Former congressional staffer arrested for trying to extort pot shop

August 3, 2017

A former staff member for a United States congresswoman allegedly tried to extort $5,000 out of a Compton marijuana shop, which he claimed would be shut down if he was not paid the money. The man indeed received the money, but the payment came from an undercover FBI agent. [Cal Coast Times]

Michael Kimbrew, 44, has pleaded not guilty to a one count of attempted extortion and one count of receiving a bribe. Kimbrew was reportedly working in the Compton field office of former Rep. Janice Hahn (D-Los Angeles), now a LA County supervisor, when he approached an employee of the marijuana dispensary.

Kimbrew told the employee, the store was violating the law and would be shut down if the owners did not come to an agreement with him, according to the federal indictment. Shortly later, Kimbrew met with the owners of the dispensary inside Compton City Hall and claimed to be working for the FBI.

He said he could “make things happen” by ensuring the store had the proper permits for a payment of $5,000, according to the indictment.

An undercover FBI agent then posed as a partner in the marijuana shop and met with Kimbrew, who again said he could stave off the closure of the dispensary in exchange for $5,000. In a follow-up meeting, Kimbrew allegedly took the $5,000 payment.

Kimbrew has been released from custody on $15,000 bail. If convicted of both charges he faces, Kimbrew could spend a maximum of 18 years in federal prison.

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More corrupt government pukes. They are everywhere. The rule, not the exception.

How reassuring that we have this mindset working for you? My point, they are addicted to your money and as we legalize more stoners, the merit for selecting a candidate will follow.

“…and as we legalize more stoners, the merit for selecting a candidate will follow.”

I love ya George! Good point! And all of us can only use some good ol’ weed induced political decisions out there, don’t ya think?!!! These past President’s sure did…

Franklin Pierce

Zachary Taylor

Andrew Jackson

“All three of these were military men, generals, before becoming President who admitted to smoking pot with their troops!

James Monroe

*He preferred hash!

James Madison

*The “Father of the Constitution” said it was pot that gave him the insight to come with this democratic society we all now enjoy

John F. Kennedy

Bill Clinton

George W. Bush (whoops! That’ll have ya runnin’ for the bottle of Remi)

An how ’bout some genius types?

Carl Sagan

Steven Jobs

Francis Crick

*I could go on but you get the jest, right?

I’d much rather know that a bunch of high strung political types were sittin’ around burnin’ one then sittin’ around gettin’ drunk…

Yep, another corrupt Democrat. Some of you poo-pawed my observation that, statistically speaking, the majority of political corruption allegations are tied to Democrats. Yet another example.

I spent a little, very little, time looking into your claim and from what I have seen and read it’s almost a dead heat in politicians from either party being convicted of a crime. The more interesting and disturbing trend I saw was the minority party was almost always the brunt of the majority party’s ire an were subject to investigation and conviction. What does that say about politics in general?

But you know what I find comforting right now? The fact that there is a spread of bipartisan support in getting to the root of your POtuS and his band of oligarchs, much to the chagrin of the Donald, or should I just address him as your “Liar in Chief”?!