Hillary still doesn’t get it

May 5, 2017
T. Keith Gurnee

T. Keith Gurnee


After reading accounts of Hillary Clinton’s latest interview on why she lost the 2016 election, she’s unbelievably still in denial. Blaming the FBI Director and WikiLeaks for her defeat on the brink of what she called her “imminent victory” could not be further from the truth.

Here are the real reasons why she lost:

1.       She failed to realize that WikiLeaks simply told the truth about how she and her party were behind-the-scenes manipulating the election to defeat Bernie Sanders in the primaries. It was that truth that hurt her, and if anything, WikiLeaks provided voters with a much-needed service.

2.       In what was the biggest anti-establishment race in history, her 25 years in the public eye made her the big face of the establishment. The nation concluded that it had suffered too long from Hillary and Obama fatigue.

3.       Rather than appealing to working people, she devoted her energy to courting Hollywood plutocrats and limousine liberals, and that cost her the Rust Belt.

4.       Bernie Sanders captured the imagination of anti-establishment liberals. Hillary captured none.

5.       Despite all his faults, her maverick opponent successfully tapped into public sentiment that the pendulum had swung too far to the left and that big government, big taxes, and overregulation were no longer the answer.

6.       Rather than running for president and making her case for why she should be elected, she ran a nasty full court press against her opponent, drawing ever more attention to the man who beat her.

7.       Last but not least, her arrogance didn’t help.

During her campaign, this former Democrat and my former Democrat wife developed a visceral negative reaction whenever she appeared or spoke on TV. Until Hillary and her party stop deluding themselves and get honest with what really happened to them–and until the Dems decide to become positive contributors to our evolving national government– they will continue their sad slide towards oblivion.


After 8 years of the nations wheels spinning in the mud, people wanted a change. Trump offered one and Hillary did not. It’s as simple as that.


Really, Keith? HILLARY ran a “nasty” etc.? “Crooked” Hillary? “Lock her up”? “Most corrupt politician ever”? That from our LIAR in Chief? HaHaHaHaHa! Conservative’s ability for self delusion is absolutely incredible! The mind boggles…. The question is, will our democracy survive the idiot clown in the oval office… “See, it has no corners.” Unreal.


Talk about delusional! You still haven’t come to terms with the fact that because of the way she ran her campaign and because of who she is, she gave us Trump!


Spot on, Keith!

Mitch C

She belongs in prison. She sold her position as Secretary of State to anyone who thought they could buy influence, she looked in the eyes of veterans’ widows and boldly lied to them, and she ran for president based upon the premise that the office was owed to her. If she is not prosecuted in this life as special place in hell awaits her.


Get some help, Mitch. Please unload and lock up your guns.


Can you honestly in all seriousness deny with what Mitch C has Posted? Regardless of what you think of the President of the United States, he is spot on. Its mind boggling to hear the cries of pure denial and hypocrisy as the Repubs rule. Why bother voting on a new health care plan, just pass it then we can all read it like Nancicicy Puglosi said.


“she belongs in prison” – the most investigated person in history- no charges- NONE. But Trump is a model citizen. Are you serious?


Keith, of course you would say this about a woman.


She is what she is!


Really? I love women, just not that one!

The Identarian

I would just add that speech she made. You know the speech where she called half of America “a basket of deplorables”? That speech to an audience of New York liberals sealed her fate. That speech made it perfectly clear to half of America that she was a phony baloney, fake phony, dishonest politician.

Good riddance Hillary.

Rich in MB

It was the Russians….:)

But the Russians didn’t maker HiLiary set up a private server…

But the Russians didn’t make HiLiary lie to the Country about Benghazi…

But the Russians didn’t make Hillary sell her office through the corrupt Clinton Crime Family Foundation….

But most of all, if HiLiary couldn’t beat El Trumpo…it’s about time to admit she was the worst Presidential Candidate, second only to Trump.

The Identarian

Roger Daltry,the famous singer for The Who, an Englishman stated recently “a dead dog” could have beaten Hillary.


I wish one had.


How about how they tell us of her incredible sense of humor, warmth and genuineness, and every single photo op was scripted and phones – like the random little girl running up to hug her outside of her apartment after she had an epileptic seizure at a funeral.

That and the corrupt and dirty Clinton foundation, which by the way doesn’t receive any mor money. Go figure.

The list can go on and on.


Phony not phones

Jorge Estrada

I am glad that she is gone and wish her and loving husband well in their private lives.


Good column. Unfortunately they and the Clinton’s and Obama’s will never be gone. We may not see them at times but they will be lurking behind the scene continuing to ruin this country for their self benefit.

Rich in MB

They deserve each others…..


If only they would stay private!

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