Motorcyclists evades officers in high speed chase

May 5, 2017

A motorcyclist led a California Highway Patrol officer on a high speed chase from Pismo Beach to Nipomo on Thursday before the officer lost sight of the suspect.

Shortly before noon, the officer directed the motorcyclist to pull off Highway 101 after noticing the bike had a hidden rear license plate. The suspect then pulled off on the 4th Street exit, ran a red light and headed through town. He eventually got back on Highway 101 southbound where he reached speeds of more than 130 mph.

In the Nipomo area, the officer lost sight of the suspect. Other units and a helicopter provided support, but the suspect was not found.

The motorcyclist was wearing a bright red or orange jacket and driving a black or blue supersport.

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Time for a new jacket…

Finally a story with a happy ending

Haha nice!! Catch me if you can piggy!!