Sanitation district board fails to protect rate payers

March 24, 2017

Ron Arnoldsen


There is a lot of crap going on at the South County Sanitation District. The Sanitation District’s Superintendent and the sanitation district’s bookkeeper have been placed on paid leave for unspecified reasons. There is a bogus ongoing investigation pertaining to one of the directors.

In addition, there are three other investigations at the sanitation district in progress at this time and the rank and file have unionized for protection.

What are these investigations costing the rate payers? Answer: over $50,000 this fiscal year. The legal counsel representing the sanitation district bills the district $10,000 a month. It seems that the majority of the board of directors are up to the same old crap.

The Superintendent John Clemons was a key player in turning the sanitation plant around following the previous administration’s failures in practice management.

Clemons initiated critical projects to correct vital deficiencies. Mr. Clemons stepped up to the position of acting district administrator and performed an outstanding job while in that role. Mr. Clemons and the bookkeeper were instrumental in providing support and resources to Carl Knudsen during the review of the past management practices.

Even though the plant is currently running efficiently and cost effectively under the guidance of Clemons, the current full time administrator has let administrative costs and legal fees get out of control leading to higher fees for the ratepayer.

The sanitation district’s board meeting was cancelled for Wednesday March 15th without an explanation at a time there is a huge work product to consider by the board:

-2015-16 audit
-2016-17 budget
-four ongoing investigations
-Annual reviews of the district administrator due in April
-Superintendent on paid leave and the plant has no chief plant operator
-Bookkeeper on paid leave
-Continuing union negotiations
-Personnel policy manual update due in April
-Unresolved grievances against the district administrator
-Contract with human resources firm
-Budget adjustments for investigations
-Plant operations

It appears the board meeting was cancelled in an effort to avoid scrutiny from the public following the superintendent and bookkeeper being placed on paid leave.

The majority of the sanitation district board and the recently hired full time district administrator are providing the rate payers with the same old crap. Yes, this full time ($200,000 a year) administrator has destroyed employee relations and increased legal and administrative costs.

In addition, the Sanitation District just increase rates to the ratepayer by 20 percent which is going to be followed in July by another rate increase. Does any body give a crap? If so, attend the sanitation district board meetings, 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. See your board in action.

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I find it HYSTERICAL that when the CVCSD (Cal Valley) did the same crap under the advice of Shipsey & Seitz, 99% of the comments were “you deserve what you get” for #1) living there and #2) voting for. I tried to alert the county and our civic leaders, only to be smirked at & given a huge dose of “smug” at the BOS meeting, especially by Hill, Gibson, and my own representative, Jim Patterson. Our board stole money, misappropriated funds, lied, snd then hid. Simply hid in their houses and didn’t answer any questions. No penalty-no punishment. It was also when I found out the “Grand Jury” is a farce, and all of our leaders in SLO Co.are 100% cheats or liars.

So you know what? You all deserve exactly what you got.

That’s what you all told me.

It’s the same old ‘cabal’ up to its usual antics!!! Mayor Jim Hill is the scapegoat in all of this. The ‘cabal’ is trying to get the rate payers attention away from the its shenanigans! Same old, same old corruption…or should I say “same old crap!”

Wednesday April 5th 6:00 p.m. Grover Beach City Hall 154 S. 8th Street, Grover Beach. The agenda should be available online at no later than Sunday April 2nd at 6:00 p.m.

In the town where I was born

Lived a sanitation board who failed to see

And they told us a bunch of lies

In the land of crap and flies

As Wallace went with the setting sun

Till they found a sea of green

And they lived beneath the waves

In their sewer submarine

We all live in a sewer submarine

Sewer submarine, sewer submarine

They all live in a sewer submarine

Sewer submarine, sewer submarine

And their friends are all aboard

Many more of them live next door

And the band begins to play

We all live in a sewer submarine

Sewer submarine, sewer submarine

They all live in a sewer submarine

Sewer submarine, sewer submarine

(Full speed ahead Lucy, full speed ahead

Full speed ahead it is, “kemosabe”.

Cut the cable, drop the cable

Aye, Sir, aye

Captain, captain)…

Where and when for that meeting?