Arroyo Grande High School principal resigns

July 18, 2017

Conan Bowers

The principal of Arroyo Grande High School is resigning and taking a job as an elementary school teacher. [Tribune]

Conan Bowers announced his resignation to Arroyo Grande High School staff last week. Bowers will shift to a classroom teacher position at Dorothea Lange Elementary In Nipomo. The Lucia Mar Unified School District says Bowers is making the move in order to re-energize himself and spend more time with family.

Recently though, Bowers was named in a lawsuit over an underage sex case at Arroyo Grande High School. Earlier this year, a former Arroyo Grande culinary arts teacher was convicted of having sexual intercourse with an underage student. The victim was 16 years old when the sexual acts occurred.

In January, the victim’s family filed suit, alleging Stumph had a relationship with another underage student prior to the one for which she was charged. Administrators ignored complaints about Stumph’s initial relationship with a student, according to the suit.

The Lucia Mar school board is expected to announce Bowers’ replacement at a meeting Tuesday night.

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More shuffling around by Lucia Mar. In the private sector, this negligent principal would be fired.

Instead they transfer him to an elementary (?!!) school. His school days should be over. And BS he willingly resigned. This is a demotion and everyone knows it.

Not to worry, likely his salary didn’t change or his pension.