Tribune slashes jobs amid declining subscriptions

May 4, 2017

The San Luis Obispo Tribune recently laid off at least three employees while subscription revenue continues to decline.

The newsroom cut two part-time and two full-time positions. One of the full-time employees was offered a part-time position, though it is unclear if they plan to accept the offer.

In 2016, McClatchy’s advertising revenues were down 10.8 percent compared to 2015. In addition, daily circulation dropped 9.3 percent and distribution of the Sunday paper was down 10.5 percent. On the upside, online views increased by 26.8 percent.

According to the SLO New Times, a yearly subscription package to the Tribune runs $779.48. Over the past few years rates have double for some customers. In addition, because of varying rate specials yearly costs are not consistent.

In 2015, McClatchy incurred a loss of $300.2 million. Though still in the red, by cutting expenses and selling real estate, McClatchy reduced its losses to $34.2 million in 2016, according to McClatchy’s financial reports.

On Feb. 18, McClatchy announced plans to sell The Tribune building on Higuera Street this year.


When will they stop throwing that free coupon issue on Wednesdays? I consider it to be littering.


The only good news here is that the paper can’t possibly start sucking more than it already sucks. The best thing that can happen is that the paper is replaced with the Mustang Daily (or whatever they call that now), as the paper has way too much Cal Poly news.


Tribune? Whats that?


The only real news in the Tribune is in the obituaries. Its editorial posture parrots the anti Trump media and champions the tired liberal agenda. Bankruptcy is its certain destination. Advertisers flee confirming the growing rebuke by its diminishing readership. Its obsolescence is based on its irrelevance in a media heavily impacted by the Internet. Hail CCN!!!


I understand what you mean; however, whenever I point out how anti-Trump (or anything non-democrat-party), I am usually branded a Trump-supporter or republican. Even though it is clearly not the case, most people cannot seem to wrap their heads around the fact that both parties are disliked, but it is overwhelmingly obvious who “NPR” and the like favor and dislike.

I just want honest news. I don’t have “my guy” in office or whatever ideologues tell themselves, I just want solid reporting and a decent variety of news – knowing full well I will not like everything all the time… It’s like listening to Coast-to-Coast AM, there’s a lot of great shows and topics, and a lot I usually tune out. Does not mean I dislike the show, just that a particular one did not appeal to me this time.

Again, I am thankful for CCN, and wonder why Karen didn’t accept my donation from last month (according to paypal, it’s still waiting to be accepted).

Jorge Estrada

I delivered news papers for six years during my youth and today you see the aged doing what kids did on a larger scale. Yes change continues and I expect that news print is near over. Today it is almost expected that you do e-banking and everything else, it is assumed that you have a internet connection and void of the need for a hard copy. Just forward your file to your CPA and then it is e-filed. Seriously we are in scary times, privacy is gone and the burden of proof is on you when the internet does you wrong. I will miss the news print, the teller and face to face.


I don’t know if this is slashing jobs or not, depends on how many employees they have. Although it is an indication of the slow death of the Tribune.

Mitch C

I hate to hear of anyone losing their job. The bottom line is that working for a newspaper that does not have the support of the community is like working in a buggy whip factory and looking for job security.

justice counts

We don’t disagree…

Are you quoting a line from the Movie “Other Peoples Money” by actor Danny DeVito…If you have seen the movie great…If not. worth watching.

Lawrence Garfield or Larry the Liquidator (Danny DeVito): [In response to Jorgy’s speech (Gregory Peck]

Amen. And amen. And amen. You have to forgive me. I’m not familiar with the local custom. Where I come from, you always say “Amen” after you hear a prayer. Because that’s what you just heard – a prayer.

Where I come from, that particular prayer is called “The Prayer for the Dead.” You just heard The Prayer for the Dead, my fellow stockholders, and you didn’t say, “Amen.” This company is dead. I didn’t kill it. Don’t blame me. It was dead when I got here. It’s too late for prayers.

Amen, you just heard a prayer was the rebuttal to Gregory Peck and the share holders trying to keep the factory open .


$779.48??? Per Year??? Are you sure…. 2.13 per day???

Their subscription rate is currently advertised for $161.00 for 7 day delivery and digital access. This would have been an easy fact check…



I think is high too! Last year I canceled my subscription when I got the bill and it was approximately $400.00. That is a lot of money for nothing!


Anyone that pays a dime for the Tribune rag is insane. There is nothing to read except obits and as for all the national and state news, it is free on line. They are late and bias in reporting, and too liberal in their reporting which is true for most news agencies today. Good and honest journalism is hard to find today which is why you really have to read multi sites to get some jest as to what is really going on.


Your right. The KSBY webpage has more news than the Tribune. The obituary is about the only thing the Tribune has going for it. They are probably preparing their own obituary for the last edition that I think is not too far away.

Rich in MB

It appears Liberalism does in fact kill everything it touches…interesting.

Maybe the SLO City Council can pass a Media Mandate that Citizens have to buy their product or face a fine, penalty, or Tax? Na…that would be Unconstitutional right…?!?


Not just liberalism (though, I’m guessing that did not help much), but remember Weyrich’s attempts at more conservative-leaning periodicals? They all failed, too. Well, maybe David Weyrich’s disastrous understanding of fiscal responsibility helped in that decline, too.

Anyway, I think the moral of the story here is: Print Media is basically dead. Soon, even the Enquirer and the Bat-boy-type stories will be a thing of history.