Phyllis Madonna hands over her fashion show to Women’s Shelter

June 30, 2017

Phyllis Madonna and Kirsten Rambo, of the Women’s Shelter

Following 30 years at the helm of her own fashion show, Phyllis Madonna is turning over control of the event to its beneficiary, the Women’s Shelter Program of San Luis Obispo County.

Previously known as Phyllis’ Musical Revue & Fashion Show, the annual event at the Madonna Inn has raised millions of dollars for the Women’s Shelter to fund services for victims of domestic violence and child abuse. Starting in 2018, the event will be named The Women’s Shelter Program Musical Revue & Fashion Show.

“I can’t believe it has been 30 years of producing this show for the Women’s Shelter!” Phyllis Madonna said in a statement. “And may I hug and say thank you to each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. I am thrilled to pass on my beloved musical revue and fashion show into the capable and loving hands of the Women’s Shelter Program. May your generous support continue for many years to come.”

The 2018 event will be chaired by Women’s Shelter board member Toni Detz. The longtime producer of the show, Cheri Humphrey, of the Madonna Inn Boutique, will again lead the production team.

Some prominent community members are speculating the Women’s Shelter may find it difficult to maintain the event and fill its high-priced with Madonna no longer playing a lead role.

In conjunction with the “passing of the torch” for the fashion show, the Women’s Shelter is announcing it has created a Phyllis Madonna Legacy Fund. The fund allows donors to contribute to the Women’s Shelter while honoring Madonna.

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Great post!

Thank you Mrs. Madonna! You are indeed an outstanding member of the community.

Great lady. Great show and fundraiser. Hopefully that legacy will continue.

Mrs. Madonna has done a wonderful job with this endeavor and it has been heartwarming to watch it develop and grow through the years to a real First Class Program for a noteworthy cause. I sincerely hope that the program can continue with the devotion and credibility it has developed into without it becoming a political tool for the local politicians and naysayers.

Thank you Phyllis and the wonderful Madonna Family!