Jordan Cunningham bucks his base on cap-and-trade

July 20, 2017

Jordan Cunningham

While nationally Republicans are attempting to roll back climate polices, Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham of Templeton joined seven other Republican legislators in voting to support Governor Jerry Brown’s cap-and-trade program. The vote has led to a backlash against the eight Republican legislators who are accused of supporting tax increases.

Launched in 2012, cap-and-trade is a controversial mechanism designed to lower greenhouse gases. Under the program, many industrial companies are required to garner permits for emission allowances.

Companies can purchase the permits from other companies or from auctions held by the California Air Resources Board. Portions of the costs are then passed on to taxpayers.

The Legislative Analyst’s Office said in a March 29 letter to Assemblymember Vince Fong that cap-and-trade could raise gas prices by an estimated 63 cents per gallon in 2021, increasing to 73 cents per gallon in 2031.

Earlier this week, eight Republican legislators voted to extend the cap-and-trade bill for 10 years: State Senator Tom Berryhill (R-Stanislaus), Assembly members Jordan Cunningham (R-San Luis Obispo), Catherine Baker (R-Walnut Creek), Rocky Chavez (R-Oceanside), Health Flora (R-Modesto), Devin Mathis (R-Visalia), Mark Steinorth (R-Rancho Cucamonga), and Chad Mayes (R-Yucca Valley).

Cunningham said the vote to extend cap-and-trade will reduce taxes and support California businesses.

“Today my colleagues and I were able to reduce the costs of taxes, fees and regulations by $16 billion a year,” Cunningham said. “This bill ends the fire tax permanently and extends a manufacturing tax credit that will keep jobs in California. We have commitments that revenues from the auction will support agriculture, help farmers upgrade their technology, and enable local fire departments to buy new trucks and equipment.”

At Wednesday evenings Republican Central Committee meeting, Cunningham called in to defend his vote saying it helps puts a nail in the coffin of the bullet train and lowers taxes.

Nevertheless, many Republican leaders contend the extension will raise the cost of living for most Californians.

“We believe that the proposed cap-and-trade extension combined with the gas tax and the car tax hikes will be a crushing blow to California residents and small businesses negatively impacting their quality of life,” Senator John Moorlach said in a letter to Governor Jerry Brown.

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Leopards don’t change their spots overnight. If you believed Jordan was a man of integrity, then give him a chance and follow the outcome. His reasons made good sense to me and I don’t like cap and trade one little bit. He deserves a ‘trust but verify’ approach.

You do know that the Democrats had enough votes to past the Cap-and-Trade renewal without the Republicans. But, by getting the Republicans including Cunningham to vote for this the Democrats 1) saved the Democrats who were in election troubles, and 2) now can use the footage come election time to show that Republicans support this renewal and are in support of the Democrats. It was not necessary for Cunningham to support Brown’s fraud agenda!

Cap and Trade. A republican, market driven, idea originally. It actually works fairly well.

9 northeastern states implemented their version back in 2010.

50% reduction in CO2.

and a 10% reduction in electricity costs.

Sounds like our local guy made an informed decision, and got some of his priorities addressed.

Getting angry at Mr. Cunningham for not passing a purity test of some kind is ridiculous. He is in the minority, so the “our way of the highway” attitude will get you nowhere.

Do you want a effective representation, or ideologically pure–and yet inconsequential representation?

He got what he could for his side. Expecting more –non-RINO results–are unobtainable.

Thinking that you can achieve a different result–with a recall and replacement vote –would be a waste of your time, and a waste of taxpayers money.

I don’t care if it was the Judean People’s Front (not to be confused with the People’s Front of Judea), Cap and Trade is a stupid idea that will only serve to enrich the ruling classes while the serfs (once again) bear the burden. Probably why it’s a great “democrat” idea now: they are a perfect party to push stupid things onto the backs of stupid people, it seems.

Maybe the republicans thought it up (they are more sinister and clever, when left unchecked), but it definitely would require democrat voters to pass. Or any party’s voter who doesn’t really think critically.

Please dazzle us with your superior critical thinking skills and offer us your analysis of the competing proposals to mitigate pollution?

Your only other choice, besides market driven cap and trade, is to fine (tax) polluters.

Clicking your heals three times and chanting Stupid stupid stupid– won’t make it any better either. And that is basically what you’ve offered up.

The “enrich the ruling class” lament; is so old and uninformative. It is usually a sign of someone who can’t make, or is too lazy to make, a cogent argument.

IF small town values matter to you. If right and wrong matters to you. If being who you say you are matters to you, please call Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham’s offices in Sacramento and San Luis, to tell him his Cap+Trade extension vote ((maintaining California’s dual Carbon Offset AND Dollar markets intact after the program has failed on every measure)) betrays the voters who elected him. As the former President of Central Coast Taxpayer’s Association, he spoke out against the tax burden on Californians.As Assemblyman, Jordan Cunningham extended the biggest Tax Hoax this nation was ever dealt to screw California’s youth another decade.

Cap+Trade is a bigger deal than ACA repeal because as a dual Carbon Offset AND Dollar market, California now screws local neighborhoods at an accelerated rate. You’ve seen our roads. Do you think the carbon offsets have helped your local economy? How’s that gas and DMV tax hitting you?

“California accounts for only 1 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. We could shut down the entire state, turn off all the generators and shoot all the cows, and it would have absolutely no effect whatsoever on the global climate.

But the governor says California’s cap-and-trade program serves as a model for the world, inspiring other governments to adopt similar policies to reduce greenhouse gases.”

Words by Orange County Register July 16, 2017 by Susan Shelley

Cap n Trade and Climate Change is the BIGGEST lie! The problem is metane not CO2.

Bartering on this evil topic WAS A MISTAKE because this topic goes deep with those that fought hand to hand combat over Climate ACTION Plans that were put into place by every city and the county because they were intimidated by punitive damages to the money flow.

This is a sell out of your citizens….and lack of experience…think Prop 13 this issue runs as deep and you pooped in your cage • San Luis Obispo County. Everything else you say is moot.

Email me if you’re interested in being a proponent (sponsor) of a recall Petition. You must be a registered voter in Cunningham’s district.

So you are not helping things but being a Democrat. As a Democrat, you would replace Jordan with the commie Mayor Harmon!!!! She is a climate change terrorist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes you need to teach and allow learning. Not sure if Jordan can learn from this but that is now up to him.

That’s real weak sauce. This wasn’t a mistake. This is a huge inept blunder. Email me to begin the recall process.

I’m down with a recall of Jordan Cunningham as someone who was an UNPAID volunteer in the campaign to get him elected. Here’s the problem for me though: 1) WHO are you? Who is the master you serve, but my vote wasn’t for Cunningham when I marked his name on the ballot. My vote was AGAINST the Sierra Club shill Debra Ortiz-Legg. 2) San Luis lacks any credible conservative or Libertarian leadership. While there is litany of disgruntled former voters who’ve just stepped way from local politics, re-engaged to vote TRUMP, and disappeared because both the DEM and GOP data collection is tweaked to serve the master rather than collect objective data. How are YOU the person who’s going to find the candidate who represents this market, including engaging disgruntled residents to vote again? What is your credit and strat to engage Declined to State who could careless about party affiliation? Sure the SLO GOP is a joke, but DEM in SLO is worse.

Got stabbed in the back with more taxes by the Governator, then Abel the hypocrite, now Jordon. Being a conservative that is overtaxed and underserved, I respect ONE thing about liberal California politicians; they say you will be taxed and follow through. I will now vote for the most liberal candidate on the ballot. This way, total collapse of California government will accelerate, we can reshuffle the deck and then start over.

It didn’t take Jordan long to become like all of the other republicans in Washington. Lie to your base to get elected, become a democrat-lite so people in Washington will like you after getting elected.

Time to fire this little punk.

Jordan Cunningham = Traiter.

Throw this bum out-of-office.

We need leaders, not RINO’s

Jordan Cunningham = Traiter.

Traiter = spellcheck.

That squiggly red line that pops up when typing is a sure fire giveaway to a misspelled

A traitor usually refers to going against one’s country….not a political party.

……”We need leaders, not RINO’s”………Then allow Jordan to LEAD you out of the wilderness.

…You know back to electoral relevance in the state. You don’t have enough republican votes to get your way–let alone non-RINO votes.

Purity tests only serve to diminish your potential political power, no matter the party. They have the net effect of marginalizing your views–not strengthening or promulgating them.

So, please don’t stop with the RINO talk.