Lompoc mayor allegedly said he wants to shoot a councilman

August 4, 2017

Bob Lingl

While side-by-side at a street fair booth, the mayor of Lompoc allegedly arranged his fingers in the shape of gun, pointed his hand at a fellow councilman and said he wanted to shoot him in the head. The incident prompted a police investigation that resulted in no action.

On Thursday, Audrey Mosby, the wife of Councilman Jim Mosby, posted a description of the incident on the Lompoc Valley Forum Facebook group. On July 21, both Mayor Bob Lingl and her husband were working at a city booth at the Old Town Market, Audrey Mosby said.

Mosby and Lingl were engaged in conversations with different individuals, but the councilman was listening to the mayor’s interaction, Audrey Mosby wrote. The mayor was asked what he wanted to do about something.

“That’s when the mayor makes a gun finger turned towards Jim and says I’d like to shoot him in the head!!, Audrey Mosby said. “He was shocked and asked Bob, did you really just do that? Then Jim turns to the woman and asked did you see that?

“She then replied by making the gun gesture and waiving in the air! Jim turned back to Bob and said “Bob there’s just some things you don’t ever say!” His response was I meant like with the marshmallow gun!”

Jim Mosby

Mosby later filed a police report at his wife’s insistence. The councilman spoke to the police chief and city attorney, and they agreed the gesture was not a good thing to do, she stated.

Audrey Mosby said she made the incident public because she wanted to get feedback from the community on what, if anything, should be done.

Shortly after the description of the incident was posted, Lompoc Police Chief Pat Walsh issued a press release stating the city’s police department conducted a brief investigation and determined no crime occurred. The police department considers the incident a closed matter, Walsh stated.

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Seriously? Loosen the grip on your pearls and lighten up snowflake.

Did he call him names like “poopy head” too

911 the mayor just threatened me with a gun.

” a gun,we’ll send officers right over. Evacuate the chambers” .

Actually it was a gesture with his finger and thumb.

Are you f’ing kidding me!

Maybe Mr. Lingl was joking. Maybe he wasn’t. His gesture towards Mr. Mosby was very unprofessional and uncalled for. I’m glad Mrs. Mosby brought the issue forward though. The folks of Lompoc deserve to know was a pos Lingl is. The good ol’ boy ways of conducting oneself need to be updated down there obviously.

We’re there any adults in the room when this all took place. It appears that the CUPCAKE wife needs to get a life.

are we in elementary school?

Gosh sounded like Bob and Jim settled it before the better half stepped in. My feedback is don’t bother the public with this chicken s..poop.

Me thinks Audrey Mosby, the wife of Councilman Jim Mosby, should stay out of this debacle. . Lompoc has serious financial issues and I am sure there is plenty of tension for the City Council. Politic is a nasty dirty game, just ask President Donald Trump, Heidi Harmon, Adam Hill, Lynn Compton, etc.. If everyone of these people went home to their spouses and talked about the daily political activities, statement, threats, etc. made to them and then if their spouses got emotionally involved we would have WW III. Let the boys figure it out, Mr. Mosby went to the police, they investigated. We do not need Mrs. Mosby inciting the public… “Audrey Mosby said she made the incident public because she wanted to get feedback from the community on what, if anything, should be done.” Not sure what she thinks should be done until the next election. I do feel that Mayor Bob Lingl should make an apology to Mr. Mosby at the next Council Meeting!