California may allow registered communists to work in government

May 10, 2017

The California Legislature is considering eliminating a provision of state law that allows government agencies to fire public employees for being members of the Communist Party or advocating on its behalf. A bill proposing the change passed the Assembly on Monday.

AB 22, introduced by Assemblyman Rob Bonta (D-Alameda), would amend a Red Scare-era law that aimed to prevent the overthrow of the state or federal government by communists or other subversive groups. The existing law also allows local agencies, the state Legislature and the United States Congress to subpoena public employees to answer questions under oath about their ties to the Communist Party.

Bonta’s proposed amendments to the law would eliminate provisions mentioning communism, the communist movement and the Communist Party. Advocating the violent overthrow of the state or federal government would still be a fireable offense for public employees in California.

“AB 22 is a cleanup bill that removes archaic and outdated references to the Communist Party in our state law,” Bonta said on the Assembly floor. The Democratic assemblyman added that the existing legislation should be “updated so the law focuses on the actions of individuals and evidence of their conduct.”

Assemblyman Traveis Allen (R-Huntington Beach) responded by saying the bill is offensive to all Californians and that communism killed more than 90 million people in the 20th Century alone.

“Communism stands for everything the United States stands against,” Allen said. “To allow subversives and avowed communists to now work for the state of California is a direct insult to the people of California that pay for that government.”

Provisions in the existing state law warn of the possibility of communists entering government in California and advancing the policies and objectives of international communism.

“There is a clear and present danger, which the Legislature of the State of California finds is great and imminent, that in order to advance the program, policies and objectives of the world communism movement, communist organizations in the state of California and their members will engage in concerted effort to hamper, restrict, interfere with, impede, or nullify the efforts of the state and the public agencies of the state to comply with and enforce the laws of the state of California and their members will infiltrate and seek employment by the state and its public agencies,” the existing law states.

On Monday, the Assembly voted 41-30 in favor of AB 22. The bill now advances to the state Senate.


Unreal. Communism is a failed and evil ideology and yet each generation forgets the lessons of history. Let’s make everyone equally miserable comrade! Ish. California is so screwed up and it’s the fault of the regressive left.


We just elected one president.


California may allow registered communists to work in government to go along with all of the unregistered communist already working for the once great golden state.


The coommunists are coming! The communists…!


And California Politicians, our Washington senators and Congresspersons (Pelousy, Waters, etc.) worry about President Trump and the Russians while California invite communists into our corrupt State operational decisions. These hypocrites get crazier by the day!


Can fascist work for government? I’ve worked with the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board staff and . . . . .


I remember a time when Americans would say….I would rather be dead than be Red.

So much for nationalism, patriotism, and capitalism…it has given was to Californuism.


A good example is to look at trump’s support of the putin and russia.


Do you see any problem with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer ragging on Trump for possible Putin and Russia connections (even Comey said he found no connection) and California votes to allow card carrying Communists in the state government?

Black Copter Pilot

What support?


But there was also a time in this country when the communist party was just another political party among the republicans, democrats, whiggs, torries, etc. Nationalism and Patriotism are standard tools for any totalitarian state (capitalist or communist) and they are used to suppress the voices of dissenters.


Just sit in on a few of your children’s classes and you will quickly see why your kids don’t fear communism and in fact may approve of it. Public school curriculum has changed, and not for the better. Teach your children well, teach them at home.


Big deal. Communists have been running California since 1975.

Rich in MB

Communist….Democrat….hell what’s the Difference these days!


Funny I was thinking along the same lines….

Facist’s…..Republican.’s….what’s the difference these days!!

They both;

Undermine the free american press–and embracing the likes of RT-(truly fake news)–Check

Undermine our independent institution’s by calling judge’s “so-called” and advocating breaking up circuit courts because they don’t like the rulings. –Check

Fire those who do not show loyalty to President or Party–not the constitution. – Check

Boldly lie to the American people–big and small. to obscure the truth. – Check.

Directly interfering with Congressional and FBI investigation’s–Check

The sad part is that the other side is willing to exchange these pillars for merely a TAX BREAK.

Profiles in courage by the current batch of Republican’s–not so much.


MrYan. You’re one troubled dude!


And of course you don’t refute any of his points. Because you can’t.


Well I will,

There is a reason why the democrat party is smaller than it has been in decades. The shenanigans coming from them lately is over the top. People are smarter than given credit and we have seen the democrats in action for a very long time.

They do not believe in the constitution, they don’t believe in the sovereignty of the United States. If you openly disagree with them they will have you tossed in jail if they can, sick the IRS on you, or they will ruin your life and get you fired from your job.

They have become ruthless in the extreme. They are losing and will continue to lose because they represent a very small segment of the nation namely news media and TV celebrities along with undocumented people and public service employees.

Not a winning strategy if you ask me. It can hardly be called a national party.

So before you tear into the republicans take a good look at the party you support.


You don’t understand what refute means, do you?

You replied with unrelated “facts”. Which would mean your making a separate argument from my point, but not refuting it by any stretch.

I show you how refuting is done….

..All parties are smaller now, not just the Democratic party, so your point is invalid. But it is still larger than the republican party, isn’t it?

…Stating the one does not believe in the constitution doesn’t make it so.

Your statement carries the value of a popcorn fart in an argument. From a distance it smells like it should be a good but upon closer inspection…..hey that’s a fart. Same thing here.

You should understand; A claim is not an argument. But again, maybe you don’t.

I laid out real instances to make my case. Refute the validity of what I claimed, if you can.

To date you have not.

Please try again.


Reading comprehension is just so darn important. “I will (refute the above points”) and then a long diatribe about the Democratic party (a party you assume I support – I don’t) without refuting A SINGLE point made by Mr. Yan. You probably feel as though you did something I suppose…


Thank you. It’s a troubled world.