Flaming cocktail severely burned man at San Simeon bar, suit alleges

May 9, 2017

Alex Du

A Southern California man suffered second and third-degree burns after a bartender at San Simeon Beach Bar & Grill served him a flaming cocktail and told him to “just drink it,” according to a lawsuit filed last month in San Luis Obispo Superior Court.

In June 2015, Alex Du visited San Simeon Beach Bar & Grill, which is a restaurant located at the San Simeon Lodge. A bartender served Du a cocktail that was lit on fire, and the Southern California man asked how to drink it.

The bartender then allegedly instructed him to “just drink it.” Du started to drink the cocktail, which was still flaming, and ended up spilling the drink. Flames burned Du’s face and neck, according to the suit.

It is not believed that the flaming cocktail was on the San Simeon Beach Bar & Grill’s menu. Flaming cocktails are widely considered to be dangerous, and it is not recommended that bar patrons drink them while the flames are still burning.

Du’s lawsuit alleges negligence on the part of the bar. Du is seeking an unspecified amount of damages.

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We Have a WINNER In the Stupid Bar tender contest , What he Win Johnny a one way ticket to the unemployment office ,and his boss gets to pay out thousand of dollars!! wow what fun ..

Flaming drinks parred with hors d’oeuvre are a big deal in New York and other big cities. They are served at regular restaurants that have “Back Room” speakeasys. Guess the big city drinks are more sophisticated than those in the backwoods!


The man is claiming he only speaks Mandarin and very little English.

“The man is claiming he only speaks Mandarin and very little English.”

So, then he wouldn’t have understood the bartender’s suggestion (presumably in English) to “just drink it”, right?

Or, another thought: Is it common practice for Mandarin-speaking people to throw flaming liquid into their faces?

Either way, I don’t see how his purported language skills have any helpful impact on his case.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why California is so &*()ed up. All those stuffed shiny suits, a law degree and greed for cash is all it takes to perpetuate the money game in this state. Yet no one will put a stop to it…