3 people shot on July 4 in Lompoc

July 5, 2017

Three people attending a Fourth of July cook-out were shot in Lompoc in a possible gang related shooting.

Shortly before 10 p.m. on the 800 block of F Street, a suspect walked up to a group of people and began shooting. The suspect or suspects shot two victims in the face and a third in the arm.

Witnesses report two suspects, one who wore a mask.

The three victims remain hospitalized.

Lompoc police are asking anyone with information on the shooting to call the department.

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‘Possible’ gang related. Possible.

Gang fireworks display.

Chicago’s gunfire body count for the holiday weekend was 101 people shot- 15 dead and 86 wounded:


Let’s hope that pattern doesn’t catch on out here.

Per capita Santa Barbara County is not far off… Some of our folks do it with cars instead of guns, same results!

Let me guess….

Wow I guess they are inspired by Chicago….do we even have police anymore in America? I see them but their effectiveness is falling a little short IMO….

OMG, You’re kidding, no way!

They must have got confused and heard “glock” party instead of block party.

An understandable mistake.