Grover Beach Council member twists public comment

May 19, 2017

Grover Beach Council Member Mariam Shah


A member of the Grover Beach City Council had her little feelings hurt at the council meeting of May 17. She felt that I called her a whore.

Actually, I asked the entire council if they considered themselves whores? One female member of the council said it was not offending to her and she was cognizant of the issue being brought forward.

A member of any city council must remember that they make decisions that make some constituent’s happy and others unhappy. They will be praised by those they make happy and damned by those they make unhappy.

Suck up the unhappy comments buttercup.  It is part of the job.

Back to the reference to the council being whores.  Merriam-Webster defines a whore as a venal or unscrupulous person.  It does not designate the person’s sexual affiliation, or that they are performing sex acts. Yes, a man can be a whore as well.

It is my contention that the city council has financial gain as their driving force.  Not just for the City of Grover Beach but, maybe for some council members?

They have little or no concern with the consequences some of their “fund raising enterprises” will bring.I am not sure whether they have fully considered the social impact or the stigma the town will earn with regards to their jumping into courting the marijuana industry.

Pismo Beach is known as a destination resort and for the ability to drive on a beach that does not belong to them, even though the beach is named Pismo Beach.  Grover Beach will be known as Groovy Grover the jewel of the Cannabis Coast.

In areas of our country that have marijuana sales, production and distribution, the increase in public safety services have been noticeable. In some instances almost enough to offset the windfall of money delivered by the marijuana industry.

This is due to an increase in crime and the related increase in police services as well as an increase in medical aids calls for overdoses, DUI’s and other calls related to pot sales and use. The increase in public safety services may impact Grover Beach’s bottom dollar as well.

Look out Pismo Beach, Oceano and Arroyo Grande because this will very likely cost you tax dollars. Especially the city of Arroyo Grande because they are responsible for a greater portion of the cost of the Fire Authority (the fire service shared with Grover Beach and Oceano).

I envision this Grover Beach Council member doing an introduction at a concert in the park: “This nice man sells marijuana and mommy helped him set up business here in Grover Beach. Yes, it is legal.”

However, I would prefer an introduction like: “This nice man owns a business that is part of the computer industry and mommy helped him start his business in Grover Beach.”

I am not opposed to medical marijuana or even the recreational use of it. I am opposed to many of the specifics of the ordinance Grover Beach has drafted.

I would have preferred they “went gently into the night” with concerns to a marijuana ordnance. That is why I ask are they greedy whores? Trying to be the first to grab the largest share of the industry.

Gluttons? Or, will some individual council members be in some way compensated for their approval of this ordinance? Fair to say that “all’s fair in love, war and politics,” as long as it is legal.

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It wasn’t long ago GB decided it was going to hip & trendy.

I guess now it’s a different kind of hip & trendy.

Sounds like Mr. Arnoldsen may have some unresolved issues with the professional working women of his prepubescent hometown in Nevada. Best to keep your tongue in cheek, if you’re going to speak in public again, sir.

Alas we find ourselves on the threshold so eloquently that infamous inferno characterized in Dante’s Divine Comedy.and we are about to spiral even further out of control…we need help.

Come on, Snowflake Mariam Shah, put on your big “person” pants and quit being so offended by everything you don’t agree with.

If “Ignoratia” was considered a crime while representing the public during Grover B3ach City Council Meetings, Mariam Shah would certainly receive a life sentence. Ms. Shaw, please spare us from your faux petty outrage! Please remember Miriam Shaw that the next time you throw a public tantrum, Ron Arnoldsen will be right there to cover your new reality show. Well done Ron Arnoldsen! You, my friend, are my Hero of The Year 2017!