Family disputes sheriff’s account of fatal deputy-involved shooting

April 29, 2017

Josh Gallardo


The family of a Paso Robles man who was shot and killed in January by San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies is disputing the department’s account of the fatal shooting.

Shortly after midnight on Jan. 24, two deputies pulled over Josh Gallardo, 34, on Highway 101 in Atascadero. Shortly after approaching the vehicle, the deputies fired into the car killing Gallardo.

Within hours of the shooting, Tony Cipolla, the sheriff’s department’s public information officer, said deputies had stopped Gallardo after one of the officers recognizing Gallardo’s vehicle from a domestic violence call from seven months earlier.

“As the deputies were on patrol this morning, they recognized the vehicle, pulled alongside it as it was traveling southbound on Highway 101 , identified the driver as Gallardo and knew he was wanted on domestic violence charges,” Cipolla wrote in his press release.

But on the night he was killed, Gallardo’s truck was in the shop. He was driving a rental car, according to Gallardo’s wife, Francis Gallardo, and Lee Cunningham, assistant district attorney.

The Department’s statement about the shooting says that deputies Greg Roach and Jonathan Calvert approached the car. They said Gallardo drew a gun and that is when they opened fire.

Mrs. Gallardo said she could not imagine her husband with a gun in his hand.

“I cannot see Josh ever pulling a gun on a cop,” she said. “Josh was a good, kind-hearted person. He has never had a ticket in his life.”

Following the shooting, Roach and Calvert retreated and called for backup. Multiple units arrived, and deputies determined Josh Gallardo was dead. Deputies then retrieved a gun from the rental car, the sheriff’s account says.

Also of concern to Josh Gallardo’s family, is the department dubbing him as a transient and a violent person. Josh Gallardo was a lifelong Paso Robles resident who was working at Kellogg’s at the time of his death. Before that, Gallardo had worked 14 year at Food 4 Less in Paso Robles. He was a manager when he left Food 4 Less and went to Kellogg’s, his wife said.

He was a good employee, said an employee who worked with him at Food 4 Less.

Gallardo and his wife were together for 16 years. They have two sons, a 4-year-old and an 11-year-old.

But last summer, Francis Gallardo told Josh Gallardo she wanted a divorce. Josh Gallardo then held a knife to his own throat and threatened to kill himself, Francis Gallardo said.

Francis Gallardo tried to take the knife from her husband, who pushed her away. Francis Gallardo then called 911 and her husband was arrested on charges of domestic violence, she said.

“He was never violent to me, he just pushed me away,” Francis Gallardo said.

After Josh Gallardo violated a restraining order, a warrant for his arrest was filed, Francis Gallardo said. Josh Gallardo then moved into his mother’s home, though he would at times stay in a hotel.

“They are painting him as a homeless guy,” Francis Gallardo said. “He was definitely not homeless.”

Following the shooting, the sheriff’s department initiated an administrative review of the incident and placed Roach and Calvert on paid administrative leave. The department finished its investigation a few weeks ago and sent its finding to the district attorney’s office.

“We do a review of the evidence and try to make a determination of either justifiable homicide or criminal homicide,” said Lee Cunningham, assistant district attorney.

Because of concerns regarding the shooting, Cunningham said the district attorney’s office plans to make at least a portion of its report and findings public, which is expected to take several more weeks.


Release the dash cam!!!

Until proven otherwise, they murdered this guy.



Guilty until proven innocent eh? Let’s apply that standard across the board and see how you like it.



Your last statement alleging some possible conspiracy by government against this poor man makes me think your cheese has slipped completely off your cracker… please get professional help soon.


I’m not suggesting a “government” conspiracy, I’m suggesting a conspiracy by crooked cops or at the very least cops protecting their own. If that is unfathomable to you then you are completely naive, or you’re a cop.


US service members in war zones are held to a higher standard than the police it seems.


Bullies with badges…and guns…and a license to kill anyone they don’t like. All you have to do is look up the history of the San Luis Obispo City/County police corruption.

Steve Gesell: fired for corruption

Daniel McDow: arrested for drugs and fired

Armando Limon: arrested for drugs and fired

Travis Morris: arrested for DUI and fired

Jim Fellows: DUI while driving at 102mph

Corey Pierce: arrested and fired; sentenced to prison

for Extortion

And that’s just the short list. The CHP and the

Sheriffs Department record is just as bad.

This is a beautiful place and with many wonderful and kind citizens. But when will people wake up and demand decent legal behavior from law enforcement?


You and me can’t recognize someone at night through a car window on the freeway. But cops can.

You and me can’t drive and text….but cops can.

You and me can’t carry a gun….

You and me can’t shoot someone because we are afraid…..

You and me can’t get paid for breaking multiple laws…..

Cops have skills, rights, powers and authority that we serfs do not have. How dare you question or doubt the official story.


Skepticism is healthy – but pretending to know what happened when we DON’T (which many are doing here on both sides) doesn’t help anyone.


The Department’s statement about the shooting says that deputies Greg Roach and Jonathan Calvert approached the car. They said Gallardo drew a gun and that is when they opened fire.


Try and focus.

Whether true or false, the rest is just irrelevant.


The wife said he was never violent to her. Karen please clarify who the courts issued the restraining order to protect. What happened to make that person call the police and report the violation of the order.

I don’t know what happened on the highway that night and neither does any one else here, but let’s not start the narrative with ” He was a Saint”. He sounds like a troubled young man who might have needed mental health counseling (who normally puts a knife to their throat) and he ran afoul of the law when he flipped out after the wife dumped him.

The wife said she couldn’t imagine her husband ever pulling a gun on a cop. I bet there was a time when she could have said “I cannot imagine Josh would ever hurt me or put a knife to his own throat and threaten to kill himself”.

People change sometimes for unknown reasons and can act violently towards the people they are closest to. These problems can get increasingly worse when inadequate mental health and counseling services exist in a community.

The shooting of this young man should have been captured by audio and video from the sheriff car.

As far as the deputies seeing him at night in a car, anybody ever had a police car pull beside them on the highway or four lane road and have the cop turn on the spot light or their side light on the light bar? That’s how they see who’s in the car; create daylight between the cars to light up the passenger compartment.

After the bars close at 2am the cops around he don’t have much to do except drive around looking for drunk drivers and this is a common trick they use when road traffic is light.

I am sorry for this family’s terrible loss. I hope the D.A.s investigation can help them at least know what happened out on the highway that night and why it happened.


I think it’s pretty obvious that people get restraining orders for more than just physical protection. If he’s the type to hold a knife to his own neck, he was likely neurotic as all hell and did nothing but beg and plead and continue to cause problems.. so for her own sanity, she probably need to create a temporary barrier. Of course I am speculating, but then isn’t that exactly what the police were trying to get people to do when they mentioned the domestic violence charge without sharing any additional details. Well, details matter..

And no, I have never had a cop pull beside me on the highway and have them turn the spot light on me, and neither have you. If one did that, I would likely file an attempted murder complaint. How asinine to suggest a cop would shine their light into a moving vehicle and potentially cause an accident.. that light is blinding.

Personally, I already have a pretty good idea of what happened, because I’ve actually been paying attention to Parkinson and his dirty little corrupt crew for a while. Most likely, they just perceived him as a dirt bag and judged everything through those lenses, causing them to overreact. But it’s equally possible that someone wanted him dead for some reason or another. Perhaps he got too big for his britches and threatened to out a senior law enforcement official for things he witnessed.

Rich in MB

Body Cam?


I knew their story didn’t pass the smell test.. especially the part about recognizing a driver through a window at night with their car lights on… which is quite obviously not possible.