Pozo Saloon cancels music festival amid dispute with Alabama

April 26, 2017

The Pozo Saloon announced the eighth annual Pozo Stampede, a two-day country music festival, has been canceled. Following the announcement, the band Alabama, which was supposed to be the headline act, issued a tweet stating it will not appear at the event because the promoter did not pay required contractual deposits.

“Alabama is extremely disappointed that they cannot play for their fans at The Pozo Stampede,” a series of tweets states. “They had been looking forward to the show.”

In a Facebook post, the Pozo Saloon said the concert was canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. The venue owners did not elaborate.

Prior to calling off the Pozo Stampede, the San Luis Obispo County venue announced the cancelation of the Higher Grounds rap concert, which had been scheduled to take place last weekend. The event was supposed to be headlined by Lil Wayne.

On Tuesday, Michele Triplet, the sister of Pozo Saloon owner Rhonda Beanway, stated on Facebook that both Beanway and her husband have been battling life-threatening illnesses for the past two years. Likewise Levi Beanway, who handles promotions for the venue, is the primary caretaker, Triplet wrote.

Over each of the past two years, fatal car crashes occurred as concert attendees were heading home following the Pozo Stampede. On April 25, 2015, Donna Dean Magee, 56, of Templeton lost control of her Toyota Tacoma, drove off the road and landed 25 feet below in a dry creek bed.

On April 30, 2016,Jessica Lea Allred, 23, of San Luis Obispo allegedly caused a fatal collision while driving intoxicated. Allred allegedly crossed a double yellow line and crashed head-on into Denise Lyn Fox, 56, of Santa Margarita who was pronounced dead at the scene.

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I heard both shows were canceled because ticket sales were not enough for Beanway, not sure why he just doesn’t say that instead of “unforeseen circumstances”.

OR maybe they should have a benefit concert for the 2 people killed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! W/ no alcohol or drugs being served !!!!!!!!!!!!! OR all concert goers required to camp overnight !!!!!!!!!!

Could it have been delayed in order to establish a legal MJ distribution stand that would have made thousands for them. There may be hope for the future.

Maybe there should be a benefit concert for the recovering Beanway mom and dad? They have been through allot of $ medical challenges $ while promoting this local flavor that Pozo offers in SLO County.

Randy Houser is apparently doing a free show out there on the 29th. http://www.randyhouser.com/tour.html