Father slams SUV into Templeton elementary school

June 6, 2017

Vineyard Elementary School

A man waiting to pick his child up from school on Monday choked on a drink, stepped on the accelerator and crashed a Land Rover into a building at a Templeton elementary school, injuring one person, according to the CHP.

Around 12:45 p.m., Mark Johnson, 52, of Paso Robles was sitting in his 2007 Land Rover in the parking lot at Vineyard Elementary School. After choking on the drink, he became light headed and stepped on the gas, Johnson said.

Johnson drove the Land Rover into a room near the school cafeteria. The entire vehicle ended up inside the school.

At the time, a maintenance workers was walking through the building and was hit with debris. The worker, 67-year-old John Fahey of Paso Robles, suffered a laceration to the back of his head.

The laceration was reportedly a minor injury, but emergency personnel transported Fahey to the hospital. Johnson did not suffer any injuries, nor did any children.

Neither drugs nor alcohol appear to be a factor in the crash. An investigation is ongoing.


OMgosh! You choke on a drink and lose control of your car? Really? So he was “light headed” but didn’t think to put it into park? Who doesn’t put the car in park or turn it off? Lucky Lucky Mr, Fahey wasn’t seriously injured. OR IS HE? Who knows what can show up from a head injury days later.

But major Negligence with the potential to kill someone. If he is not capable of controlling his vehicle while sitting in line waiting for a child to get out of school, drunk, high or not, he should be losing his privilege to drive.

BAD dangerous Driver!!


Nice excuse.


He probably looked at the repair bill for his Land Rover and choked


What was the drink ?? Or was he coughing on his medicinal then washing it down with his drink ??


Of course. While idling you are getting 0 miles per gallon and polluting like mad. It is lazy and destructive to the planet- turn off those engines when not needed!


Or just keep it in PARK.


His vehicle may not have a “Park” position, many vehicles don’t have turn signals, why else would people not use them.


Ok Kali… we need to pass a bill requiring those waiting to pick up their kids to turn off their engines while sitting there. This would curb pollution,climate change,global warming, cooling, and prevent this kind of tragedy…ahem….


Geezus!!! Yup just what we need more laws. Here is a novel idea, how about responsibility and pulling one’s head out of there asses!!


I think it was sarcasm…


Don’t be so sure, we are in California… and on the central coast…


Good point, r0y! ;)


My post is purely sarcastic and making fun of our pathetic nanny state leadership. Sad part is looks like some will agree with it. If anything local law needs to set up about 5 cops at closing time to issue traffic violations for the idiots who double park, hang U turns over double lines etc,etc. What ever happen to walking to school? To lazy to walk, perhaps to hot or two cold and its uphill both ways in 2′ of snow.