Orcas on killing spree in Monterey Bay, video

April 30, 2017

For more than a week, a pod of nine killer whales has been on a hunting spree in Monterey Bay. In the past 10 days, the orcas have killed four gray whale calves. [KSBW]

While killer whales are known to work together to separate gray whale calves from their mother and drown the calves, the number of kills is highly unusual.

The gray whales are currently migrating from Mexico to Alaska. The orcas are known to attack in in the Monterey Bay area where the geography forces the grey whales into deeper water.

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I feel like Orcas deserve the name “Sea Lion” way more than actual sealions. We can call the old ones Sea Coyotes.

Save the Whales!

Gray whales matter!

It’s the circle of life. I saw a video of orcas chasing seals and sea otters. The seal was trying desperately to jump in to the camera crew’s boat for sanctuary, but couldn’t make it. I would not make a good documentarian because I would be trying to help the animals on the boats.

Wow if you were born a member of a species that lives in the ocean that is the one you want to be right there.

Killing spree? Murderous orca? hate crime? They swim and eat. That’s what they do..

Ocean Thugs

when is all of this whale-on-whale crime going to end?

Yes these swim by’s must stop….