42 snakes seized from Arroyo Grande storage unit

May 25, 2017

San Luis Obispo County Animal Services found 42 ball pythons at a self-storage facility in Arroyo Grande Thursday evening. The officers were responding to a report of abandoned animals.

Officers found the snakes in plastic storage containers stacked in the unit. Less than half the snakes were alive, 22 snakes were dead.

Animal services personal transported living pythons to animal services for evaluation. An investigation into the issue is ongoing.

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Snake traffickers? I don’t get it. Why would anyone have this quantity of snakes? They are not illegal to purchase at pet stores etc…

Was he planning a real life snakes on a plane coo, and then realized that constrictors aren’t poisonous? I am dying to hear this explanation some day.

Good thing storage wars dissent film in AG.

Isn’t it just a matter of locating the person who rented the storage Unit? You have to show ID to rent one. If the police wanted to locate the person, why aren’t they releasing the name of the person? The public could help because usually people raising/selling pythons are known by their neighbors.

Sad. Someone is on the bad Karma side of the reptile kingdom.

Holy Schmoly! That’s a lot of pythons! Get the living ones some rabbits or small critters, *stat*!

I would like to know who rented the unit, and who the heck didn’t smell 22 dead snakes; for that matter, who couldn’t smell 42 living snakes? They aren’t exactly easy to miss with the nose…