Morro Bay City manager loses bid for a new job

May 5, 2017

David Buckingham

Morro Bay City Manager David Buckingham was a finalists for the town manager position in Vail, Colorado. However, the Vail Town Council decided to reopen the selection process.

Information that Buckingham had applied for the town manager position in Vail became public less than three months after Buckingham said he planned to remain on the Central Coast.

Last year, Buckingham applied for the city manager position for Whitefish, Montana.

Buckingham said he applied for the position of city manager in Whitefish, Montana after several Morro Bay Council candidates ran on a platform of getting rid of him. Neither of Buckingham’s detractors won a seat on the council.

After another candidate was hired in Whitefish, Buckingham said he and his family love the Central Coast, and he would be quite happy serving Morro Bay for the next five to 15 years. He then applied for the Vail manager position.

Buckingham began working in Morro Bay in Sept. 2014, shortly after he lost both an Army command position he held and a city administrator job he had sought.

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They started with more than 60 candidates, narrow it to 3, then 2, then 1, and then decline to hire anyone? Sounds like Vail’s city council is about as smart and decisive as Morro Bay’s…