Camera catches man checking for unlocked cars in SLO

August 25, 2017

San Luis Obispo police are searching for a man who was caught on a surveillance camera checking for unlocked cars early Thursday morning.

Around 1:45 a.m., the suspect was prowling around a driveway in the neighborhood southwest of Meadow Park. Footage from a surveillance camera on a resident’s driveway shows the man walking up to two parked cars and trying to open the doors. When the suspect finds that both vehicles are locked, he immediately leaves the driveway.

Police say the suspect appears to be a white male in his 20s. He was wearing a backwards baseball hat, a sweatshirt and long pants.

Later Thursday, the San Luis Obispo Police Department received notification that four thefts occurred from unlocked vehicles in the same neighborhood. Cash and a checkbook were among the stolen items.

San Luis Obispo police are requesting help from the public in identifying the suspect in the video. Police request that anyone who knows the identity of the suspect call police or Crime Stoppers.

The police department is also reminding residents to lock their vehicles.


Can we start calling these roadside/creek camps ‘transient thief camps’ instead of ‘homeless’ camps?

Because that’s what they are. True homeless – not malicious people – do not behave this way.


Geez people…LOCK YOUR CAR!

Extremely Stoic

Looks more like smoke

Ben Daho

It’s clearly a ghost.