SLO jail slapped with another torture claim

August 4, 2017

Jeremiah Mobley’s booking photo transferred to grey scale

He called 911 wanting help. Instead, in a claim filed against the county, Jeremiah Mobley says he was hog tied, tormented, stripped naked, berated and belittled by staffers at the San Luis Obispo County Jail. The jail has one of the highest per-capita death rates in the United States. [Cal Coast Times]

Days before the county announced a $5 million payment to the family of Andrew Holland who died after being strapped naked in a restraint chair for more than 46 hours, Mobley filed a claim against the county for assault, battery and torture.

While in county custody, even though Mobley was prone on a concrete floor in the fetal position, correctional staffers entered Mobley’s cell and placed his hands in cuffs.

The guards then dragged Mobley out of the cell, placed his legs in a wrap restraint, put a helmet on his head and hooked his handcuffs to the leg restraints essentially hog-tying him in the front, and then placed him back in the cell, the claim reads.

Read entire article at Cal Coast Times.

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Torture central. Parkinson is so medieval.

The State Attorney General needs to investigate and prosecute Parkinson and his Henchmen for murder, torture, and all the heinous activity going on in that jail.


#1 The sheriff cannot be placed on administrative leave by the BOS or anyone else. He is an elected official. It is up to us, the voters, to either recall him or vote for another candidate in next years election, if someone qualified runs against him.

#2 You cannot direct staff to cooperate with a civil rights investigation if they are the focus and may be in criminal jeopardy. (5th Amendment)

That being said, it is clear there is a lack of understanding of jail operations and a lack of leadership on the part of the sheriff.

I don’t know if there was a cover up, an intentional act to harm Mr. Holland or if it is simply a bunch of clowns running the jail who were criminally negligent. Either way I am sure the FBI will get to the bottom of it and will indict anyone who has commited civil rights violations against Mr. Holland.

It is up to us voters to show Mr. Parkinson the door next year if he chooses to run for a third term.

I would strongly suggest one takes the time to simply look into the eyes of Mr. Hamm as he speaks, focusing on his hands too. An un-elected official? This was wise advice given to me years ago by his predecessor who was a far more qualified director being a medical doctor believed in the “Hippocratic Oath”, along with many other good things and always acted accordingly…

The BOS were, are and always will ultimately be the puppets of our many overpaid “Department Heads”…

Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona may be looking for a job……just sayin…

I think it is pretty clear the jail has some policy and procedure issues.

I will say that I don’t think this case is as cut and dry as Andrew Holland’s.

According to the article, Mr Mobley was taken to the jail because again, MH was full and had no available beds. Mr. Mobley was offered care initially for his eyes, but he refused. At one point he was actually released and driven to the bus station to go home, but again, he could not maintain mental stability and was returned to the jail.

The only reason I say this is unclear to me is because a lot of the article says “claimed” and the story itself just seems to be lacking information. It just doesn’t have the 100% ring of truth Mr Holland’s did to me.

I am not saying this gentleman doesn’t have a case, I am saying it just isn’t as clear to me as Mr. Holland’s. I’m really am very sorry for his traumatic experience.

Wasn’t there an attempt last year to open up a mental health hospital in Templeton, but people got all upset about it? Some sort of facility is desperately needed. Until then, I hope the County has some better policies in the works, because their insurance carrier is going to drop them after all these lawsuits…


A few things:

1. Place discredited Sheriff Ian Parkinson on immediate leave of absence.

2. Direct all staff to cooperate with the FBI.

3. Avoid the cover-up.

Sheriff Parkinson may be guilty of many crimes, including manslaughter and torture, and it is altogether appropriate that the FBI investigate the claims being made against the County of San Luis Obispo.

We must speak truth to power and hold our top officials to a higher standard, not a lower standard, so the SLO County Board of Supervisors must rise above their political careers to do right by the taxpaying public.

Mr. Parkinson may be popular with the local big-wigs, but the taxpayers cannot afford top officials who apparently are not committed to respecting the civil t=rights of all of our citizens. If the FBI finds wrongdoing, Parkinson should be criminally indicted.


I agree with most of what you say except for, ” Place discredited Sheriff Ian Parkinson on immediate leave of absence”. Don’t do this because we all know this would be a taxpayer funded “paid” vacation, instead place him on restricted duty, make him go into the office as normal but have someone else handle the duties of Sheriff. Have Parkinson just sit at a desk and make sure he doesn’t try to get his staff to cover things up.

All jails city-county fall under the state dept of corrections (corruptions) or should I say fail instead of fall. not the only county with jail problems the news people just don’t cover it like they do here.

I’m sorry but what do you mean that all jails fall under the state department of corrections? How so?

No, SLO is not the only jail in this country that has this problem but they do have the distinction of having the highest per capita rate of death of any jail in the country.

No, the news people don’t cover it here as well as other places across the country. Covering it means more than just reporting it, it means trying to get to the bottom of the story and SLO’s main news reporting entities, The Tribune and KSBY, are so pro law enforcement you’d be hard pressed to find any real journalism going on in either of those buildings. If anything this type of BS is underreported in SLO.

CCN is the hawk in this town and the powers to be don’t like it one bit….

I am beginning to think we need to be placingmore of the blame for these behaviors issues on the BOS. These situations seem to have a lot to do with mental health issues.

Health Agency Director, Jeff Hamm, has a budget of $100 million, 550 employees to operate Behavior Health (Mental), Animal Services and Public Health. This has to be the largest operating Department in the County, and a lot of power and control foMentr one person to have in the physical and mental health for the citizens of this County of approximately $250,000. I really think that Behavior (Mental) Health which now includes alcohol and drugs and homelessness as too big an area of concern for one person to manage and to be housed with Animal Services and Public Health. The County owns the old County General Hospital, rents out space AND houses a Psychiatric Health Facility (Inpatient) with The PHF licensed to treat 16 patients at any point in time. The PHF is licensed to treat a patient up to 72 hours and up to 14 days under special circumstances. Employees I know at this facility tell me they are NEVER full and they can’t remember when they were ever full and they do not want to be.

Investigating the Sheriff’s Department is only part of the puzzle and the BOS needs to review this matter further, especially just paying out $5 Million and at least one other suit pending!

Does this make the issue of admission and treatment one of inadequate staffing at the inpatient level. They have County General Hospital’s building they could expand into.

It is a challenge in this county finding in patient drug and alcohol treatment. Perhaps they could partner up with their only resource for residential treatment, The Salvation Army, and use that building to house a program. Use the balance of the rooms to widen mental health’s inpatient treatment . We are punishing people by sending them to jail for psychiatric illness.

Our county web page states :” The Behavioral Health Department is part of the Health Agency and works in collaboration with the community to provide services necessary to improve and maintain the health and safety of individuals and families affected by mental illness and/or substance abuse. Services are designed to assist in the recovery process to achieve the highest quality of life by providing culturally competent, strength based and client and family centered strategies utilizing best practices.”

collaboration with the community is county jail?

strength based = restraints?

Is there no one minding the mental health care in our county?