Judge to Aaron Ochs: ‘Your conduct is troubling’

August 25, 2017

Aaron Ochs

A San Luis Obispo Superior Court judge Wednesday admonished Los Osos blogger Aaron Ochs for “inappropriate” behavior and “troubling” conduct for his role as a regular online detractor of CalCoastNews, co-founder and reporter Karen Velie, and her family. [Cal Coast Times]

“You need to step back. Step away,” Judge Charles Crandall told Ochs at the conclusion of a restraining order hearing.

Crandall declined to extend a temporary restraining order originally obtained by Velie following a July 19 incident at the county courthouse.

Ochs admitted during testimony that he had photographed Velie in the courthouse in violation of court rules, and then closely followed Velie down a courthouse hallway while calling out the names of Velie’s daughters. Ochs said he was motivated to name the daughter’s because of information he garnered from a previous financial examination hearing regarding a judgment entered against Velie and reporter Dan Blackburn in a libel suit brought by Charles Tenborg.

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And here I thought he was the son of Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson because he was found homeless under a rock. I guess I was wrong, he has parents that support him in his basement environment After looking at Momma (Miarilyn) Rossa’a Facebook page, I can understand why his behavior is impaired and radical as the judge noticed. And no surprise, she is a teacher at Cuesta who now thinks she is an attorney. She needs two jobs to support the little weasel in the basement who has probably never had a girlfriend, friend his age or a real full time job. But, Mommy, Daddy and Adam love him! Watch out Karen, you never know when this type of radical person has hit one keystroke too many!

Jon Tatro

Marilynrosa are you this little weirdos mom? If so you need to kick him out of your basement and tell him to get a life he really is a strange little freak.


I was wondering the same thing! Mom, lover, admirer? It’s sad how people put so much energy into defending the likes of him plus the other corrupt politicians in SLO County. It’s scary actually, and needs to end.


So it is wrong–and I agree–for this jerk to cast his net outward to Karen’s family.

Why is it then OK for you people to do the same thing here towards someone you suspect is his mother?

Take aim at Aaron but don’t go too far a field. Higher ground is always advantageous.

Besides, if properly identified, what do you expect a mother to do–write to Calcoast and toss him under the buss? Bringing her into this does not strengthen your case against him–it just employs his deplorable tactics in reverse.


One of his online profiles describes him as “a strong, distinctive voice for personal truth, social equality and political awareness.” In another he describes himself as “Part-time wilderbeast, writer, artist.” baaahaaaa!!

The guy’s rants against CCN are epic. He seriously seems to have a weirdo personal grudge that even the judge noticed.

Aaron, get a life. Leave people alone. If you don’t agree with them, just step back and step away like the judge said!


He is a bully and pathetic.


Bully? No! He is a pathetic mamma’s boy, legend in his own mind, one taco short of a combination plate, weirdo. I’d like to buy him for what he’s really worth and sell him for what he thinks he’s worth….it would be more than the latest power ball jackpot.

As he followed you down the courthouse hallway Karen you should have stopped long enough to open a can of “Whoopass” and put the little panty waste in his place

Kevin Rice

It was nice to see this kid get smacked by the Court. A long time coming. I’m sure little Aaron is spinning the story on his hate blog for all six of his followers. And he brought his flea-bitten daddy to court to cry on. Waaah! Two-cent little runt baby with a half-year law degree put in the hot seat. Adam Hillbully’s little mini-me. Grow up, kid. Get out of Daddy’s day care basement and find a boyfriend, loser.

Jorge Estrada

I have to wonder what kind of man Aaron is when a Superior Court Judge has instructed him to back off as a result of his behavior and actions towards women??? I do not have all of the facts but in my opinion he definitely entered the wrong door somewhere.


This guy is one sick bastard…and has been for years.


Your case for a restraining order was dismissed. That should have been the headline; that’s the news. You and your attorney, Stew Jenkins, lost. Not a good week for him, either.


Actually, the only loser here is the same guy who’s been a loser for years…Aaron.


Judge Crandall cited that Velie “provided no evidence to show [Aaron Ochs] stalked, harassed or threatened her in any way.”

Karen Velie

You were not there at the hearing on Wednesday, but what do facts matter? Did you teach your students to put quotes around statements they heard second hand? Do you understand the meaning of quotation marks?

The judge chastised Ochs for his behavior. He did not say there was no proof, he said the posts were from 2015 and 2016. He also warned Ochs to back off.


I’m curious then, Ms Rossa, what the judge admonished Mr Ochs for?

If he didn’t harass or threaten Ms Velie, why is his conduct troubling and inappropriate?


Did aaron ochs claim Karen was mentally ill and he had seen the records, yes and it was a Lie.

Did aaron ochs claim Karen was blackmailing Sam Blakeslee, yes and it was a Lie.

Did aaron ochs claim Karen’s daughter was producing anti adam hill propaganda, yes and it was a Lie.

I could go on all day.

Shame on you.


Webster’s definition: Liar

See Aaron

See pathological

See Sewer roach

Commonly known to be miss-guided, unstable, and a mommy’s boy.


Marilyn Rossa What about your involvement with the calcoastfraud facebook shit show that You were a early supporter of?

You Ms Rossa and your fellow democrats have been winding up this vulnerable adult (aaron ochs) for years, encouraging the gamergate style misogyny and lies, in order to take CalCoastNews off line/out of business for political purposes.

As a lifelong Democrat looking at the people behind aaron, whispering to him “keep going”, I say Shame on you!

Ps This sort of stain will not wash out and will not be forgotten.


No wonder Matt Guerrero’s name was pulled from the potential list of judges.

As a supporter of Ochs’, he along with Mary Lucy, Patti Welsh, Kristen Barneich and Caren Ray should have their heads examined too.

This young man should move out of his parent’s basement, sever ties with Hill and Gibson and seek some professional help.