Accident at Orcutt groomer leads to dog’s death

June 18, 2017

The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s and Animal Services departments are investigating the death of a small dog during an afternoon grooming at a shop in Orcutt.

Jeremy Miller took his two dogs, Crispy and Bella, for a grooming appointment at Dog-Gone Gorgeous in Orcutt, he told KCOY. About an hour later, the groomer called to say an accident had occurred.

The groomer reportedly left the dogs in a bath tub and returned to find the dog’s leads were intertwined and choking Crispy. Though the groomer attempted CPR, the groomer could not revive Crispy.

Miller than reported the death to Santa Barbara County officials.

Since the accident, Dog-Gone Gorgeous has been closed for renovations, according to a sign on the door.

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That’s real bummer.

I remember several years ago, a neighbor girl had a new kitten. She left a toy out for the kitten which was a toy mouse on a string, the mouse hanging a few inches from the ground so the kitten could bat it around. The poor kitten got tangled in the string and choked itself. The girl couldn’t bear to touch the dead kitten, so I cleaned it up for her.

Accidents happen.

This comparison is a poor one. The piece addresses a professional groomer who walked away from their professional responsibility to guard the safety of another person’s beloved pets. This was a highly negligent behavior, most likely by an adult. Sad about what happened to your friend, but this is a different situation all together. Seriously unprofessional.