SLO police searching for suspects with counterfeit $100 bills

March 9, 2017

San Luis Obispo police are searching for a man and a woman who tried to spend counterfeit $100 bills at two separate downtown stores around the same time Thursday morning. Both suspects were caught on surveillance footage.

At about 10:28 a.m., a white female in her late 20s or early 30s tried to use a counterfeit $100 bill at the CVS store located at 717 Marsh Street, according to SLOPD. Police describe the woman as 5 feet 6 inches tall, heavyset and blonde.

She was wearing a black-long sleeve Victoria Secret sweatshirt with “Pink” on the front, as well as black shorts and white shoes. The woman was carrying an oversized brown bag.

At approximately 10:38 a.m., a Hispanic man in his 20s attempted to spend a counterfeit $100 bill at the nearby The Mountain Air store at 667 Marsh Street. Police say the male suspect is 5 feet 7 inches tall with long black hair that was pulled up into a pony tail. He was wearing a black baseball type hat and a grey hooded sweatshirt under a black jacket.

Investigators believe both incidents are related, and they are actively looking for leads.

Late last month, a different man used counterfeit money to make purchases in San Luis Obispo and Atascadero. Police are still searching for him, as well.

Detectives request that anyone who can identify the suspects call the police department at 781-7312 or Crime Stoppers at 549-STOP.

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These slime balls tried passing their phony ass 100 at my business yesterday, which we didn’t take. Yes we called SLOPD and showed them our video. Nothing ever happens to counterfeiters. We’ve called the PD while they were still in our business and had them stopped just outside our door, but they just say they didn’t know they were fakes and they walk. The brother of a SLO Sheriff hit me twice a few years ago and they didn’t do squat.

Uh, oh CCN- you’re gonna get in trouble for referring to this unfortunate young lady as being “heavyset”! After all, it’s not her fault that she’s not all slim and trim like Beyonce or Taylor Swift!

I can just see it now- we’re gonna have to have “A Day Without a Heavyset Woman” event in SLO to rectify this onerous and offensive societal behavior.

I like to think that these creeps are made aware of articles like this and keep tabs on the comments to see if the jig is up. That’s why I’m glad the article mentions she is unfortunate looking. There’s not enough shame in world steered at these people… which is part of the problem. Yes, she is unattractive and looks like a mess. They guy looks like a cheesy hood with his goofy faux leather jacket and dopey hat. His looks to be a frail little man swimming in his “gangsta” wear. I wonder if their a couple? Jack Sprat?