Shot fired into family home in San Miguel

June 6, 2017

At least one shot was fired into a San Miguel family’s home on Monday while two adults and three children were inside. [KSBY]

Shortly before 9 p.m., the shot was fired into the home on the 1700 block of Mission Street. No one suffered any injuries as a result of the shooting.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies came out to the scene but did not locate any suspects. As of Tuesday morning, no arrests had been made.

The Sheriff’s Gang Task Force is assisting with the investigation. Authorities say the shooting appears to be an isolated incident.

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And I direct your attention to the story about Eminem congratulating the graduates via audio message and giving each “Beats headphones”.

Yea I bet your life sucks lol. Again you say soft to others.

There is no question that law enforcement is pulled to the max. Locate them where ever, there are not enough to go around for a 5 minute response. You have Pozo, California Valley, Shandon, Creston, Heritage Ranch, North Shore, San Miguel, etc. I do not want my taxes increased for additional services but would be willing to forfeit anymore bike lanes, walking trails, and a border wall! What and how in the world did we ever survive with the bike paths, and people creating their own paths, etc. The times we live are costing more by the day as the population expands, if only everyone would pull their weigh. Stop all the freebies and there would be plenty to go around!

Yea because we don’t have enough of a police state. Jesus quit living in fear. Mitigate the best you can, and live. My god you wouldn’t last ten minutes where I grew up. And there’s the difference, I wasn’t born with money. I made it. Yet you talk of “Soft liberals” lol ok.

Um, no. Just because YOU came from places where the crime was apparently so much worse doesn’t mean that we should all just get used to it because it’s not as bad here. Crime is crime is crime. We don’t want it here.

And “I wasn’t born with money. I made it?” What the heck does that have to do with anything?

With all of the crime in the North North County, the need for a substation is stronger than ever. Career criminals know that they can get away crimes because of the lack of law enforcement and the time it takes for them to get there once called.

I’m in NO way blaming law enforcement- they can only get to San Miguel as fast as they can. But substation nearby sure would benefit the people of San Miguel who are literally hit by burglars, prowlers, druggies etc, etc on a daily/nightly basis. Criminals are getting braver and more blatant due to the passing of Prop 57 and 47 which made many felonies misdemeanors. Which means criminals continually commit the same crimes over and because they know there will be no real consequences.

Closer station still may not help. They don’t sit in station they are out on patrol. They may get there in less than five minutes or longer depending where they are. Even then someone can be long gone.

Need to step up laws to deter or if not deter, then put away. Also even better reason for having gun ownership. Best course of action is to protect yourself and not wait on the cops.

Yea crime in “North county” is out of control lmao. I moved to the central coast from here –

You’ve no idea how good you have it if you can afford to live here. A little perspective please.

Perspective is that I live here because I don’t want to live in some place like Flint, Ruinitforeveyone. That’s purposeful on my part. I do know how good I have it and we have made sacrifices in order to live and thrive in CA.