Should California legalize magic mushrooms?

August 29, 2017

A Central Coast man aims to parlay the statewide vote to legalize marijuana into making California the first state to legalize psychedelic mushrooms.

Kevin Saunders, a mayoral candidate in the Monterey County town of Marina, filed an initiative with the California Attorney General’s Office on Friday that calls for the decriminalization of psilocybin, the psychedelic compound that is produced by “magic” mushrooms. Saunders’ proposed ballot measure would exempt all adults age 21 and older from criminal penalties for the possession, sale, transport and cultivation of psychedelic mushrooms.

The initiative could appear on the statewide ballot in 2018. Saunders must obtain 365,880 valid signatures in order for the measure to qualify for the ballot.

“It’s a natural progression from marijuana legalization,” Saunders told the LA Times. “I think we are having an opportunity to lead the discussion.”

Saunders also told the Times that using mushrooms helped him stop using heroin 15 years ago.

“I think we’re seeing something that could literally heal our brothers and sisters,” Saunders said. “We’re talking about real cutting-edge stuff.”

Both the federal Drug Enforcement Agency and the California Controlled Substances Act classify psilocybin as a Schedule I drug, suggesting it has no accepted medical use and high potential for dependence and abuse. The DEA also classifies marijuana as Schedule I.

A pair of 2016 studies, however, found a dosage of psilocybin helped ease anxiety and depression for some cancer patients.

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I’m still wondering why humans are compelled to tell others how to live. It’s astounding that someone feels the need to be in charge of someone they don’t even know.

Magic mushrooms grow wild all over the place, including here in SLO county.

If I was a busybody who wanted to tax/fine/cage everyone in order to create a “better” society for our children I’d say KEEP THEM ILLEGAL.

Hire mushroom inspectors. Pay them really well, like cops. Send them out everyday to large ranches and open land. If they find a mushroom growing in the wild—-THAT’S an ILLEGAL SHROOM! Put the owner of the property in jail, seize her assets and sell her property for her crime against the State.

That’s how you make a naturally growing mushroom into an illegal drug! That’s how you fund law enforcement’s pensions and acquire more wealth and property for the State. Make plants that have been growing in the wild for millions of years illegal, and if said plants are found on someone’s ranch or open space, put the owner in a cage!

This is what we all need. This is how we become a great nation. Make plants that God created, that grow naturally in the wild illegal. Crack down on criminal who own land where mushrooms grow.

Now, there’s also the Datura plant….which unlike mushrooms is actually deadly. It’s a legal weed, that grows naturally and has psychedelic properties. It’s in your yard…you who are reading this. You’re next.

…so I am confused… do they grow naturally in the wild? I think I missed that…

(yes, sarcasm, for those who fail to grasp it)

Yes, they do grow naturally in the wild. Not sarcasm!

But they should be illegal so the state can seize more property. Sarcasm!

I’m actually trying to point out the utter absurdity of the War on (some) Drugs. Not Sarcasm!

Full prisons and militarized police are the American Dream. Sarcasm!

But for those not able to participate in the American Dream of wearing military garb and ordering people to get down on the ground while pointing your gun at them, the War on (some) Drugs has been the greatest threat to liberty we’ve ever seen. Not Sarcasm!

That’s kind of my usual pattern.

It would be far less controversial to formally legalize stupidity. We can then be socially acceptable when making stupid choices and the stupid taxpayers can fund the consequences.

Stupidity is already legalized (and encouraged) just visit any government meeting from the school board on up (down?).

A Central Coast man aims to parlay the statewide vote to legalize marijuana into making California the first state to legalize psychedelic mushrooms


Who cares what one crackpot wants? I can find a crackpot for every position known to man.

It doesn’t become news until a substantial number of the population is on board.

Earlier in the year there was talk about Cal-Exit, the state of California becoming it’s own country!

Since California Politicians want to be a Sanctuary State and are against a border wall!

Let’s jump in and build a wall just around California, leaving our border with Mexico open, keeping our crazy politicians, illegal aliens and drug fueled protesters in, as well as protecting the rest of the Country:)

This reply is straight at the Loser Libs,we the people who really care about this state, the one’s who said NO TO comes all the Problems and destruction of Drugs.Karma is going to bite you all in the Ass.

I must be a fuddy-duddy, because I’m having a hard time thinking we ought to make taking hallucinatory mushrooms legal. Among other things, what will we do with these people when they have ruined their one-and-only good brain?

On the other hand, anyone who would think taking mushrooms is a good idea may already be beyond help, and I sometimes think this crowd is intent on reliving the 60’s?

You can’t go back, you gotta go forward.


84 years old

Say NO to Mushrooms/LSD/Meth/Cocaine so you can enjoy your life!

Anything that ruins people’s productivity, ambition, drive, and makes them more dependant on government will be legalized and celebrated in California.

Bring on the magic mushrooms! There will always be suckers like me who work for a living and pay for those who want a state sponsored be all day high.

I would like for this to be available with the stipulation that one who chooses to use these drugs forfeits the use of taxpayer funded rehabilitation services.

Great idea. Let’s make sure we do the same for nicotine and alcohol. But not cannabis though; it’s already being taxed to death.

Yup, I agree on that as well.

Yes-the state shouldn’t have to pay for rehab for people’s personal inclinations. I’d rather have private charity handle that.