AJ Spurs in Templeton closed because of cockroaches

September 12, 2017

The county has temporarily closed AJ Spurs Restaurant in Templeton because of a cockroach infestation, according to the San Luis Obispo County Environmental Health Department. [Cal Coast Times]

Last week, a customer noticed a cockroach on her table. The customer then informed the manager, who comped the meal.

Even so, the customer reported the cockroach issue to the county health department.

On Monday, a county inspector found roaches in all stages of development and closed the restaurant.

A sign on the door notes that the restaurant has had serious and repeated health violations. The restaurant has been cited several times for structural and sanitation issues.

The restaurant will remain closed until the county inspector determines the cockroach infestation is gone.


I think whoever does local health inspections should be fired. Seems like someones not doing their job lately.

And I will bet you anything these places get nothing but A+ high marks on all past inspections. Kind funny how that always seems to happen


This is much different than an errant mouse weaseling it’s way into the Nipomo CJ


No kidding, our last meal there was perhaps 10 years ago. Halfway through the meal we were treated to several mice playing under the table across from us.

We didn’t just “tell” the manager. We watched the mice with him. No comp.

We didn’t report the issue, but we didn’t return either.


The place in Grover Beach/Arroyo Grande isn’t any better, they need some serious help.


How disappointing. This restaurant used to be one of my favorites. The food was always great, and the atmosphere was a lot of fun. It changed ownership some years back and it has steadily declined ever since. The food is not good, it smells, and the place has fallen into disrepair.

The ownership should be ashamed of themselves, but more importantly, the Health Department should have addressed this before a customer had to call them out!!

Don’t bother opening it again until it has gone through a major remodel, facelift, and sanitation.


WOW. This must have been serious for a county worker to actually get off their butt.


Let me guess, they still had a big “A” grade from the health department posted at the front door before this, guess they will drop to a “B” for awhile.

Rich in MB

Put a Saddle on that Roach…..ye haaaaa…..