Morro Bay residents show support for pot dispensaries

June 15, 2017

At a community workshop held Wednesday, Morro Bay residents indicated they support having medical marijuana dispensaries and delivery services operating in the city. [KSBY]

During a gathering at the veterans’ hall, Morro Bay officials asked city residents to place dots next to marijuana policies they support or oppose. The issues included medical and commercial dispensaries; delivery services; indoor and outdoor cultivation; and taxation.

According to the dots residents placed, the community supports having marijuana dispensaries, though residents would prefer they are medical, rather than recreational pot businesses. Most community members suggested the city should tax marijuana sales, and dispensaries should be kept within Morro Bay’s central business district.

A majority of participants also showed support for marijuana delivery services. With regard to growing marijuana, attendees at the workshop gave more support for indoor cultivation, rather than outdoor grows.

There was a minority of workshop attendees who oppose marijuana usage and business activity in Morro Bay altogether.

The city plans on conducting another workshop prior to staffers drafting marijuana regulations. City officials hope to have regulations in place by the end of the year.

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Morro Bay government sucks, just like the state and federal. A bunch of greedy little ignoramuses running the show that a bunch of stupid clowns are paying to watch. Our prisons are full of people that were put there for selling drugs and we are paying for that industry and the government is making another beaurocracy out of all this to collect money for their salaries and pensions. Thats all government does these days while we watch tv and bitch on facebook.

Put in jail for selling ‘Drugs”? Pot and Meth are at 2 ends of the Drug spectrum. Pot being close to alcohol and Meth the worse drug out there! They need to release the Pot Heads and with the money we save, rehabilitate the tweekers. Stop treating jail/prison as a cash cow, money rich industry.

The fight on weed has always been a joke. (YEs, Even though I do not smoke Pot!) They can be free to focus on all the tweekers instead of the stoners. That is where they should focus, theres enough around to keep their payraises an pensions. Just check out the shopping center on quintana!

I am looking forward to seeing the cartel crimes decrease. Think of it, no more panga boats full of weed! The Sheriff can sell his fancy boat!

Kind of like elephants showing support for peanut dispensaries.

Those elephants simply don’t think it’s fair that you can freely buy almonds and walnuts, but having anything to do with peanuts lands you in prison. Kinda even more crazy-stupid when you look at it that way.

Seems the council might think this will be the cash cow that saves us. Few problems here folks, these businesses are cash and carry so are we to assume all the business owners are going to report All their taxable earnings, I’m thinking not. As a landloard you run risk allowing a business that still violates federal law, and not sure about insurance, etc. Last time the city looked at dispensaries the majority of Residents were not supportive, and most the people who come to the workshops in favor are the ones who want to open these dispensaries in our town.

MB is looking for a way to be pay for the 168 million sewer plant that christine Johnson, Noah stickler and jamie irons saddled them with.

Is there any truth to the rumor that Noah Smukler has a direct financial interest in this plan? I hope that’s not true.

Another question: How many people attended this meeting and how many of them reside in this community? Also, how many of these people have a financial stake is this happening? Without taking sides, it seems to me that something this important should be put to a vote of the citizens.

Most of the business owners who favor the dispensaries are the FOOD preparation, selling, or serving business….hmmm.

Doooood… time to round out my portfolio with some Doritos stock!

Question: What if a landlord doesn’t want marijuana grown on their rental property since it is still against federal law?

I can’t help but think this is a big trap. When I hear the words dispensary & Morro Bay in the same sentence, I seem to recall MB patting Charlie Lynch on the back one day, and then abandoning him the next day. You’d have to be really stupid to open a dispensary in Morro Bay.

So Morro Bay is now interested in the gold rush too. Frankly I feel that all cities should be in or all should be out. In my opinion, if it is good enough to sell or grow pot elsewhere in this county then it should be allowed to be sold anywhere a liquor store can be and if it is to be grown, then anywhere a bean patch can be grown. Certainly the City of SLO just wants avoid these issues by enacting their recent “Stink Ordinance” .

It really looks like all of the government agencies are just looking at the dollars. No one has brought up the new political buzz word “unintended consequences.” I’m sure that will be addressed after the ordinances are in place and at that time they will declare what the “unintended consequences” are and deal with it with additional fees/taxes. By the time they figure out what they are doing it will be time for labor negotiations and due to the impact of the pot industry staff will declare grief that they are working way too hard and deserve a pay raise to compensate for having to come to work for the day. I would venture to say that any revenue generated by the pot industry will go directly to the government for their own enjoyment and we the taxpayers will not benefit by anything.

No one bought up “unintended consequences” when they criminalized pot use, why should they do so now?

Marijuana use does have some negative side-effects and most of them are fairly well known. My argument and that of a LOT of others in favor of legalization is that these side-effects are significantly less of a problem than the side-effects of keeping pot use illegal.

(I haven’t used pot since the early 70s by the way.)

They will only bring it up after the fact. And that is w with blinders onhen they will go for more of our tax money for not being competent in the beginning and putting a good program together. All they see now is $$$$$$$

For the stock broker, they make money buying and selling shares for their customers. Some brokers, with the permission of their customers, aggressively buy and sell, making a big commission and hopefully a profit for their customers, some call this churning the account. As for government they buy and sell policy at the expense of the tax payers, their customers. They churn the decision process, always in flux because their customers, we voters, can’t leave well enough alone. Today, dope is now a smart because of the voters and I hope the unintended consequences are short lived.