Cal Poly receives $110 million gift from alumnus

May 4, 2017

Linda and Bill Frost (center)

A Cal Poly alumnus and his wife have pledged to donate $110 million to the university to bolster math and science programs. The gift is the largest donation in the history of the California State University system.

Bill and Linda Frost’s gift will enhance the resources for undergraduate research in science and math. The donation will allow for the creation of an interdisciplinary research center that will contain 18,000 square feet of science and math facilities, according to Cal Poly.

Likewise, the donation will fund $3.6 million in annual support for student scholarships and research stipends, as well as cutting-edge equipment and instruments. The money will also go toward increased hiring of instructors and giving faculty members more time to mentor undergraduate students in research.

“Is this a gift or is this an investment?” Bill Frost said at a ceremony held Wednesday at Cal Poly. “I think of it more of as an investment. I’m making an investment in this university. I’m making an investment in your students. And I’m making an investment in the faculty.”

Frost said the return he expects to receive on the investment is “an educational outcome that is excellent.”

A biochemistry graduate, Frost founded the chemical manufacturing firm Chemlogics and sold it to a Belgian company in 2013 for $1.3 billion. The Frosts have lived on the Central Coast for years.

Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong issued a statement saying the Frosts’ gift will impact the lives of countless students now and in the future.

“The Frosts envision Cal Poly’s College of Science and Mathematics housing one of the top undergraduate academic and research programs in the country. Their willingness to think big is an inspiration to all of us and a model for how Cal Poly will continue to provide the creative thinkers and problem-solvers for today’s complex global workforce.”

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This is a generous and well meaning donation from an individual although I believe that the city residences of SLO have donated far more over the recent years. Remember the controversy over the 1500 new dwelling near Grand Ave.? This was discussed over and over again referencing residential impacts like circulation and adjustments to the neighborhood, I do not remember hearing anything about the impacts to SLO sewage treatment costs. Recent news says that every city dweller is going to pay more for sewage issues and have been for many years, a nonstop mega dollar gift to Cal Poly. I’m sure there is a note pad that differs but today fake news is no longer a conspiracy.

Boy I can just see Armstrong rubbing his hands together with this endowment wondering how much he will be able to divert to his pocket and his other cronies. I hope that the Frost’s put some safeguards into their significant contribution to education that protects it from the misdeeds of government from wherever they may hide or divert it.

They should stipulate that ALL communist-globalist staff at Cal Poly must be fired.

CalPoly…a suitable school for the kids in California unqualified to attend a UC.


…..a suitable name for a a guy offers nothing but baseless potshots for no good reason.

I’ll take the hundred million donation from a gentleman who was unqualified to attend a UC back in the 1970’s and came to Cal Poly instead. Do you think Bill would have done more with his life if he attended a UC?

I wonder if the guy who founded SpaceEx would have done better for himself as well by attending a UC instead of Poly?

Call me crazy but I bet you are a transplant. Most real locales would not insult their neighbors, who have attended or have children attending Cal Poly by choice.

Personally, I am grateful people like Bill Frost who live around here and give back to the community.

What have you done to set your self apart since arriving here besides being the king of snark?

I agree with MrYan.

Winedude, perhaps you’d like to clarify your clintonesque insult?

My daughter will be attending a UC in the fall, however, she was not accepted to Calpoly.

Yippeee, raises for Armstrong and all administration staff.