CHP catches one speeding motorcyclist, other gets away

March 24, 2017

California Highway Patrol officers caught one of two motorcyclists who were fleeing Thursday in South County at speeds of nearly 130 mph. [Tribune]

Around 4:30 p.m., Grover Beach resident Robert Scott Waltos, 21, and Kayne Gloner were traveling at speeds above 90 mph on Highway 101 near El Campo Road in Arroyo Grande, according to the CHP. Officers tried to stop them, but both motorcyclists fled, reaching speeds of nearly 130 mph on the highway and then exiting toward Los Berros Road.

Waltos missed a turn driving on Los Berros Road and skidded to a stop at Pomeroy Road, enabling officers to apprehend him. A CHP officer and CHP helicopter pursued Gloner but lost track of him and failed to relocate him.

Gloner was riding a maroon Yamaha R6 and wearing a white helmet. Waltos told officers Gloner and he were going to Boomers! in Santa Maria to attend a meeting.

Officers charged Waltos with felony evading an officer and violating probation and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail. Waltos remains in custody with his bail set at $25,000.

Authorities are also seeking Gloner on charges of felony evasion and violating probation. Investigators are requesting that anyone with information about Gloner’s whereabouts contact the CHP.

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Now if we could just keep SLO Deputy Jim Fellows from driving his mustang, drunk, at over 100mph, while carrying his gun, and having a passenger, but no Sheriff Parkinson says no big deal, no reason to risk his employment, pension and “good” name. So no surprise when non-LEO’s do it they are just following the example given by SLO Sheriff Deputies.

Hey, those are nice motorcycles.

Now give them to the state cuz the gubamint don’t appreciate yo attitudes.

If a governor can be put on a bike, it can also be taken off. And SLO_Johnny, the guy was just on probation it says. He’s even dumber because he probably would have just got a ticket.

Can someone explain to me why a street legal motorcycle needs travel at speeds over 100 MPH? Put a 75 MPH governor on the noisy damn things.

If I had a 75 mph governor on my car Id get run off the freeway by the knuckle heads on the 101 every day.

For track days.

I wish that the court would take away their motorcycles.

What kind of idiot runs at 130 mph when he has warrants out for his arrest? This kind of idiot.

Nice work by the CHP; one dangerous fool apprehended and no one injured.