hamptons or Hollywood chic tofu eating fashionista with an unlimited Nordies charge account.

Contradictorily, while the authors of the guide demonize the purpose of the Tea Party, they give it great credit for effectiveness. The guide states:

“The Tea Party started as an organic movement built on small local groups of dedicated conservatives. Yes, they received some support/coordination from above, but fundamentally all the hubbub was caused by a relatively small number of conservatives working together.”


“Groups were relatively few in number. The Tea Party was not hundreds of thousands of people spending every waking hour focused on advocacy. Rather, the efforts were somewhat modest. Only 1 in 5 self-identified Tea Partiers contributed money or attended events. On any given day in 2009 or 2010, only twenty local events — meetings, trainings, town halls, etc. — were scheduled nationwide. In short, a relatively small number of groups were having a big impact on the national debate.”

Sample tactics in the guide include the following:

“For the next two years, Donald Trump and congressional Republicans will control the federal government. But they will depend on just about every MoC (Member of Congress)  to actually get laws passed. And those MoCs care much more about getting reelected than they care about any specific issue. By adopting a defensive strategy that pressures MoCs, we can achieve the following goals:

“Stall the Trump agenda by forcing them to redirect energy away from their priorities. Congressional offices have limited time and limited people. A day that they spend worrying about you is a day that they’re not ending Medicare, privatizing public schools, or preparing a Muslim registry.

“Sap Representatives’ will to support or drive reactionary change. If you do this right, you will have an out sized impact. Every time your MoC signs on to a bill, takes a position, or makes a statement, a little part of his or her mind will be thinking: “How am I going to explain this to the angry constituents who keep showing up at my events and demanding answers?”

“Reaffirm the illegitimacy of the Trump agenda. The hard truth is that Trump, McConnell, and Ryan will have the votes to cause some damage. But by objecting as loudly and powerfully as possible, and by centering the voices of those who are most affected by their agenda, you can ensure that people understand exactly how bad these laws are from the very start—priming the ground for the 2018 midterms and their repeal when Democrats retake power.”

Significantly, the national Indivisible website also provides links to affiliated groups in local areas in a national on line directory. For SLO County and nearby areas, it lists the local groups below as supporters and resources:

·         TWW-MB Huddle (Indivisibles)

·         Lonely Liberals Indivisible of SLO County

·         Together We Will – Cambria

·         Democratic Club of Santa Maria Valley (CA)

·         SLO County Progressives

·         Together We Will SLO

·         Indivisible Lompoc

·         North SLO County Progressives

·         Atascadero Democratic Club

·         Rapid Response Team, SLO

·         Together We Will – 5 Cities

·         Lompoc Young Progressives AKA Dumbledore’s Army

·         Huddle Up-Morro Bay

·         IndivisibleSLO

·         reSISTERS

·         Peace Alliance Action Team of San Luis Obispo, CA

·         Indivisible Arroyo Grande

Does membership in the Lonely Liberals Indivisible of SLO County get you to the latest protest march and provide a date too? Farmers only better watch out.

The full Indivisible Website can be accessed here.

Obviously, Indivisible and its offshoots are not going to bother our two US Senators or Congressman Carbajal. In fact “The Salud” as he used to be known around the Santa Barbara County headquarters, is a loyal protégé of Santa Barbara County’s powerful and dominant south county Democratic  machine. Instead, they will be coming after Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham,  House Majority Leader  Kevin McCarthy,  conservative members of the Board of Supervisors, (and especially Lynn Compton, who is up for re-election in 2018), and anyone who has the effrontery to run against Bruce Gibson.

Of course and as promised, they will be attacking specific policies of the Trump administration as they are rolled out. Expect specific force plays such as the current run down on Supervisor Compton to support Carbajal’s meaningless and futile anti-off shore oil Bill.

All this in turn raises the question of growing and sustaining support for the officials we elected and the polices which we have entrusted to them. The fact we voted, donated, or campaigned does not mean that our work is over. As noted in this article, large militant groups have formed to challenge and distract our officials at every opportunity.

If all our friends and supporters could spend a few hours each month attending an event, speaking at a crucial hearing, sending a letter to the editor, or reinforcing one of our officials at a town hall, we could do much to counter the coming onslaught. Would we give up one night of TV, one round of golf, a day of vacation,  or one luncheon?

Instead, would we attend a session of the SLO County Board of Supervisors on a crucial vote? Would we attend Assemblyman Cunningham’s next meet and greet? Would we even march? Would we be flexible and drop what we are doing at a moment’s notice to do more important work?

The answer to these questions will have huge bearing on the future. Our awful sacred civic duty never ends.

On the other hand, they can’t hang you for trying…… yet.

Mike Brown is the Government Affairs Director of the Coalition of Labor Agriculture and Business (COLAB) of San Luis Obispo County. He had a 42-year career as a city manager and county executive officer in 4 states including California. He can be reached at mike@colabslo.org.


What a load of crap. Of course I couldn’t get through it all, I was too bored with your gibberish Mike.

Years ago I talked to some of your lovely tea bag fools; what a bunch of greedy and selfish self entitled bums. Older white immigrants or descendants of same whining about immigrants.

I will hand it to them, they were effective in knocking off some reasonable republicans and installed a bunch of rabid snakes in Congress, much like the lunatic in the white house and his gang of thieves. With his grammar school like approach (sorry for the insult, you grammar schoolers) to issues and challenges we see burnout coming soon. I just hope he will not destroy the nation and the world with his rantings and reckless behavior before we can get rid of him.

Resist!!!! All people of vision and concern for others must, and shall, resist.



Why is it the Republicans do not care about TRUMP’s integrity?

Ok, got it. Integrity doesn’t matter to them.


Mike Brown has some credibility when speaking about “undermining progress” and “deceptively cloaked” as this sums up his role in what started out as a group with a great purpose: COLAB. Unfortunately he has corrupted it to be nothing more than the equivalent of what he attacks above.


A couple of the comments here are right on. This guy makes no sense. I visualize him going to bed wearing a tin foil pyramid hat and space blanket pajamas. I have had personal conversations with one of the two founding guys as they tried to get some radio or television gig or another. I would sit there trying to figure out how to respond to the babble spewing before me. I came up short. Simply speechless.

Jon Tatro

When you lack the ability to write a concise message, you don’t understand your own message and neither do the readers.

Ben Daho

So, We’re a Well funded organization? have you ever thought of the fact that the Tea party talk about taxes like it’s the bane of humanity and rally around a man that speaks at a 6th grade lever, is a pathological liar and self professed sexual predator, Serial cheater, clueless on most subject AND BRAGS that he pays zero taxes and they applaud?

These mouth breathers would eat his fecal corn if they were drawn in a lottery. When deserter bush said “Either your with us, or your against us” he dictated a behavior pattern that was the whine du jour.

so, now we have the tea party that are literally clueless. they complained about Obama being a Muslim and they were strictly by the constitution yet, ignore the part that FORBIDS a religious test. Oh, and we have pictures of obama eating pork, smoking pot, travelling with his uncovered wife, his daughters baptized in a christian church and when that is pointed out, they say “Benghazi”

One of the guys that used to work with me said they actually had a power point presentation PROVING Michelle Obama was a man. THAT was a part of the Tea party presentation.

Trumps lie after lie after lie and the DNC screwing Bernie over and over and over was a powder keg,

I have never received a dime from so ‘Well funded” group. Just like Obama is coming for our guns, Fema camps, martial law, Jade helm, scare scare scare.

We do not need funding. We have FREE social media,.

We have had enough of the blatant corruption. Mayor Julie Annie said the 7 countries that are banned do not include Saudi Arabia “because they’re changing” not one conservative questions that. Not one.

We’re not well funded. we’ve heard that shit since the first person decided to speak out.

why are you complaining about Liberals? Tell us About iraq. I know, i know Hillary voted for the war. Yes, she gave the president AUTHORITY to behave in a rational manner when it came to defending America. You faux patriots forget to point ALL of the others, it was Hillary (whom I despise) was the SOLE vote for invading a harmless country. where is your outrage? invading iraq did NOT make us safer and 14 years of bombing has not made uis safer so what do the mouth breathing conservatives want to do? Oh, hey,lets drop bombs,. that ought to do something. Glass Parking lot, Stone age, Etc. then they have the gall to destroy their homes, schools, building, plumbing offices, farm supply, libraries, tire shops, car dealers, dentist offices, Walk in clinics, funeral homes, Bridal chapels and their grocery stores and even the paper companies that produce paper to wipe their asses with and then say “oh, sorry about our bombs we’ve dropped on you, you can’t seek refuge here, that statue of liberty only means white people’

it’s so sad to see a conservative discuss politics because I’m embarrassed for them. Clueless. Can’t name a single thing conservatives have done FOR America but they’re right there whining about the fact that a Dr. that sees around 4,000 patients a year but you have a “personal” relationship with him or her and now you have to do like you did when you met THIS one. sit there while they read the notes they’ve been handed. BUT wait, there’s more!

Obama signed a law that give 20 MILLION people the chance to even HAVE a doctor for the 1st time and now, the conservatives are going to take that away.

But, the “well funded” left has issues.

If you hate America, move to France.


Conservatives cry about taxes and the ACAt because all they care about is THEIR OWN MONEY!!!


“Wherever there is great property, there is great inequality… for one very rich man, there must be at least five hundred poor.” Adam Smith

Democrat elites could learn something from Imperialist philosophy.


There is such a deception going on with the Dems, Its very Sad!! I have friends who still believe that Trump is playing hand in hand with the Russians. And Trump HAD the Russians manipulate the election. FORGET the Truth that Obama himself said the Russians spread rumors and its the Media’s fault for vying in to the Hoopla…And Despite the Article in the NYT that Blamed the Russians hatred of Bill Clinton because of NATO, and when they say Hillary they just Had to do something!! At the time they had NO idea Trump would even be in there…they didnt care about Trump, because is was about Hillary NOT Trump.

And Why are they SO Scared? My female Friend…actually does very well, she earns about $125k a year…she believes that Trump is planning to take away jobs from woman, and diminish their earning power…Have it be just like it was in the 50’s???? Like What??? I guess they forget about Beautiful Ivanka…who is a successful Business woman. But Who is creating the lies? and Feeding the BS to the FEAR Mongers….

Ben Daho

Nothing but opinions and claims. Manafort, Flynn, Hicks, Page, Tillerson, Cohen, Sessions,



At least we would have some laughs!

” The Ambassador from Russia is a Russian, you know”


What is it about advocating for your particular cause that is so alarming to you?

Yes, the indivisible movement patterns itself after the “Tea Party”, but they appear to be doing it better this time around. Is that your problem?

You offer that they are well funded but provide no proof. Of course the Tea Party was purely grassroots too. Well maybe at first then came the Koch’s, so do a little bit more research.

I find people , like you Mike Brown who expose these types of sentiments, are dangerous to our democracy. To quote your feelings about those in political opposition to you….; ” It is instead an epochal struggle for the very survival of America and civilization.”.. People without the ability to reason may take those words as actionable.

That discourse serves no one. It is the reason people are calling in bomb threats to Jewish centers, shooting Indian engineers having dinner, and school kids being bullied for their heritage or gender identity.

Good on you for helping with the level of civil discourse in this county and driving it right down to our local community.

You do this while absolving your side of any culpability and assigning purity to your cause.

Do you know any liberals? I mean really, do you know even 1? You know imaginary straw man liberals you keep you up at night, but flesh and bone I think not. If you did you would not try to convince the citizenry that we are the enemy from within–because you would know better. Sentiments like this–that your political opponents present a democracy ending epochal struggle , is the real enemy of democracy. Not someone who cares if their water is pollution free.

Simply put; you are pathetic.

btw–this liberal owns his own home-been in a 30 + year relationship, appreciates his heritage all while making accommodations for others. You should try the same.


Pathetic and dangerous. Mr. Brown resembles the president. Well said, Mr. Yan.


Would it really make a difference? $13.7 million for a animal shelter that will house 4500 animals a year or approximately 13 a day compared to $4.2 million for a Homeless Shelter that will house and feed 200 humans a night.? Where is the responsibility?


Math is off where due you get 13/day. Humans can change their plight animals are stuck with humans to help them.


4500 divided by 365 days = 12.328.

I have never said that a new shelter wasn’t needed. I’m just saying that the cost is way out of line compared to the cost of the new Homeless Center. How about swapping the numbers and we all could call it even?


You are dividing 4,500 animals by 365 days? So… that is 12.328 animals per day? I think that’s where you got your math wrong (not the calculation, but the formula). Here is some help (using only your provided numbers):

$13,700,000 ÷ 4,500 animals = $3,044.44 per animal per year ÷ 365 days/year = $8.34 per animal per day. But all of this assumes that $13.7 million will be spent EVERY YEAR.

The cost of construction will amortize over the life of the facilities. Yes, there will be costs (staff, utilities, etc) but w/o knowing those, nor the expected life of the facility, can anyone anywhere make an accurate estimate of the daily cost.

All in all, it is VERY SAFE to assume that it will COST NOWHERE NEAR $8.34 per animal per day… then again, if it’s staffed with unionized public employees, it might.


Furthermore, most facilities have AT LEAST a 20-year projected life (often quite a bit more, in reality), but let’s use a 20-year lifespan of the facilities, the number then becomes:

Animal Shelter:

$13.7mil ÷ 20 years = $685,000 / year

685,000 ÷ 365 days = $1,876.71 / day

1876.71 ÷ 4500 animals = $0.417 per day per animal. Less than 42¢ a day for each animal. Adding in continuing costs (labor, utilities, etc) would add to that, of course.

Homeless Shelter:

$4.2mil ÷ 20 years = $210,000 / year

210,000 ÷ 365 = $575.34 / day

575.34 ÷ 200 homeless = $2.8867 per day per homeless, let’s call it $2.89. Like the animal shelter above, continuing costs (labor, utilities, etc) would add to this, and the costs are significantly higher (food, maintenance, insurance, wages) than an animal shelter. Not sure you want to hear that, but it is always the case.

However, you should appeal to folks’ Christian nature, in which a human life is worth more than an animal (or tree or rock), even though some “progressive” thinkers have anthropomorphized such non-human things into a measure of equality (or more) of recent years. Who knows.

A better lesson would be what are we each doing, as individuals, to help either animals or humans in need? Paying taxes and hoping someone somewhere else does the actual work is not actually caring. Writing a check is about as minimal as one can get with “philanthropy” really.