Santa Maria man accused of attempted murder

March 26, 2017

Christopher Cota

Santa Maria police arrested a man Saturday for allegedly trying to murder a police officer.

Shortly after 2 p.m., police responded to reports of a man under the influence of narcotics near the 1000 block of East Main Street. Police were unable to find the suspect, Christopher Cota, 30, at the scene but discovered he had an active warrant for his arrest.

A short time later, officers tracked Cota down in the area of Fesler Street and Bradley Road. Cota then became combative.

“Upon contact, the suspect became combative and tried to arm himself by attempting to pull the officer’s firearm from his holster,” according to a press release. “The suspect was also punching and kicking the officer during this time.

“The officer managed to keep his firearm holstered and a struggle ensued, during which time the suspect continued to attempt to arm himself with the officer’s firearm. Backup units arrived and the male was arrested.”

Cota and several of the officers were treated for minor injuries at Marian Regional Medical Center in Santa Maria.

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the “officials” who stated to news are actually crooked lying cowards. afraid to tell the truth to the public which is exactly the opposite of what they are claiming happened. the officer who made initial contact didnt tell me i was under arrest and actually is the primary, sole, and initial assailant during the “altercation”. And i have the video to prove it soon to be released to the public right after i figure out how to un-modify the file so sound is included(officer zachary robbins) a scandalous dirtbag, claims to have “forgotten” to activate the audio on the vehicle surveillance system. in order to help protect him from civil suit. the police department”s tech nerd seems to have altered the ini file so the video’s sound is excluded from file playback. he (officer robbins)grabbed me by the jacket and wrist and threw me on the ground then proceeded to repeatedly pummel my face with his fists, knee me multiple times in the ribs and torso, and slam my head into the ground with his hands and weight. that is the point at which my hand( as robbins was pinning me in straddle position to the ground his firearm was close to my hand which was merely protecting my face from his blows.) i grabbed at it not even being able to see what i was grabbing due to his repeated attack. it was definitly not my intent to kill him and i was surely that this violent attack by robbins was ultimatelyintended to knock me unconscsience or even kill ME

Attempted Murder? I don’t know but I don’t think so…

Unless he actually told the LEO he was going to kill him while trying to grab his firearm I think the prosecution will have hard time proving this one out. As usual though, overcharge first and then work your way down (especially where there is a LEO as the vicitim). I’ll wager that this will eventually be “dealt down” to an assault on a police officer and nothing more..

A person can be guilty of an attempt when he does any act which constitutes a substantial step toward commission of the specific offense. Words don’t matter. Actions prove intent in court.

What other reason would someone attempt to forcibly get a police officers gun during a scuffle, then to kill him with it.

It ain’t a water pistol.

Or to just disable him to get away? Or just to throw away so the LEO wouldn’t use it on him? Or about a thousand other reason I could come up with to cause doubt on intent. As I said “I don’t “THINK” so” which is as subjective as your “What other reason would someone attempt to forcibly get a police officers gun during a scuffle, then to kill him with it.” is…

I “THINK” a competent attorney would either deal this down, or, at trial argue “intent” and or the lack their off.

One other thing; words do very much matter in court.

Maybe someone would try to forcibly take a cops gun because they were going target shootings that weekend, or maybe they want to clean the gun and give it back at a later date, or they want to go home and play cops and robbers with their kids.

I am starting to see the ligHt.

Do you mean the dim one in your attic space?

The “light” is called “intent” in this case and proving you mean to kill someone by just taking his or her gun is a difficult argument to win.

It will be dealt down to something less than attempted murder and I’ll bet you $0.25 on it! Do I got a bet?

I understand intent. I have a law degree.

Save the quarter. I only bet on what I can control. That way I am sure to win.

Pretty boring to only bet on what you’re sure to win, if that’s even betting!

You have a degree in law and you can’t see the obvious problems with intent here? Wow! Please don’t tell us you’re a criminal defense attorney…

Wait a minute! A lawyer with the moniker “copperhead”? How prophetic…


Thank you

Or just to throw away so the LEO wouldn’t use it on him? EXACTLY ACTUALLY WHAT ENDED UP BING MY intent after accidentally grabbing and realizing thats what was in my hand; officer was beating the shit ouuta me without provocation

Ah…. another of the Central Coast’s finest! I’m sure he has someone to blame for his situation. It can’t possibly be his fault.