Madonna Enterprises planning hotel in Atascadero

June 27, 2017

Clint Pearce, of Madonna Enterprises, plans to build a 120-room hotel in Atascadero near the site of where Wal-Mart was previously expected to open.

Plans for the hotel include four stories with outdoor patio spaces, a pool, a fitness room and meeting spaces. There would also be a 147-space parking lot.

The planned hotel is located on a 2.42 acre lot north of Del Rio Road between Highway 101 and El Camino Real. The area is known as the Annex portion of what was previously planned to be the Wal-Mart development. The new development is expected to be known as the Del Rio Road Maketplace, according to a city staff report.

Since 2013, Pearce has owned all portions of the Annex site. Plans for the site have shifted from retail to a tourism-oriented development.

City staff says the shift is consistent with current economic trends as retail is becoming increasingly internet driven. Wal-Mart, too, cited increased online shopping when deciding to abandon its plan to open an Atascadero location.

Pearce’s hotel project will appear before the Atascadero Planning Commission Wednesday evening. Atascadero city staffers are endorsing the development. Still specific plan amendments are needed, which must be approved by the city council.

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When you look at the history of Atascadero, you can see it’s been nothing but a series of bad decisions from day one.

And continuing this dialogue, lets not forget that John Wallace was going to do the walmart interchange before his “legal issues” and that Tom O Malley super mayor was friends with that lovely felon Kelly Gearhart. Atascadero has gone to heck, promoting track houses, over paid city employees and other bad agendas. Also, how many hotels does one town with no economic hope; a college or hospital, plan to build?!? Atascadero has city employees making over 170k a year btw, after giving themselves raises because “it had been a while”. Jerks, the whole lot of them.

Under mayor O’Malley and current city management, the city has paid close to $1,000,000 to the Wallace Group for the planning of the Del Rio roundabouts. More of the taxpayers money down the tubes. billygatez hits it on the button when questioning that there is no economic hope. Bragging about the new hotel they fail to say that the property taxes for that property will go towards the defunct RDA to meet their financial obligations and not into the general fund. But at the same time the city will be spending money out of the general fund to support the project.

The city has been spending reserves for years. Has anyone ever heard anyone from the city or its leadership say “balanced budget?’ The time will come and O’Malley and city management will be gone when the ship starts sinking.

Atascadero is a very interesting place to say the least. Years ago they denied an applicant the right to construct a 2nd movie theater in town because it would be too competitive for the new movie complex even though the application met all the criteria for approval. Now they will approve a new hotel to compete with the existing hotels in Atascadero. Bed tax?

WalMart turned down Atascadero after 8-10 years of “negotiations’ with the end result being that the local taxpayers would get stuck with a $8-$10 million bill to complete the necessary completion for the roundabout construction for final approval of the WalMart and Annex project.

Now we hear that it appears that the Eagle Ranch has “temporarily” pulled the plug on their project too. That after 10 years of dealing with the city.

How much money has the city spent on studying all of these failed projects?

Why is everything else in the county flourishing while Atascadero is faltering? The lack of leadership and the inexperience of management in the business world may be the cause. Maybe at some point Atascadero will get off their wishes to expand their commercial properties and expand retail sales. They need to come up to speed and realize that the environment of retails sales has changed and they need to come on board with that fact. Starving for revenue they evidently will try anything.

How will this 100 room hotel impact the traffic study for the proposed development at Del Rio and El Camino Real? The skyline of Atascadero will now have a 4 story hotel along the freeway, so much for the rural atmosphere of Atascadero.

Does Atascadero need another marketplace and/or hotel? Is there a shortage of rooms in the north county? Maybe they think they can be like San Luis Obispo and focus on retail/tourism for the labor force and taxation to pay all the bloated public sector personnel costs; that is working out wonderfully for SLO! :(

(yes, sarcasm, for those who need it pointed out)

The main problem most governing bodies have is that they hire people who work in government. There will never be any real success with that kind of hiring policy. Ever. Yet, it continues.

Agree!! with everyone here! I wish council would listen truly!

Where’s the water?

Every time a housing project is held back near Santa Margarita, Atascadero builds a new hotel and more houses. The Santa Margarita Ranch area (16,000 acres) got a community and County approval for 500 homes to phased in over many decades but instead the development continues in the surrounding areas. The obvious is that the Santa Margarita Ranch will have to farm as much as they can to protect their water entitlements or be deemed negligent thus losing their water to the down stream growing communities.

So why is Atascadero providing water to Santa Margarita? I have asked the Water Dept several times for answers to this, how much they pay, how long will Atascadero provide it and with the City of San Luis pipeline running through S,M, why hasn’t the County hooked in (they own the dam and lease it to SLO).

I am still waiting for answers?????

Ask SLO County Public Works, they run the unincorporated areas including Santa Margarita and they were the ones who shoved this down our throats. The 218 vote to approve or deny the emergency water intertie to Atown failed and then mysteriously the county “found” the grant money to do the project anyway.

And for a little background look up State Water Resources Control Board Permit # 7253, which had been in effect since the Salinas Dam was built for the military in 1947. Through “lack of diligence” by SLO County Staff the permit, for a never taken 200 acre feet per year of water, was taken from the little berg of Santa Margarita and given to, and guess who was the only applicant: City of San Luis Obispo, which has no water of it’s own…

Curiouer and curiouser.

WWAD =…………………… What would Alex do ?

……. I’m thinking Pig Farm !

Why!! Who goes there?

I hope it is pink!