Has CalCoastNews been taken over?

July 18, 2017

Rumors that San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill, blogger Aaron Ochs and/or Charles Tenborg have taken over CalCoastNews are false.

On June 19, Charles Tenborg registered an LLC that appears to be affiliated with operating CalCoastNews. After Tenborg registered the LLC, “CalCoastNews/SLOUncovered.com” Ochs again claimed on line that CalCoastnews had been taken over.

“CalCoastNews has a new owner,” Ochs wrote on July 17. “In the end, the victory is ours.”

But Tenborg’s LLC has nothing to do with the operations or ownership of CalCoastNews.

Questions have come up about whether this is an attempt to trick readers into believing that the content on the site is not genuine CalCoastNews reporting. An even more serious concern is whether people who comment on the site are being tricked into revealing their identities when they post comments critical of San Luis Obipso County officials.

CalCoastNews continues to protect the personally identifying information of the people who have posted on CalCoastNews.

Following Tenborg’s filing, multiple commenters, readers and sources voiced concerns that their private information could lead to online harassment. On Facebook, Mathew Kaney questioned why CalCoastNews had not informed the public about Tenborg’s alleged takeover.

“Attention/caution: CalCoastNews is now under the ownership of Charles Tenborg,” Kaney wrote. “Aaron Ochs, who of course denies being part of any conspiracy to harm CCN, is now gloating about how the conspiracy he was part of (victory belongs to “us”) was victorious. So happy to live in a country where there is no justice whatsoever anymore.”

Rest assured that CalCoastNews remains an independent news source.

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Lady Justice wears a blindfold for a reason – see this video on ECO Solutions on Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifDPXJjkL7c. The question to ask is why didn’t youtube or the person who shot and posted this video get sued?

If the material published by Ochs were put under the scrutiny of an impartial jury (not suggesting a specific context in which this would happen, just a hypothetical) the whole situation would turn on him in a heartbeat. Any reasonable person can see that far from being someone who is objectively reporting on the facts, he is a vicious, vindictive individual with a clear agenda to destroy Karen Velie. The audacity of his hypocrisy is astounding. I think that the quote that I cited above is one of many that, should he ever be subjected to the judicial process, will come back to haunt him. I don’t wish misfortune on anyone, but I would not be particularly sympathetic should that day come. Nor would I gloat on his downfall with the glee that he celebrates hers. He is a twisted individual blinded by hatred.

All of that, and Aaron’s narrow-minded world view prevents him from seeing there are numerous possibilities. Instead, he ignorantly concludes there is only one—which is ALWAYS the one that fits his hateful false agenda.

Calling himself a journalist is beyond laughable. He has zero integrity and fails to investigate, ask questions, or leave open possibilities which are beyond his intellectual grasp. This is such a case. There are many, many others in his body of false work.

If CCN was headed by Hill, Ochs and/or other cronies, it would cease to exist.

Or at least it would quit running stories making Hill and Ochs look like idiots. The CCN content alone displays the falsity of Ochs’ nonsense about change of ownership.

It would be called The Tribune.

Taken over CCN… ha,ha,ha..you couldn’t high jack a turd pumper truck with one of Adams turds on your hand. Go back to Kindergarten little boy and learn how to man up ya chump.

The problem with this kid Aaron Ochs is, when he is ignorant of the full range of facts and circumstances, he just makes shit up according to what his yellow journalism brain wants to see.

Aaron’s online gossip blog boasts about journalism and integrity to the point of absolute embarrassment in light of the magnitude and frequency of his erroneous presumptions and speculations.

The sad thing about Aaron is he is too inexperienced and uneducated to see his own folly—as are most of his thought-addled followers.

Aaron believes rain causes clouds, and thinks the presence of both is proof. And his inland readers agree. That’s Aaron Ochs fake news in a nutshell.

That kind of behavior from Tenborg makes one wonder if his “win” and claims of innocence are at all legitimate.

Is he not engaging in the very activity that he sued CCN for – defamation, libel, slander – forgive me, I don’t recall the specific charge, but the intent in his case is clear – revenge even after his day in court.

No rational, reasonable, observant person believes for a minute in the claims of innocence from ANY person who reaps huge profits in waste management in general, nor Tenborg specifically

Kevin, does this same rant apply to “fair and balanced” Fauxnews?

The Tribune? Yes.

What a bunch of Buffoons!

Charles Tenborg, Aaron Ochs, Adam Hill

Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest!

Aaron doesn’t have a pot to piss in or a winndow to throw it out of…no worries

More fake news. Maybe they confused CCN with CNN.

This is a standard attack approach of the Fascist Left.

Attack your family….attack your reputation….attack you in the Courts….attack you online…spread rumors and launch an all out assault to destroy you (you personally if you disagree with them or you collectively as in Cal Coast News).

We need to stand up to these attacks and protect the only independent investigative reporters on the Central Coast or what….the Tribune will look after those in local power? Come one folks…they view themselves as above the normal folks and as part of the ruling class.

From Wikipedia: Fascism has historically been considered a far right ideology.

What is the fascist left? I’m on the left and no fascist, I hate the fascists and other ideologues that destroy in their pursuit of power and wealth (like the scum in national power now).

This is a big deception that Hitler was a right wing guy, Hitler was a socialist, Nazi means National Socialist German Workers Party. Hitler socialized Germany, All control is always on the left, if your left wing your for control of yourself and other people. Fascism exists on the left it is a merger of the Socialist state and the Corporate elite.

A scale measures two extremes, on the far left you have total control of everything and everyone and by the way ownership of everything and everyone by the state, in which the state becomes more important than anything including the individual(communism).

On the right, all the way at the extreme you have the total absence and lack of any and all control by anybody over anything or anyone (Anarchy). Anarchy Sucks, Communism Sucks, Socialism is just a little step above Communism and usually degrades into Communism and it also Sucks. Usually anything close to Anarchy also Sucks and so do all those people that want to engage in those things, to tell you the truth their in a mind state that sucks.

A Constitutional Republic is somewhere in the middle of these two extremes and provides safeguards to protect individual freedoms and creator endowed liberty, whether you believe in God or not, if you don’t understand that freedom and liberty must be creator endowed then you are opening the door for someone to take it away from you because they don’t have to answer to a Creator, so even if you don’t believe in God you’d better start, If you want to stay Free, if you don’t care about Freedom you don’t have to believe in God.

Wikipedia is hardly authoritative. It’s edited by anyone.

Those who consider themselves Left are often wrong. The Left has attained control. By definition, that makes them the new Right. And they are acting like Fascists.

Kevin anyone with half a brain knows this about Wikipedia. As for your comment, it makes no sense whatsoever.

Fascism is far right?! Oh, wikipedia. That explains it.

“a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition”

So, a giant, one-party dictatorial government that is centralized seems “right wing” to you?

Right wing would be countries that are followers of The Religion of Peace or any other theocracy… or anarchy. Basically anything BUT a large government is right wing to me.